April 23 Round-by-Round, Truax -vs- Williams

All of tonight’s report is written from a table about twelve feet from a neutral corner ring post, with an obstructed view.  I appreciate your indulgence as I attempt to give an accurate description of the action from this unfavorable vantage point.

The national anthem was offered tonight by a lovely lady who hit every note pitch-perfect, but who altered the meter awkwardly at several points.

Caleb Truax (now 14-0-1 with 9 kayos) and Phil Williams (now 11-3-1 with 10 kayos) fight to a draw after  10 rounds.  Scores are 97-94 Truax, 96-94 Williams, and 95-95 draw.  This was a boring fight for eight rounds, but it ended in thrilling fashion.

Round 1

The fight starts tentative.  Truax throws a soft uppercut after about fifteen seconds.  A more spirited attack comes about ten seconds later.  Williams doesn’t return fire effectively, so Truax attacks a third time, more boldly now.  Now Williams begins to throw the jab, and Truax catches him extended to land one or two good shots.  Williams sticks a jab through Truax’s defense and into his face.  Williams is backing up and looking to counter.  Truax throws a left and a right and Williams ties him up.  Williams is inching forward now and jabbing.  Truax is showing Williams a lot of respect here.  Truax connects a single left.  The round ends without any major damage to either man.

Round 2

Truax throws two left jabs that land to Williams’ face.  Now Truax is scooting forward and attacking on the move, but the attack peters out.  The fighters circle to their left in a tight circle.  Williams thows a double left jab and then a right cross that misses.  More circling and jabbing.  Truax throws a left-right that doesn’t score.  Williams begins to retreat, then jas with his left.  Circling again., always to their left.  Truax finally gets through with a right-left-right to the body of Williams, whose impassive expression doesn’t change.  Back in the center of the ring, Williams resumes circling and forces Truax to dance with him.  Williams seems to be waiting for an opportunity to counter.  Truax is trying to get closer, and Williams popps a right.  Now Truax lands two or three hooks that force Williams to back off, but when Truax tries to follow Williams pops him back.  Bell.

Round 3

The round begins with more tactical aggression from both  men.  Truax, in close, throws wide hooks to both sides of Williams’ body.  Williams shoots back a hard jab.  We return to circling, but now Truax is getting bolder with his attacks.  Williams lands two good left hands to Truax’s face and the two clinch.  After the break Truax goes to the body and scores with some long shots.   Williams is absorbing those body shots but landing little in return at this point.  The fighters circle some more.  Ten seconds to go and Williams begins to attack, then thinks better of it and there’s no further action before the bell.

Round 4

Truax lands a beautiful left jab to start things off.  Williams returns fire with some meaningful shots from both hands.  Truax is headhunting – no, now he goes to the body and lands.  Williams lands a straight right, hesitates, then puts together two power shots and ruax changes direction.  Truax snaps a hard left into Williams’ face, snapping his head back.  Williams flurries, but truax goes earmuffs and none of the shots land.  More circling, Williams misses a jab and Truax connects a jab.  Williams scores with a left, but Truax responds with a flurry to the abdomen and ribs.  Williams shakes his head “no,” but we all know that means “yes.”  More circling, and Truax pokes a strong jab into williams’ face.  Williams is waving his right hand in the air as if to taunt, but doesn’t throw it, and the round ends.

Round 5

This round begins with circling and jabbing, but Truax goes on a sudden attack that forces Williams to latch onto his left arm.  Truax uses his free right hand to club Williams, and the clinch is broken.  They’re circling again, and both men are shooting jabs.  Truax is scoring more.  The crow begins to chant “Caleb,Caleb.”  Finally there’s some action, Truax throws a mighty left-right.  Williams jabs, and Williams jabs back and connects.  Williams raises his left shoulder to his cheek and slaps his let shoulder wit his right hand.  Not sure what that means.  More circling.  Williams zings Truax with a single left jab but generates no more offense.  Truax catches another jab with his right hand.  Finally, with ten seconds to go in the round, Truax wades in and starts throwing shots, but Williams neutralizes the attack by moving and blocking the punches, and the bell rings.

