Amateur Boxing Results: USA -vs- Italy

While the attention of Minnesota boxing fans was on Kolle-Vanda 2 last Friday night, the USA and Italy boxing teams were contesting a dual meet in Reno, Nevada.

Amateur boxing is always relevant to fans of pro boxing, because today’s amateurs (obviously) are tomorrow’s pros.  But Minnesota fight fans have more reason than usual to follow our national team; one of our own is on the team.  The young and improving light heavyweight Robert Brant, a resident of Oakdale, is the US national champ at 178#.

Friday night the USA men’s boxing team took four of 12 mens’ bouts – a slight improvement over last time, when they won only three – while Brant dropped a close decision to Simone Fiori, who has beaten him before.  One womens’ bout was also contested, with the USA grabbing a bonus win.

Results from USA -vs- Italy:

Flyweights: Louie Byrd (USA) is defeated by Alex Ferramosca (Italy) by decision

Bantamweights: Raushee Warren defeats Alessio DiSavino by decision

Flyweights: Santos Vasquez is defeated by Vincenzo Picardi by decision

Lightweights (women): Mikeala Mayer defeats Romina Marenda by decision

Lightweights (men): Adrian Martinez is defeated by Domenico Valentino by retirement, 2:32 of the 2nd round

Light welterweights: Jamel Herring is defeated by Davide Cencianelli by referee stoppage

Welterweights: Eduardo Alicea defeats Diego DiLuisa by decision

Middleweights: Jesse Hart defeats Luca Podda by decision

Light heavyweights: Robert Brant is defeated by Simone Fiori by decision (9-6)

Heavyweights: Javonta Charles is defeated by Clemente Russo by decision

Super Heavyweights: Lenroy Thompson is defeated by Roberto Cammarelle by decision


One response to “Amateur Boxing Results: USA -vs- Italy

  1. patrick pennie dublin ireland

    why has American Boxing at Amateur level disimproved, we hardly see
    American Boxers in the Medals at all the Major Amateur Championships

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