April 2 Round-by-Round, Kolle -vs- Vanda

Word from someone who witnessed the weigh-in yesterday (I wasn’t  here)  is that there was some weirdness when Andy Kolle produced some mitts he had brought in for inspection.  Matt Vanda objected to them, and the mitts got tossed.  April Fool’s prank?  Evidently not.

Our event tonight was delayed due to technical difficulties!  The ring shifted and the canvas collapsed before the scores were read for tonight’s second bout, between Dan Copp and Don Tierney.

The national anthem was sung for us before the main event by a lovely girl with a good voice and very good pitch, but some pronunciation issues.  Nice work, young lady.

This is a tremendously raucous crowd, with many partisans supporting each of the players in the main event.  Great atmosphere.

Andy Kolle (now 21-2 with 15 kayos) defeats Matt Vanda (now 42-11 with 22 kayos) by Unanimous Decision after 10 rounds to defend his Minnesota state middleweight

Round 1

 Kolle throws the first three punches of the fight, all right jabs.  Another one.  Vanda lunges in with a left that misses.  Vanda digs Kolle’s body hard with a left and then a right.  Vanda, emboldened, comes forward but gets a stiff jab to the face.  Vanda flurries, four power shots that are blocked by Kolle.  Vanda lands a left hook to Kolle’s body and then jumps back with his left hand in the air, did he hurt it?  If he did he isn’t letting on, because he attacks again with a four-punch combo that resounds throughout the arena.  The crowd begins to chant for Vanda, but Kolle comes back with some good work to the head of Vanda.  Vanda gets inside, but Kolle steps back and lands a shartp right to the head of Vanda.  Vanda looks to his right for a moment, and Kolle takes advantage of his inattentiveness to land a jab.  A brief lull brings us to the bell.

Round 2

Vanda starts the round coming forward, but Kolle is redirecting his momentum with hard jabs and straight lefts.  The fighters trade blows, neither man hurting the other.  Kolle steps forward, steps on Vanda’s foot, and lands a good right.  Vanda bulls forward again and lands two hard hooks to the body of Kolle.  Kolle, more mobile than Vanda, retreats across the ring, then changes directin and jabs sharply at Vanda’s head.  Vanda lands a four-pounch combination, then a single straight right.  Kolle bides his time, then steps forward and snaps a hard right into Vanda’s face – the crowd reacts boisterously.  Vanda lands a wide left hook, Kolle counters with a combination.  Vanda reaches forward and Kolle batters his body, driving him into the ropes.  Vanda gets free, turns Kolle around, and lands a straight right to the point of Kolle’s nose.  No further action before the bell.

Round 3

We have jabbing to start this round, from both men.  Vanda throws a straight right that breaks between Kolle’s hands and lands to his face.  Kolle lands two hooks on Vanda, but Vanda comes back strong.  Vanda is inching forward, but every so often Kolle reverses his retreat and lands two or three good shots.  Kolle lands two left hooks, one to the body and one to the head.  Kolle comes back with a left, right,  pause, and another left.  Kolle switches momentarily to the orthodox stance, then immediately back tohis normal southpaw stance.  Vanda lands four, maybe five consecutive hooks, then Kolle responds with two hooks of his own.  A big shot from Kolle sends Vanda’s sweat into the crowd.  Kolle is coming forward and lands hard to Vanda’s head – Vanda looks hurt, but then suddenly comes back with a furious assault of no less than eight hooks, five or six of which I believe landed.  Kolle and Vanda nearly topple together into the ropes, and confusion briefly reigns before the ring of the bell.

Round 4

Kolle, clearly the more powerful puncher, is being patient.  Vanda, lighter hitting, is pushing the action with straights and hooks.  Kolle lands a nice right, Vanda returns fire with at least two hard hooks that land.  Kolle scores with a trio of wide hooks, left-rright-left.  Vanda chases Kolle into the ropes, Kolle counters his atack with a left and a right.  Vanda hits Kolle with a left to the kidney and a right to the ribs.  There’s a clash of heads, but no pause.  Kolle cracks Vanda with two power shots.  Now Kolle gets cute, wiggles his butt, and attacks with two hooks that Vanda skillfully ducks.  Kolle takes most of the rest of the round off, then shoots out a combo that finds its target just before the bell.