Round 6

Truax lands a clean left to Williams’ midsection.  Williams pauses a few moments, then attacks with both hands.  One good shot appeared to land, and the flurry is over.  Williams is left-jabbing but appears unable to pull the trigger on the big right.  He’s loading up and loading up.  Now there’s a clinch and the fighters are unable to punch out, so referee nelson breaks them.  Jab, jab, jab.  Williams triples up o nthe left jab then misses with a right.  A moment later Williams connects solidly with a left jab.  Truax catches Williams going backwards and lands two power shots, Williams reverses direction and scores with one or maybe two power shots.  The circling has stopped for the moment and we have more feinting and bobbing.  Truax shoots out the left jab and then misses with a right as Williams ducks it beautifully, and the bell rings.

Round 7

Williams comes out aggressive, Truax gets him off with the jab.  Truax shoots out a rising left jab that lands and does good work.  Now Truax is moving laterally – left and then right, left and right.  Both men are respecting the other.  Williams lands a good shot that makes Truax halt and change direction.  Williams lands a big left and Truax seems badly affected – his shoulders slump and he lays his head on Williams’ shoulder.  Williams is getting brave, he’s bobbing up and down and looking for an opening.  Truax finds an opening and cracks him to the head.  Williams retreats and Truax sticks a big straight right into his side just above the hip.  That was a good shot.  Williams wants to show that he’s unhurt and makes a convincing case of it.  More circling to the bell.

Round 8

Williams is having more success landing his jab now, but jabs won’t win this fight for him.  Truax  goes left upstairs and right downstairs.  We revert to the clockwise circling and ineffective jabbing of earlier rounds.  Williams jumps forward with a left hand but misses.  Now Williams charges forward and misses his punch, so he grabs ruax’s ears and hangs onto his head until the referee orders him to let go.  Truax whiffs on a hook, now we go back to our jabbing contest.  Williams ducks and comes forward and Truax catches him with one good shot.  Williams grabs Truax and manhandles him.  Now Williams connects with two straight lefts that make Truax momentarily lose his footing – he isn’t badly hurt but he appears to be tiring.  We have a clinch and a break, and the round ends.

Round 9

Truax comes out looking for blood and batters Williams with a barrage of power shots.  Truax pauses, then lands three or four more.  Williams gets his feet back under him and the two begin to circle again.  But now we have more action – Truax comes forward with a right hand and Williams counters with three good head shots.  Truax goes down to the body to score twice more.  Truax jabs to the head of Williams, who moves awkwardly to his right, he looks like he’s hurt but he’s really just dodging.  Williams puts a left into Truax’s face and Truax’s knees seem to buckle, but he keeps his feet.  Now Williams is moving irregularly around the ring instead of circling, and Truax has to figure out this movement.  Ten seconds to go in the round and Williams throws a five—punch flurry that may not have landed flush, but which thrilled the crowd.  Truax responds with one scoring shot, Williams responds in kind, and the bell rings.

Round 10

Williams charges forward beihinda triple left jab.  The fighters clinch and pound each others’ bodies.  Now separated, they circle again.  Truax sits down on a right hand that connects but doesn’t hurt Williams.  The two tangle again and Truax scores better, landing two shots that snap Williams’ head back.  They trade, and the crowd roars its approval.  Both jab at the same time, and both punches connect.  More circling.  Williams attacks, but Truax ducks his hook.  Truax attacks and drives Williams backwards, but Williams rebounds and connects one good shot in return.  Williams throws a three punch combination and the last punch lands.  Williams connects another good shot and Truax’s knees buckle.  Williams sees his opportunity and attacks furiously – the crowd is on its feet.  Williams is mercilessly pummeling Truax with all his best shots, and though Truax appears for a moment to be helpless, he collects himself, stays on his feet, and keeps his upper body moving until the final bell.  What a finish!

