Minnesota Goes 0-for Nova Scotia

Minnesota fighters Antwan Robertson and Hassan Wasswa both took hard losses in Canada last night.

Robertson (now 6-3-1 with 4 kayos)  reportedly declined to leave his stool at the start of the second round of his fight with Tyson Cave (now 11-1 with 2 kayos).  Reports out of Canada cite an injured eye and possible broken nose.

Local reports say that Wasswa was badly outfoxed and outboxed, getting swept on the cards (60-54 all around), dropping to 5-9-3 with 2 kayos with the loss to Steve Cannell.  Cannell improved his record to 4-4-3 with no knockouts.

The third professional bout on this pro-am card featured Halifax native Jordan Clarke against another local, Juan Sanchez.  The two fought to their second straight draw, leaving Sanchez at 3-6-2 and Clarke an unbeaten but imperfect 4-0-2.


One response to “Minnesota Goes 0-for Nova Scotia

  1. I really enjoy reading your blog. You are very objective and actually report things just the way they are. Excellent Job. You’ve been doing a great job since I’ve been following you the last year. Keep it up!

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