Round 5

There’s tentative jabbing and feinting to start the round, then Kolle lands a right and a left taht draws the appreciation of the crowd.  Vanda strikes back hard with a couple of hard shots, and Kolle returns fire.  Suddenly Vanda stops fighting and walks away, gesturing toward his foot.  He has broken a shoelace or the shoe itself, and there’s a pause in the action while his corner tapes it.  Back in action, Kolle backs into the ropes and turtles up while Vanda lands a series of hard shots, then bursts out of his shell to land two good shots.  Vanda is moving now, circleing and moving backwards.  Kolle lands a good right that bounces Vanda back into the ropes, Vanda plays possum for a moment then launches himself at Kolle.  Kolle is now moving back and countering with jabs, and the strategy is effective.  As the round draws to a close Vanda wants to flurry, but Kolle intercepts him and lands a couple of showy hooks.

Round 6

The sixth round begins with Vanda jabbing and dancing.  Vanda puts his head dwon and tries to push inside, but Kole steps to the side and lands a right hook.  Kolle is scoring with the right jab almost at will.  Now Vanda proves me wrong, stepping by a jab to land a couple of good hooks that snap Kolle’s head to the side.  Kolle gets through witha  good left, Kolle counters.  Vanda lands a hard right and there’s a spray of red from Vanda, can’t tell where he’s bleeding from.  Kolle boxes more, then puts his head down and shoves Vanda into the ropes.  Vanda’s hands are down and he’s walking forward.  Vanda lands a low left hook to the body of Kolle.  With ten seconds left in the round Kolle lands two hard left hands, then four more power shots before the bell.

Round 7

Vanda is tough and brave, but short and not as pwoerful as Kolle.  Kolle lands two good rights and vanda gives him a dirty look.  Kolle lands a left hand, then sidesteps Vanda and casually strolls away.  Vanda follows him and the two trade.  Kolle attacks and Vanda ducks, coming up under Kolle and necessitating the referee’s intervention.  Referee Mark Nelson psuses action briefly to inspect the tape on Vandxa’s glove, then moments later sends AKolle to a neutral corner so some tape can be snipped from Vanda’s wrist.  The crowd boos, and Vanda makes an obscene gesture.  Kolle is taking target practice now, but Vanda is a moving target.  Vanda flurries with five straights and then two more after a moment.  Kolle fires back at him, landing that right jab twice more.  No significant action before the bell.

Round 8

Dueling chats of Vanda and then Kolle shake the building.  Vanda comes forward with hooks but Kolle punishes him with two right hooks.  Kolle lands a right and then a left.  Now Vanda walks forward and lands a three-punch combination.  Vanda lands a left to the abdoment of Kolle, and I’ll be darned if that didn’t hurt.  Kolle lands a couple of jabs, and now he’s feeling his oats.  A combination from Kolle drives Vanda across the ring and into the ropes, but Vanda’s bravado knows no limits, and he comes back for more.  Vanda smacks Kolle, but Kolle lands a tremendous punch that snaps Vanda’s head dramatically straight bcak.  Now the two are circling, to their left, with Vanda inching forward.  Kolle lands a crisp jab and Vanda flurries back with hooks from both hands.  Just before the bell it looks like Vanda is going to fall and referee Mark Nelson rushes to jump in, but Vanda rights himself and stands back up straight as the bell rings.

Round 9

Kolle should be far ahead on the scorecards, and Vanda should know that he needs a knockout to win.  Nevertheless there’s much boxing to start the ninth.  Vanda tries to lunge in but is met with a hard jab.  Vanda begins to attack now, and Kolle’s corner is begging him to be more mobile.  Vanda lands a big single right hand, now Kolle scoots away in a hurry.  Bobs, feints, and Kolle fires away, landing two good hooks that score well.  Vanda comes back at him with a bombo of his own, and Kolle again uses his crisper boxing and hard jab to get Vanda off him.  Kolle lands a right-left to Vanda’s head, and another about ten seconds later.  Vanda gives chase and lands a big single left to Kolle’s ribs, but Kolle hits him back with a strong combo.  Vanda thinks he’s got Kolle cornered but Kolle darts to his right and escapes, but Vanda spins around and beans Kolle with three good shots, driving him into the ropes as the bell rings.  Kolle remains on his feet and returns to his corner.

