Update: Kliewer-Figueroa Canceled

Two sources confirm that after a week of heroic measures to save the slot, the light middleweight clash between Bobby Kliewer and Danny Figueroa has been canceled.

The drama all started when Javontae Starks, who was originally slated to face Kliewer at Grand Casino Hinckley on April 2nd, suffered a minor back injury while training for the fight.  Starks was withdrawn from the fight and several other names were floated as potential foes.  At one point it appeared that Corey Rodriguez would be the replacement, but he elected not to take the fight on just two weeks’ notice.  A variety of fighters were again considered before promising youngster Danny Figueroa of Hastings was announced, but now it appears that Figueroa has reconsidered, and Kliewer is left opponentless.  Says Kliewer, “I guess they did a courage test and he [Figueroa] failed.”

But don’t weep for Bobby just yet.  He expects to fight in Ohio on April 16th, and he expects to be paid.  No word yet on who the opponent will be, only that it’ll be an unbeaten prospect.

For now it appears that Friday night’s boxing show in Hinckley is back down to six bouts, but you never know what the future holds.  Hold your breath and hope for the best, Minnesota boxing fans!


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