What Makes a Boxing Fan?

What makes a boxing fan?

I grew up in an era when boxing could be watched on network TV for free, but I had always thought of prizefighting as an interesting idea that lost its allure when put into practice.  Watching sweaty, exhausted guys alternate between punching and hugging held no attraction for the scrawny, puny bookworm that I was back then.

It was Evander Holyfield and Riddick Bowe who made a boxing fan of me in November of 1992.  That was the first time I ever decided to sit down and really watch a boxing match, and it was captivating.  I was an eighteen year old college kid and some of the other students at my school were getting the fight on pay-per-view at their off-campus (!) apartment.  Two nuggets of information made me want to attend: one, there would be two girls there who I hoped to spend some time with, and two, Evander Holyfield was a budding superstar and I had to see him fight, just to say I had seen him fight.  Well, the young ladies were pretty but they weren’t getting any prettier, but the fight was an instant classic!  Let’s just say that the girls lost their relevance in the middle rounds.

What made a boxing fan of you?  It could have been an event you attended or an image you saw.  It might be a compelling personality or a visceral experience.  Maybe you were raised to love boxing, or maybe you found it somewhere along the way.

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One response to “What Makes a Boxing Fan?

  1. I loved watching Tommy Morrisson on USA’s Tuesday night fights! Of course I was a huge Virgil Hill fan but I got to work with Carlos Miranda and Harold Miller at Eddie’s Forks Fighters gym as a kid. They made me even more of a fan cause I got to see their unbelievable dedication in the gym!

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