Round 10

Kolle comes out aggressive, probably trying to neutralize Vanda’s expected desperate aggression.  Vanda makes good use of the opportunity to counter,landing hard to Kolle’s head repeatedly.  This could be Kolle’s undoing if he isn’t sharp.  Kolle lands a nice straight and Vanda throws himself backwards into the ropes with his hands up, then comes back and lands a good right hand.  Vanda wants to stand and trade, and Kolle is too obliging for his own good.  The youngster needs to move.  Kolle moves across the ring, and Vanda loses valuable time chaseoing him.  Ten seconds to go and Vanda throws caution to the wind, attacking like a man who knows he has only one chance, and when Kolle counters and moves away, Vanda knows he’s finally beaten.  The fighters are already embracing as the bell rings.

Hector Orozco (now 2-5 with no kayos) defeats Jeremy McLaurin (now 7-1 with 5 kayos), by Unanimous Decision after 6 rounds

Round 1

McLaurin is shooting the jab out, left-left-left.  McLaurin is moving back and to his left and jabbing with his left.  Orozco flurries ineffectively.    McLaurin gets himself trapped against the ropes and Orozco lands two to the body and one to the head.  Orozco again lands with the left, and McLaurin sticks that jab into Orozco’s face.  Orozco is opportunist, landing to the head when he can, but more often going to the body.  McLaurin throws a rising right hook into Orozco’s midsection, much to Johnny Johnson’s approval.  McLaurin goes down to the body again and lands a loud, slapping right.  Orozco is having trouble getting inside, but when McLaurin lunges in, Orozco lands a couple of big hooks that seem to have stunned McLaurin.  Orozco is charging, bulling McLaurin all over the ring, and finally in a neutral corner McLaurin comes back to life with a few good counter hooks.  Orozco isn’t done yet though, and he continues to bully McLaurin and land power shots.  McLaurin has a few angry words for Orozco after the bell, but Orozco doesn’t appear hurt by them.

Round 2

Orozco comes out aggressive and lands a couple of shots, but McLaurin counters with a couple of good, connecting hooks and a grazing uppercut to Orozco’s face.  McLaurin is sure a pretty boxer, but he’s badly affected when he’s hit.  Orozco comes forward and McLaurin retreats back and to his left.  Orozco again lands a good hook that momentarily freezes McLaurin.  McLaurin is getting back into it and lands a good right to the body of Orozco, but Orozco continues to come forward, landing lefts and rights as he comes.  McLaurin is back on his toes, and boxing.  McLaurin leads with a wide hook and then misses with two more, and Orozco again shoves him backwards into a corner.  The two are mauling each other as the bell rings.

Round 3

McLaurin comes out jabbing, and finally picks a spot to attack with meaningful hooks.  He’s hitting Orozco hard, but Orozco is a tough dude and keeps coming.  Orozco pushes McLaurin backwards into the ropes, but McLaurin deftly reverses him Orozco ends up wit his own back in the ropes.  mcLaurin lands a right to the ribs….Orozco gets away across the ring.  Orozco traps McLaurin in a corneer and lands a few good shoots, but McLaurin shredly gets the ref to rescue him by complaining of a headbutt.  McLaurin again backs into the ropes and again gets hit by the relentless Orozco.  Orozco is slowing, and McLaurin lands a nice counter.  McLaurin backs into the ropes and tries to bounce off the ropes and attack, but Orozco again lands a wide, winging hook that originated somewhere in Wisconsin.  Bell.

Round 4

Johnny Johnson wants McLaurin to throw uppercuts and hooks when Orozco lifts his left hook to punch.  McLaurin thuds Orozco with a big right hook but doesn’t follow it up, and Orozco again pushes him back into the ropes and lands a right to the left side of McLaurin’s face.  Oroaco is an effective brawler.  Orozco traps McLaurin on the ropes but this time can’t land, McLaurin lands several rights tot he back of Orozco’s ribcage.  Oroaco traps McLaurin again and lands a few, then McLaurin lands one big shot and a lighter flurry, but fails to escape.  Oroaco continues to maul McLaurin, and McLaurin has a welt under his right eye.  McLaurin tries to land a wide right hook and gets ccountered, hard, but Orozco.  A second before the bell McLaurin lands one right hook, and freezes another one on the way when the ringing bell interrupts him.

