Q&A With Andy Kolle

Andy Kolle after a tough fight

Andy Kolle

The Fistic Mystic recently had an opportunity to visit with Minnesota middleweight champ Andy Kolle (21-2 with 15 kayos) about his past, his upcoming (June 17th) fight, and his hopes and plans for the future.

Fistic Mystic: Andy, after a slow couple of years (only four fights in 2008 and 2009 combined), you’re about to fight for the third time in 2010. What’s different?

Andy Kolle: Well, two years ago I still lived in Fargo and was traveling back and forth [to the gym in Duluth] so it was hard to get the proper training in! I mean I was training hard but I wasn’t able to polish my skills as much as I felt I needed to so we kept the fighting to a minumum. Then after the Paul Williams fight we felt we needed to get back to the drawing board and make some adjustments with my game. But now I am living up here full time and in the gym daily.  At the begining of the year we sat down and came to a mutual agreement that it was time to make a run at this boxing thing and keep plugging along until something big comes along!

FM: Do you have the name of your next opponent yet? What do you know about him?

AK: I know the name of the guy I am supposed to fight but I can’t release it until we get his contract back, he is taking his sweet time so if it falls through we have a couple back up plans!

FM: Minnesota boxing fans know that you’re a diligent trainer and a bit of a fitness nut. How is your training camp going?

AK: Your right about that!! Training camp is going great up here, I am lucky to have up and coming boxer Tyler Hultin in camp with me again so I get a lot of rounds in with him and RJ Laase. With the combination of these 2 guys to spar with I am getting good quality sparring in where I am able to hone my skills and work on new tricks! Now that its summer I spend a lot of time on the ski hills in Duluth getting my roadwork in so I am always able to keep myself in top physical condition.

FM: You’ve won four in a row against respectable competition. What are you hoping will happen next? From your vantage point, is your career going in the direction you want it to?

AK: Absolutely, I am very happy with how my team has been moving me.  With the exception of two setbacks [losses to Andre Ward and Paul Williams] I think my career is going in the right direction! I hope in the next year so I am able to land a fight with some of the other prospects out there that I can test myself against – and God willing beat – and set myself up to get ranked in the top 10!!

FM: It’s been two years since you moved to Duluth to further your career. Has the move been good for you? What’s your favorite thing about living there?

AK: The move is the best decision I could have maded for both my boxing career and also my personal life.  I love it up here!  I love having constant supervision in the gym so I know whenever I make a mistake and don’t fall back into old habits as easily!

FM: With the retirement of Zach Walters, you’ve become Duluth’s featured veteran and Gary Eyer has stepped up to become a solid #2 attraction. Please share your thoughts on the incredible shrinking boxer, Gary Eyer.

AK: Gary is a crazy kid, its hard to put a label on the type of fighter he is!  Everyday in the gym he is a completely different person!  Some days he is a crazy brawler who just wants to throw punches and the other he is a slick boxer!  I don’t think people outside of the gym know just how slick the kid is and how good of a straight up boxer he can be when he wants to be.  He just loves to put that shock factor into the fight game!  I think Gary has a very bright future ahead of him and I think in time there will be nobody in the Midwest that can touch him at whatever weight he plans on settling into.

FM: Do you still hope to fight Caleb Truax in the near future or is that off the table now?

AK: Yeah, I would love to fight Caleb anytime.  My only request is that it’s not a Seconds Out promoted show.  I don’t care who promotes it, it just can’t be them for reasons I don’t care to get into – except to say that Tony G and I really butt heads whenever we run into each other!

FM: What can we expect to see from you on June 17th?

AK: Fireworks!  As you know, I try to bring a little something different to the ring everytime I fight and I have been working on some new things in the gym that I think are gonna bring me to another level, I plan on showcasing that in my next fight!

FM: Thanks again for your time. Take care and God bless.

AK: Thanks a lot Ben! I hope everybody who plans on attending the show and supporting us fighters get a chance to make it.

The Fistic Mystic says: I once read a comment from a prominent journalist that to publish an interview in the Q&A format is the laziest thing an interviewer can do, so I feel appropriately guilty as I post this article.  Just the same, I think that Kolle’s candor redeems the effort.


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