Joey Abell (now 26-4 with 25 kayos) defeats Josh Gutcher (now 18-12 with 13 kayos) by TKO in round 2 of 8 scheduled.

Out-of-towner Gutcher is being seconded tonight by Johnny Johnson of the Rice Street Gym.

Round 1

Gutcher is trying to be the aggressor in the early going, but Abell quickly drives him backwards into the ropes with four or five hard left jabs.  Gutcher puts his head down and tries to bull rush Abell, but Abell responds with an extended flurry of hooks from both hands.  Gutcher feints, then charges in and misses badly, he takes a big Abell hook as his punishment.  Abell throws a double right jab that lands.  Gutcher continues to come forward, but he fails to get off.  Abell is potshotting gutcher now, and referee Mark Nelson leans in for a close look at Gutcher.  A welt is rising under Gutcher’s right eye.  Gutcher misses with an overhand right and Abell connects with several hooks and two uppercuts.  Gutcher throws a right that might have landed, Abell cracks him with several shots to the head and upper body, and the bell rings.

Round 2

Gutcher chases Abell with his head down and lands one good right hand.  Abell hammers Gutcher with a big left that leaves him wobbly and the crowd roars with delight.  Gutcher steadies himself and bravely soldiers on.  Abell jabs with the left and then connects a world class right hook that crumples Gutcher, and referee Nelson waves off the fight.

Ismail Muwendo (now 5-0 with 4 kayos) defeats David Laque (now 2-4-1 with 1 kayo) by TKO (referee stops it between rounds) after the 5th of 6 rounds scheduled.

Round 1

Muwendo shows his speed right away with a couple of lightning-fast left jabs.  Laque is going to have a hard time getting inside.  Muwendo is working that jab effectively, but Laque throws a couple of wide looping right hooks that land, and Muwendo suddenly looks less unbeatable.  Muwendo is a strong small man, but Laque has been fighting at much higher weights.  Muwendo’s punches are landing, but not affecting Laque as we have been accustomed to seeing.  Muwendo misses with a hook and Laque connects a big left hand, but Muwendo comes back with a couple of hard jabs looked effective.  Laque’s mouthpiece is out, short delay while he gets it cleaned and reinserted.  Coming back into action Laque lands a thumping hook.  Muwendo’s fast hands find their target two more times, and the bell rings.

Round 2

Muwendo is throwing more abs to start the second, Laque shrugs off the first salvo but the second attack shows.  Muwendo is freeing up his hands now, and landing heavier shots with greater frequency.  Laque has a limited arsenal, but his punches have more mass behind them, so it’s effective when it lands.  Following a brief brawl on the ropes, Laque turns away and indicates that his head is hurt.  Back to action, and Muwendo continues to be faster and more accurate, but Laque lands three big hooks in a period of about twenty seconds that have the crowd roaring.  Muwendo is retreating now, and backs himself into a corner.  Laque lands a good left hand,  with about ten seconds left in the round, but Muwendo returns fire with an intermittent flurry of power shots from both hands until the bell rings.

Round 3

Muwendo is jabbing again, and laque is coming forward with confidence.  Muwendo lands a left, then a hard right to the body that make laque reconsider.  Now Muwendo seems intent on trading, which may not be his best strategy.  Muwendo returns to the jab, and uses it to set up a couple of body shots.  A left jab snaps Laque’s head back.  Again, the jab finds its mark.  Muwendo bends to his left side and throws a hookercut that lands.  Now’s Muwendo’s speed and conditioning are beginning to show, as Laque’s punches slow.  Finally Laque lands a shot, but Muwendo returns fire immediately, and Laque’s nose is bleeding.  Muwendo lands two more head shots and Laque grimaces.  Muwendo misses a cross as Laque ducks, but Laque is unable to capitalize, and Muwendo lands one more good left before the bell.