Round 5

McLaurin lands a good right coming out of the corner and is getting aggressive now with lunging right hooks.  He is leaving himself awsfully wide open.  Orozco counters McLlaurin and knocks his mouthpiece out, action is stopped by the ref momentarily to replace it.  Orozco is continually fighting on the inside, mauling and pushing, and trapping McLaurin on the ropes.  A good right lands for Oroazco.  McLaurin again turns him aound but doesn’t make hay.  Orozco is coming forward again, and he’s landing hook after hook to McLaurin’s head and body.  McLaurin covers up again, he seems to be hurt.  He backs up again, until he hits the ropes again, then escapes again.  I think I detect a pattern.  Ten seconds to go and Johnny Johnson shouts for a flurry, and McLaurin – ever willing – tries but can only land one good right hand before the bell.

Round 6

McLaurin comes out loaded for bear but Orozco charges him back and knocks McLaurin into the ropes and onto the  mat.  It’s ruled no knockdown and the fight resumes immediately.  McLaurin ducks a puch and gets trapped under Orozco’s armpit, where he is hit with one sneaky punch before the ref breaks them up.  McLaurin is coming forwward and trying to box, but Orozco revereses course and charges in again.  McLaurin, moving backwards, lands a couple of very good counters, then backs Orozco into the roeps and lands another nice right to the head.  There’s a clinch and Orozco flurries with about five soft hooks.  Ten seconds left in the round, Orozco charges again, and though McLaurin lands one nice counter, the round and the fight end with Orozco landing a flurry of showy rights and lefts completely unopposed.

Brad Patraw (now 6-2 with 4 kayos) is defeated by Gary Eyer (now 8-0-1 with 6 kayos), featherweights, scheduled for 6 rounds

Round 1

Patraw comes out aggressive in the first, chasing Eyer into a neutral corner but failing to do any damage.  A few moments later there’s a clinch and Eyer rolls his eyes in response to a headbutt.    Eyer back Patraw up near the ropes now, and lands a big smacking right hand to the head that drops Patraw in an instant!  Patraw gets up quickly but doesn’t look right.  The crowd is going wild, and so is Eyer.  Now Eyer chases Patraw into the red corner and is punching wildly, trying for a home run.  Patraw punches out of the corner and Eyer has a bloodied nose.  Patraw is trying to be tough, but his machismo comes at the cost of eating a ton of power shots from Eyer.  There are many people demanding that the fight be stopped.  Eyer knocks Patraw backwards into the ropes, and Patraw is momentarily in danger of going through the ropes!  Back in the action now, Patraw is eating tremendous shots and landing nothing in return. 

Round 2

Patraw comes out and lands a double left jab, but Eyer walks through his defense and again lands a flurry of hard shots, and I’m getting worried for Patraw’s health.  He’s hurt.  Eyer is coming in cautiously now, and Patraw is landing vicious shots.    Now Eyer attacks again, and lands a couple of those big rights, Patraw snaps Eyer’s head back several times and the crowd thinks he’s back in it, but they’re wrong.  Eyer gets through with a right that snaps Patraw’s head back, and his eyes show that he isn’t all there.  The referee jumps in and rescues Patraw!  Fight over!


Dan Copp (now 1-3 with no kayos) is defeated by Don Tierney (now 3-1 with 1 kayo) by Split Decision after 4 rounds

Round 1

The fight begins with both men faking and feinting, but Tierney initiates the action by walking right in with power shots.  Tierney lands a right hand from the outside as Copp steps back.  Copp ducks and jabs, but misses.  Copp lands a slow left tot he face of Tierney.  Copp pokes a right jab into the face of Tierney.  Now a left jab stops Tierney as he tries to attack.  Tierney lurches inside and flurries, but ineffectively.  Copp misses with a couple of left hooks, Tierney attacks and bcaks him into the ropes, but doesn’tland anything of consequence.  Copp throws a one-two and Tierney counters and lands.  Copp rushes in and Tierney lands a punishing right as he sidesteps Copp.  Trainer Johnny Johnson is demanding a right hand-left hook from Tierney and he tries to oblige, but Copp elects to flurry at the same moment, and the result is a lot of hand waving.

