Writing About Boxing

An interesting short article from Ray Kilgore on the relationship between boxers and writers – and boxing itself – caught my fancy.  I hope you’ll enjoy it too!


One response to “Writing About Boxing

  1. Interesting article. It wouldn’t let me post a reply (just allows ONE) so I’ll reply here. I was talking to a major broadcaster one night and he said he quit the mainstream sports because he was sick of getting calls from athletes, managers, coaches, agents, etc for what they considered negative comments. He said they are such primma donnas, that he couldn’t do it anymore.

    Ironically, he came to boxing, where he thought the interviewer had more control, which I agree, yet there is still this attitude out there from boxers toward writers. What I cannot understand, is the lack of interaction, and almost an animosity. There are so few people that cover boxing now, and yet I see the attitude come through like Kilgore says.

    I’d say a close analogy would be the Olympic track and field team. In the last Olympics they repeatedly treated the interviewer, Bob Neumeier with content and rudeness. I was questioning whether they really understood that 99% of Americans had never heard of them until one week of the summer, and then forget about them. They never have anyone covering them, and then when they do for that one week, they take the opportunity to treat the interviewer like crap.

    I see a similar vein in boxing. There seems to be this attitude of, you can write anything you like, as long as I approve. Times have changed, and I believe some boxers are slow to accept it. Any coverage is good coverage, imo.

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