Upcoming Boxing Event: April 23rd in St Paul, Minnesota

What to watch for:  Hot prospect Caleb Truax takes the biggest risk of his career – the first big risk of his career, really – against hammer-handed Phil Williams, who is trying to rejuvenate his career with a win.  Joey Abell tries to make hay while the sun shines – he hopes to take advantage of all his training for the delayed Al Cole fight to squeeze in a win and a paycheck before his hot date in Uganda.  Speedy power punching prospect Ismail Muwendo steps up to lightweight to take on tough guy David Laque.  Antwan Robertson hopes to add a second undefeated prospect to his trophy wall (after Brad Patraw).  Charles Meier and Dan Copp appear in an aptly matched undercard bout.  And Derek Winston is relegated to an exhibition against Jake Backus, whose only previous pro fight was a decision loss to Vicente Alfaro.

  • Caleb Truax (14-0 with 9 kayos) -vs- Phil Williams (11-3 with 10 kayos), for the vacant Minnesota super middleweight title, scheduled for 10 rounds
  • Joey Abell (25-4 with 24 kayos) -vs- Josh Gutcher (18-11 with 13 kayos), heavyweights, scheduled for 8 rounds
  • 3 MMA bouts interrupt my pleasure…
  • Ismail Muwendo (4-0 with 3 kayos) -vs- David Laque (2-3-1 with 2 kayos), lightweights, scheduled for 6 rounds
  • Antwan Robertson (6-1 with 4 kayos) -vs- James Owens (3-0 with 2 kayos), bantamweights, scheduled for 4 rounds
  • Charles Meier (3-1 with 2 kayos) -vs- Dan Copp, 1-3 with no kayos), middleweights, scheduled for 4 rounds
  • Exhibition: Derek Winston (2-0 with no kayos) -vs- Jake Backus (0-1), featherweights, scheduled for 4 rounds

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