Round 2

Copp is attacking, but Tierney counters effectively with a three-punch combo to the body.  Copp lands a left hook to Tierney’s head.  Copp is trying to follow his cdorner’s instructions, but he’s wilting under the barrage of instructions.  Copp, slow of ahnd and foot, is trying to get inside and Copp lands a good right hook to the body.  Tierney lands a big right hook to the cheek of Copp, but he’s unable to capitalize.  Tierney repeatedly drops his hands and tugs at his shorts, letting Copp move freely.  Ten seconds to go, and Tierney comes forward to land a single left to the head of Copp, end of round.

Round 3

Tierney lands a glancing right to the head of Copp and gets away.  Copp moves back and then forward again, and Tierney lands again.  Copp stops his left foot as he throws the left hand.  Copp rushes forward again, but Tierney dodges out of the way and again is pulling on hthe waistaband of his shorts.  Copp tries to come forward but Tierney puts a left hand in his face and leaves it there to keep him from getting in.  Copp is moving much more than Tierney now.  Tierney lands a one-two to the head and body of Copp, then a good hook to the head.  Copp ducks and punches at the same time and lands a right to tierney’s head.  Tierney puts a pawing jab in the face of Copp.  Tierney lands two hooks to the head of Copp and gets away quick, earning the praise of Johnny Johnson.  Copp rushes in and Tierney ducks, resulting in an intervention from referee Mark Nelson.  Finally, at the end of the round, Tierney puts together three nice powerful shots that seem to stun Copp, but Copp recovers and the round ends.

Round 4

In the final round both men come out looking desperate to end it, and the best action of the fight ensues.  Tierney is rushing forward again, as he did in the first, and as a result he’s smothering his punches.  Tierney corners Copp but then backs away and eats a good right.  Now Copp attacks and Tierney lands another hard combination.  Tierney is moving about the ring, but mostly out of range of Copp.  Copp comes forward, but his hands aren’t fast enough to do any real work.  Tierney’s urgency seems gone and he just stands looking at Copp.  Copp rushes Tierney again, but neither man.  Now Copp comes forward and Tierney tries to duck, but gets hit with a left hand.  Copp is ducking and punching to the body.  Tierney is not attacking and not countering.  Ten seconds to go and Copp attacks furiously.  Five seconds to go and Tierney lands a counter that freezes Copp.  Bell.

Tyler Hultin (now 1-0-1 with 1 kayo) and Tim Taggart (now 3-2-2 with 2 kayos) fight to a draw after five rounds.

Both men are looking trim, Taggart greets Hultin and the two grin.  Good sports.

Round 1

Taggart jumps in with a lunging left jab to start things, and the two are going to town right away.  Taggart catches Hultin extended and counters with several effective body shots, a moment later Hultin lands a hard overhand right that pops audibly.  Taggart’s feet aren’t moving much, and Hultin catches him with a couple more big shots, but Taggart is unmoved.  Taggart gets a little more mobile, but Hultin is coming forward and taking the  initiative with big shots that are hit-and-miss.  Hultin likes that high overhand right and he’s keeps throwing it.  Taggart is looking to counter, and he finally lands a good one.  Taggart takes a left and a right, he isn’t showing much defense, but now he pops a big left jab that causes Hultin to shudder.  Hultin comes forward again with a three-punch combo, the last punch, a left hook, lands flush.  Taggart backs across the ring and then gets hit with another big left.  Both men try to flurry in the last ten seconds of the round, and the bell rings.