Round 4

Muwendo is snapping off phantom jabs now’ they make a noise but they don’t land.  Finally he puts one on the button and Laque’s knees buckle.  Laque continues to stalk Muwendo, hoping to land a big shot that will end the fight.  But Muwendo continues to be too fast for him.  Laque lands a solid right but Muwendo shoots back a jab and is gone.  Muwendo retreats counter-clockwise around the ring, then comes forward and hammers the unlucky Laque with a series of head shots.  Laque absorbs a terrific punishment but continuesto come forward.  Muwendo shows that he can counterpunch while moving backwards.  Now Muwendo stops short and lands another series of big shots and for the first time fight fans are shouting at referee Bobby Brunette to stop the fight.  Muwendo puts another two-handed hurt on Laque and the bell rings.

Round 5

Muwendo shots out a double right jhab and the second jab lands.  Laque puts his head down and comes forward, but Muwendo is now picking his shots, wearing Laque down.  It’s targetpractice for Muwendo.  Muwendo eludes a lunging attack from Laque and makes Laque chase him to the opposite corner.  Again Muwendo lands three punches in a row, but they’re not a proper combination – just three single shots in quick succession.   Laque is eaging shot after shot, now Muwendo attacks the body for a change of pace.  Laque corners Muwendo against the ropes, but Muwendo is countering more effectively than Laque is attacking.  Now Muwendo comes forward and lands another series of shots.  Laque lands a single shot that makes Muwendo paw at his nose.  Muwendo, perhaps realizing the danger of toying with a tough opponent, throws a vicious barrage that has Laque twisting and tottering, but the bell rings before Muwendo can finish it.

Round 6

After a bewildering long moment of uncertainty, it’s announced that referee Bobby Brunette has stopped the fight before the beginning of the sixth round.  Laque’s corner doesn’t seem to like the decision, but everyone else in the building realizes that it’s an act of kindness.


Travis Reddinger defeats Elias Jones in a horrendous mismatch.

Zach Juusola defeats Shaine Emmons

Antwan Robertson (now 6-2 with 4 kayos) is defeated by James Owen (now 4-0 with 2 kayos) by unanimous decision (40-36, 40-36, 39-37) after 4 rounds

Robertson’s entourage is led into the ring by a young man holding the Minnesota bantamweight championship belt over his head.  Nice touch.  Owens is introduced as “Superstar” to Robertson’s “Little Superman!”

Round 1

Owens comes out on offense and there’s an immediate clinch.  Owens is pressing Robertson, and Robertson retreats, off balance, into the ropes.  Robertson misses with a left, Owens with a counter left.  Now Robertson jumps forward with a right that misses.  We have some major inside fighting, and a right from Robertson finally lands.  Robertson again charges, and Robertson lands a good counter right hook to the head.  Now there’s a clinch, and referee Mark nelson has to break ‘em up.  The two now circle to their right, and a lot of awkward missing ensues.  Now we have another punching clinch, nelson let’s them go until they get themselves separated.  Robertson is bouncing, Owens charges in again and lands a slapping right, Robertson lands his best punch yet, with a counter.  Robertson ducks and comes up with a good left hook that connects.  Owens goes on offense again and tries to manhandle Robertson, but the round ends with neither man looking any worse for wear.

Round 2

Each man misses with a jab, then Owens flurries to no effect.  Robertson nods, and Owens nods back.  Robertson charges in but gets tied up and then hammered to the body.  Owens ducks down and comes up on the inside, but it’s another clinch.  Robertson keeps letting Owens inside, he’ll have to find a way to stop that.  Owens lands a crossing right that makes Robertson shudder and the two separate again.  Owens is definitely the aggressor here, Robertson looking to counter.  Low blow from Owens, nelson stops the action to give a mild warning.  Now we’re back inside again, Robertson lands a good counter that the crowd doesn’t catch.  The men clinch and Owens pounds the back of Robertson, which earns him a scowl from Nelson.  Inside again, and Robertson rubs his forehead as if he’s been butted.  Robertson lands a glancing right, but it’s his last score of the round, as Owens does all the work from here to the bell.

