What’s Coming Up – Summer/Fall 2010

September 17th you can see Minneapolis resident Wilton Hilario on national cable TV, when he faces former Cuban Olympian Luis Franco on a Shobox event to be broadcast from Buffalo Bill’s in Primm, Nevada. Franco, who turned pro just over a year ago, has compiled a record of 6-0 with 5 kayos while facing unusually tough competition. Hilario, 12-1-1 with 9 kayos, is coming off a painfully one-sided loss to sometimes-contender Martin Honorio last March.

The next day, September 18th, Prairie Knights Casino in Fort Yates, ND will host what should be an entertaining show.  Shelby Pudwill is optimistically listed as a headliner, albeit without an opponent (yet).  This card also includes known commodities like Nick Running Bear, Silas Ortley, and former amateur standout Ryan Soft.  Promoter for this fight show is Gary Ortley.

The Minnesota Boxing Commission has granted its blessing to two upcoming dates: October 9th (Seconds Out Promotions show at the Hyatt Regency in Minneapolis) and October 21st.

The October 9th show will feature Caleb Truax against Jonathan Reid, the Nashville-based fighter best known nationally for his stint on the Contender TV show and locally for his spirited 2008 brawl with Andy Kolle.  Reid is a tough veteran who is always fit, and despite his current skid, Reid’s record is still 34-12 with 19 kayos.  Other fighters in the mix for this date include Brad Patraw, Jake Backus, Jeremy McLaurin, and Gavin Quinn, and others.

Like the Vermont Yankee who couldn’t give a stranger directions, I can’t tell you anything about the October 21st event, except that I’m told it’ll be in Duluth.  “I can’t say because I don’t know.”

Further down the road we still look forward to a boxing show at Grand Casino Hinckley on November 13th, and at least one Upper Midwest boxing figure is dreaming big dreams about that event.  If you have the desire to find out and you know where to look, you can find out more about this date, but I’m not going to say more because it’s still in the early planning stages.  Hopefully I’ll have more of the inside poop on this and more, the next time you check in with the Fistic Mystic.


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