Round 2

Hultin comes out slugging, Taggart counters a combo with a nice right.  Hultin responds with a four-pounch composition that ends with a big powerful left.  Hultin steps into a monstrous left hook, but Taggart responds with a nicecombo before Hlutin can get away.  Taggart lands a right that his corner is sure has hurt Hultin, and they shout so.  Hultin likes to get in close, and he lands some goodshort hooks to the body every time.  Hultin traps Taggart in a neutral corner and gets busy, but his hard work comes ains little effect.  Hultin is bleeding freely at the back of his head, behind his left eear, not sure ffrom what.  Taggart jabs, Hultin misses with a big left hook, and now the two are brawling.  Hultin is landing tons of short shots to the body and head of Taggart with both hands.  Taggart looks to be tiring and shakes his head as he returns to his corner after the bell.

Round 3

Hultin is looking lighter on his feet as the round begins.  Taggart misses with a double left jab, Hultin’s counters are ineffective.  Taggart feints and Hultibn lands a big right hook to the ribs.  Taggart is coming forward snowly now, and he lands his best combination since the first.  Taggart goes left hook to the body and then a left jab to the face of Hultin, Hultin seems to be slowing down now.  Hultin ducks a cross from Taggart and comes back up to land a hook.  Hultin is backin up now, and though he keeps changing direction when he’s out of range, he is backing straight up when in close.  Hultin lands a big left hook that makes the crowd go “oooh” and Taggart counters with a good right jab.  The two are trading regularly now.  Hultin  has much better upper body movement, but Taggart, the bigger man, is doing good work behind the jab.  Bell and round.

Round 4

Taggart has a reputation for inadequate conditioning and Hultin’s team may have felt they were getting the better of him by going five rounds, but Taggart is holding up okay so far.  Taggart is tring to set up the right hand, but Hultin is consistently landing his right.    Now both men swing and miss, Hulting tries to back away and gets smacked with a left.  TAggart ducks down and lands a right hook as he comes back up.  Hultin lands a hard right to the head that makes Taggart nod, then a bbig righ tot he ribcage that brings the crowd to right.  Hultin throws a wide right hook that misses, gets his feet tanglede with Taggart’s, and falls.  He gets up smiling.  Now the two are head-to-head and mauling.  Hultin’s upper body movement is allowing hiim to elude Taggart’s fist, and he lands a good righ to the body.  Ten seconds later a big Hultin right snaps Taggart’s head back.  Both men jab and connect at the same time.  Hultin backs up and Taggart follows.  Now Hultin lands a series of half-power shots to agment his scoring, but Taggart gets in a  good crossing blow to the top of Hultin’s head just before the bell.

Round 5

Our sluggers touch gloves at the start of the round, then get right to it.  Hultin lands a big right, but seconds later Taggart returns the favor, and the crowd is loving it.  Taggart brings a nice one-two and Hultin returns a hook that lands flush to his head.  Hultin is loading up the power shots now, and landing a good percentage.  Taggart covers up and bends forward at the waist.    Taggart lands two shots, Hultin hits him back once, but twice as hard.  Taggart lands a left jab, Hultin two power shots that send a spary of sweat toward the ceiling.  Now Hultin bends forward at the waist and Taggart punishes him with a rising right hand.  Hultin uses a pawing jab to get Taggart off him, but Hultin looks really gassed.    Suddenly there’s nothing behind his shots.  Taggart lands several rights and lefts that thrill the crowd, and Hultin finally throws back like he means it as the ten-second warning is tapped.  All caution to the wind, both men are throwing haymakers up to the bell, then grin and hug.


8 responses to “April 2 Round-by-Round, Kolle -vs- Vanda

  1. thanks for these round by rounds

  2. can’t wait to here what happens with Kolle-Vanda

  3. I must say that I chuckled a bit that you commented on the singing abilities of the young lady who sang the national anthem. Perhaps you should take a stab at judging American Idol when Simon leaves!

  4. dude seriously cmon thats not exactly how the eyer/patraw match went. Brad was taking some shots but it was nothing like how you make it sound.

  5. Not too mention over half of the crowd boooed the refs decision as eyers hand was raised….maybe 3/4 of the crowd booed

  6. Jman patraw got beat bad. plain and simple. Maybe 10% of the people booed, now way 3/4. I wouldn’t be surprised if after the first the doctor told the ref, “if he takes more shots or goes down again stop it”. Gary had fight of the night again!~!

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