Roger Cantrell is Looking for Marcus Oliveria

I heard from Roger (Never Can Tell) Cantrell today. The 15-1 light heavyweight has his sights set on sometime Seconds Out fighter Marcus Oliveria, and here’s why:

Roger Cantrell: “Because we are both Native American fighters and I think I am the best 175# one out there. I heard he is strong and hits hard. I’m a good boxer with some pop myself. I think it’s a classic boxer/puncher fight.”

Fistic Mystic: “Are you expecting to fight Oliveria soon?”

RC: “This is something that has not been discussed with my promoter or manager but when it is I’m sure they will not disagree.”

FM: “Why is Oliveria an attractive opponent for you?”

RC: “I think it would be competitive, but we share a common opponent in Rayco Saunders, who I handled with ease and whom marcus struggled against. But it’s all about the Native American thing; I dont want there to be any mistake on who is the best native out there.”

The Fistic Mystic says: There are a million interesting fights out there waiting to be made.  Cantrell has suggested the match, but it’ll be up to his management to make it happen.


2 responses to “Roger Cantrell is Looking for Marcus Oliveria

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  2. Cantrell….I won’t trade punches through words. You won. But with ease??? We forget that 5th round…same body shot I hurt Marcus with:) Then there’s the 6th round… We are men! Say it to the world…”I was out on my feet but saved by the bell.”

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