Round 3

Surely Robertson is being warned by his ccorner that he isn’t doing enough to win the fight.  Must have been, because he comes out throwing to start the round.  Both men score, and the pace slows.  Now Robertson punches out of a linch, landing a big left hand to the tempe of Owens, Owens responds with two of his own.  Owens puts his head down and bulls his way in on Robertson, landing another good shot.  Robertson is bouncing backwards into a neutral corner, then into the ropes, then into another corner.  There’s a clinch, then a lot of wrestling.  Owens lands a good left to the abdomen of Robertson, now they’re trading.  Owens is getting the upper hand again.  This is an ugly fight to watch, full of clutching and grabbing.  The bell rings, and we’re another round closer to the end.

Round 4

Owens is pacing in his corner before the round begins.  Owens comes out and lands a hard right immediately after the bell, Robertson counters with a hard left that lands.  Robertson is coming forward but not throwing, and Owens is doing good work to the body.  Now Owens traps Robertson in a corner and lands a big right and left, then a few seconds later another left that must have  hurt.  Robertson comes to life for one second, landing a left hand.  Owens is working the body again, and he gets away with a couple of low blows.  Robertson is standing up to the barrage, but taking a lot of punishment.  Owens is throwing furiously, hooks, straights, and even an uppercut.  Owens cracks a left to the body of Robertson, and now he’s just battering Robertson around the ring.  Another low blow goes unnoticed.  Owens is jumping in with his hands down, but Robertson isn’t seeing the big opening.  Owens backs Robertson into the ropes and punishes him again and again.  The warning sounds and Robertson makes little move to flurry, and as the bell rings his corner must know that he’s been soundly beaten.

Charles Meier (now 4-1 with 2 kayos) defeats Dan Copp (now 1-4 with no kayos) by unanimous decision after 4 rounds

Round 1

Copp is on his toes as the bout begins, showing off his foot speed.  There’s a lot of jabbing to no effect in the first thirty seconds.  Now Maeier comes a little close and Copp lands a left.  Meier keeps coming forward and lands a thudding right that thrills the crowd.  Copp circles the ring to his left, after traversing three quarters of the ring he’s finally caught with another good shot.  Meier now knows that he can walk through Copp’s punches, so he’s coming forward fearlessly.  Meier comes inside again and again gets cqaught with a single scoring shot.  Meier and Copp trade for about ten seconds, only one shot lands; a big right from Meier.  Copp has a habit of bouncing across the ring on his toes and changing direction suddenly – it isn’t working for him, as Meier has fast enough hands to score when Copp gets into range.

Round 2

Copp is trying to get in and get out fast, but Meier again catches him and lands a right-right-left-right to the body.  Copp finally gets the upper hand for a moment, landing a long flurry of hooks to the body, but after retreating to the ropes, Meier comes out punching and escapes.  Copp is now coming forward in windmill-fashion, and it’s getting him a few points.  Meier is bleeding on the left side of his face, can’t tell from where.  Copp is flurrying with hooks from a squared-up posture, and Meier’s speed seems to be dissipating.  Meier’s punches still have more steam, but they’re coming at longer intervals and landing less frequently.  Copp continues to charge forward with those slow hook-flurries, Meier lands a counter right at the bell.

Round 3

The fourth begins with Copp working his feet again.  There’s a lot of feeling-out, but no telling punches are landing.  Copp shuffles forward with his left out front, meier retreats across the ring diagonally, landing counters with every step.  Now meier lands a glancing right to the jab of copp and dducks out of harm’s way.  Meier is bleeding freely again, and Copp is trying to capitalize.  Copp comes forward again and meier lands a stinging right that puts him of balance.  There’s a short break and Meier again lands oen of those ducking rights, Copp is affected.  Copp collects himself again and returns to his advancing strategy, relentless rights and lefts, and Meier is countering effectively.  And that’s what’s happening as the round ends.

