On Andy Kolle

In the runup to Minnesota middleweight champ Andy Kolle’s last fight (a 1st-round TKO against credible-but-marginal opponent Daryl Salmon), a project was underway to match Andy Kolle with 23-2-2 LaJuan Simon at a venue near his home town of Fergus Falls, Minnesota. Unfortunately, about the time that Salmon was peeling himself from the mat at Grand Casino Hinckley, the plan was falling apart for reasons that only the principals can fully explain. But to borrow a delightful turn of phrase from Edmund Morris, for Kolle it’s at this point that “sterile process gives way to fertile chaos.” I can’t tell you all that I know (and what I know isn’t that much to begin with), but as a result of that failure to fully gestate, what might now develop could be a far more interesting and advantageous matchup for Kolle. We can only hope that a Kolle’s management will successfully bring forth what they have conceived.


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