Q&A With Caleb Truax

Caleb Truax

Gunning for Echols on June 11th

Caleb Truax share his thoughts on a variety of subjects 24 hours before his big fight with Antwun Echols:

Fistic Mystic: Did you do anything different to prepare for Antwun Echols?

Caleb Truax: Nothing out of the ordinary, We were able to watch some film and pick up on a few of his habits, but my preparation was pretty much the same as for any fight.

FM: Do you know what weight you’re at?

CT: [I] weighed in at 162 on the dot earlier today. Now I’m hydrated and feeling great.  I look to be 170-173 on fight night

FM: Some guys say they spar less and less as they get older and more experienced. Is that true for you?

CT: No, I usually spar about the same for each fight.  It helps me stay sharp and it’s good for conditioning.  Typically I spar two or three times a week for about four weeks leading up to a fight.

FM: Obviously you know that Phil Williams fought and beat Antwun Echols a year ago. Their fight was an exciting, close, back-and-forth fight. Do you think about putting on a good show for the fans, or are you just focused on getting the “W?”

CT: Well I’m always focused on getting the “W,” but I also think boxing fans deserve a great show, so that is definitely always in my mind as well.

FM: You’ve been one of the busier fighters in the Midwest for the last few years now, schedule wise. After taking some time off following the Kerry Hope win, do you think you’ll be fighting more frequently again?

CT: Yes, my team will sit down and discuss it after this fight, but I think I’ll have another fight at some point this summer and then hopefully a busy fall and Winter as well

FM: Your fight with Phil Williams got you some nice publicity, and the fans were really into it. But you didn’t come away with the win. Do you see that as unfinished business, or do you want to put Williams behind you?

CT: I’d definitely like to get back in the ring with Phil sometime soon to settle things. I hope we can make it work because I think the turnout will be even better than our last fight.

FM: Caleb, in your last couple of bouts (Hope and Williams) your opponents have had their best rounds at the end of the fight. Why do you think that is?

CT: I thought I finished strong and won the final round vs. Hope and with Phil I was in control on the final round until he landed a decent shot and went for broke with 20 seconds left… Looking back though I need to be more aggressive in the final rounds and that is exactly what we stressed going into this fight with Echols.

FM: How do you see the fight playing out tomorrow night?

CT: I will be the aggressor and control the action early to try and find out how much Echols has left in the tank. After that, just do what I do and hopefully make it an early night!


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