Round 4

Copp starts this round moving laterally, but soon returns to his forward-and-back route.  Meier comes forward and lands another big right that snaps Copp’s head back.  Meier goes downstairs to land a left hook to the body of Copp, but Copp lands a couple of hooks upstairs while Meier’s hands are in transit.  Meier lands a good left-right, then a jab.  Copp returns fire and lands at least one big shot.  Meier follows Copp into a corner and lands a huge right that thrills the crowd, then another about ten seconds later.  Now a right uppercut from Meier finds its mark.  Copp is tough as nails, but slow and doesn’’t have much strategy.  Meier again lands a flurry of power sohts and Copp rabs on, the first hard clinch of the fight.  Copp is reeling now as Meier pursues him around the ring, landing shot after shot – Copp stumbles forward into the ropes and gets his head and shoulders tangled.  Copp untangles himself and stands up,  and it’s unclear whether Bobby Brunette intends to break the combatants apart or stop the fight, but the bell rings so it’s a moot point.

Exhibition: Derek Winston (2-0 with no kayos) –vs- Jake Backus (0-1)

Round 1

We have some jabbing to start things off, and Backus ducks down and comes in low on Winston – no significant blows are landed, and the two resume a tactical standoff from the outside.  Backus is jabbing at Winston’s hands, but little else happens.  Now Backus lands a right to the hip of Winston.  The two disappear behind a ring post, and I don’t know what’s going on.  The finally reappear, and now Winston comes inside with a single left and Backus retaliates with a combination to the body.  Thirty seconds pass and Winston gets close again, landing a one-two.  Winston charges again, but Backus ducks his right and comes up punching.   No further action, and the round ends.

Round 2

More outside stuff begins this round.  Backus dips down and comes up with a single shot that lands.  Winston is walking Backus down, but landing nothing of note.  Winston throws a left hook that originates down at his hip and misses.  Backus is having some luck coming in with his knees bend.  Now finally Winston gets off, landing three straight lefts at an approaching Backus in about five seconds.  Winston tries to corner Backus, but Backus spins out of the corner and scoots to the center of the ring.  Now Backus is backing up, Winston follows again.  Backus retreats to his left.  The two meet in the center of the ring and Backus lands a flurry of body shots on Winston, who covers up and doesn’t respond.  We have a few more jabs and the round ends.

Round 3

There’s a pause at the beginning of the round and referee Bobby Brunette tugs up the back of Winston’s britches.  Now they’re at it, and it isn’t much.  Winston and Backus are circling clockwise in the center of the ring, and each man lands a couple of shots – Winston gets the better of it.  Circleing again, and Backus gets inside, where he punches out of a near-clinch, landing a right to the head of Winston.  Winston misses a right and a left, and then wags his head to taunt Backus.  Backus backs into a neutral curner, where Winston lands his best shot of the night, a left hook I believe, that snapped Backus’s head to the side.  Backus is on the move now, ducking and countering.  Backus lands a good shot to the head of Winston and the crowd “oohs.”  Backus is circling to his left now, and Winston has trouble catching up.  Backus lands two the body and Winston responds with one or two of his own.  Backus’ face shines with a Johnny Tapia-like grin, which tells me that that shot hurt.  The bell rings, round 3 is history.

Round 4

Winston comes out shooting the left jab, Backus tries to come in low again and Winston catches him with a glancing blow.  Winston misses two lefts; Backus is elusive.  Now there’s a punching clinch and Winston Winston lands several good body shots.  Twenty seconds later Winston lands several good shots – if this was a real fight I would say the tide may be turning.  Backus is more inclined to go toe-to-toe now, and Winston is getting the better of these exchanges.  Both men are now throwing a lot of shots to the bodies, especially jabs.  Backus misses a right hand badly, and Winston catches him with a shot that makes him stumble.  As we come to the end of this exhibition the two fighters flurry, but neither man comes out on top.  Bell.


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