Boxer Update: Marcus Oliveira

Light heavyweight contender Marcus Oliveira has responded to Roger Cantrell’s suggestion that the two of them fight for Native American bragging rights:

I would be more than willing to take a fight against [Cantrell].  However, its up to my manager and promoter on which fights I take.  If Roger thinks he can win against me by going off one fight [note: both men have defeated Rayco Saunders] then go right ahead and think that.  If I remember correctly we have contacted his people more than once to fight him for the NABC title and they wouldn’t take it.  I know that he is a good Native American fighter, and I have nothing but respect for my people and I wish him luck in his career.  Personally right now I have my eyes set on top seed fighters at this point in my career, but if I had the opportunity to fight him, I wouldn’t think twice and would take it right there.

Oliveira also updates us on the direction of his career since signing with Don King in December:

I am more than thankful for this opportunity, and I plan to do big things in the future.  I want to show everyone what I am capable of, and wish to be a future champion.  We originally had a fight set up this weekend for the NABF title against Elvir Muriqi, but he pulled out.  So right now we are weighing some options and hope to see something come up soon.  We plan to work my way up the rankings and hope for a chance at some world titles.


2 responses to “Boxer Update: Marcus Oliveira

  1. roger cantrell

    Marcus I have much respect for you as a native and a fighter.. But im in the game to fight the best and be a world champion. I would love to fight and i will strongly pursue this fight. The reason my team have not made this fight happen yet is because of other issues with this crooked game called boxing. My people and i will be in contact with your people and give the fans and the native community what they want. Best of luck to you and im looking forward to making this happen.
    “Never Can Tell” Roger Cantrell

  2. Gentlemen, I won’t say no…NEVER! I’ll take the winner and/or the loser…10 rounds or more this time!
    To Fistic…Cantrell out pointed me over six… However, it got rough for him in 5 amd 6! Not enough rounds for me.
    Oliveira…no need to comment on that fight. WE know what happened!

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