Upcoming Boxing Event: April 2nd at Grand Casino Hinckley

What to watch for:  Andy Kolle and Matt Vanda are in different places in their careers, but they’re each hoping for the same thing – a win that would elevate them so they can take a big fight on favorable terms.  Jeremy McLaurin takes a risk to right a wrong, giving Hector Orozco a rematch following their mildly controversial first fight at First Avenue in February.  Gary Eyer takes a big risk, banking that it will pay off; slimming down and getting in the ring with talented 6-1 super bantamweight Brad Patraw of Rice Street Gym in Saint Paul.  Tim Taggart, in search of a much-needed win, has a date with Tyler Hultin of Fergus Falls, who is only 1-0 as a pro but whose amateur record was 80-27.  Danny Figueroa of Hastings is a late replacement for the withdrawn Javontae Starks, taking on young veteran Bobby Kliewer in a junior middleweight bout.  Highly touted amateur Jamal James, from Circle of Discipline boxing gym in south Minneapolis, makes his pro debut against Alexander Tousignant of Milwaukee.  And in a surprise late addition, Dan Copp and Don Tierney team up to beat each other up – call it an appetizer!

  • Andy “Kaos” Kolle (20-2 with 15 kayos) -vs- Matt Vanda (42-10 with 22 kayos), middleweights, scheduled for 10 rounds, for Kolle’s Minnesota state middleweight title
  • Jeremy McLaurin (7-0 with 5 kayos) -vs- Hector Orozco (1-5 with no kayos), light welterweights, scheduled for 6 rounds
  • Gary Eyer (7-0 with 5 kayos) -vs- Brad Patraw (6-1 with 4 kayos), featherweights, scheduled for 6 rounds
  • Tim Taggart (3-2 with 2 kayos) -vs- Tyler Hultin (1-0 with 1 kayo), middleweights, scheduled for 5 rounds
  • Bobby Kliewer (10-9-2 with 5 kayos) -vs- Danny Figueroa (3-0 with 2 kayos), light middleweights, scheduled for 4 rounds
  • Jamal James (debut) -vs- Alexander Tousignant (1-2 with 1 kayo), welterweights, scheduled for 4 rounds
  • Dan Copp (1-2 with no kayos) -vs- Don Tierney (2-1 with 1 kayo), light middleweights, scheduled for 4 rounds

The Fistic Mystic says: The casual fan will never know all the drama that goes on behind the scenes.  Some of it you hear about, and some of it you never will.


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