Seven Things I Think about Pavlik-Martinez

Four observations about Kelly Pavlik:

1. Pavlik doesn’t take any instruction from his trainer whatsoever. He sits in the corner listening to Jack Leow, then goes out and does the same thing round after round.

2. He should stay miles away from anyone who’s faster than him.

3. Either Pavlik has the worst cutman in the boxing business, or he had some of the worst cuts ever.

4. Watch for Pavlik’s team to claim a hand injury.  He threw a right hand in the second round, then jumped back and held his hand up for a moment.  Afterwards his right hardly moved for about the next round.

Three observations about Sergio Martinez:

1. Martinez isn’t incredibly fast, but quicker than average with incredible endurance.

2. Punch resistance plus. Martinez takes a punch – a good punch – extremely well, shows absolutely no effect.  Very impressive!

3. I hate showboating and always have, so Martinez just about drove me crazy. He is an inveterate showboater.


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