New Boxing Gym Opening in Fargo, ND

Red River Golden Gloves Boxing Gym opens its doors for an open house on Wednesday evening, September29th, an event which its backers hope will inaugurate an era of renewed growth for the sport of boxing in the lower Red River Valley.

Retired boxer and MMA competitor Jesse Barbot is opening the gym with the assistance and encouragement of Jim Grimestad.  It was Grimestad who proposed the venture to Barbot in June of this year, and within days Barbot had obtained the blessing of his wife and gave Grimestad the green light.  “There hasn’t been boxing in the Fargo-Moorhead area for quite a while,” Barbot explains, “So I said ‘Yeah!'”

Barbot is a positive person by nature, but animated with enthusiasm for this new venture, he is an absolute fireball.  He reports strong interest in the boxing gym among locals, and pro fighters planning to attend include Chris Holt, Butch Hajicek, Antwan Robertson, Willshaun Boxley, and John Freeman.

“It’s not the Wild Card Gym,” Barbot concedes, “but it will have just about everything you could want to get going.  We’re going to have a sixteen foot-by-sixteen foot floor ring anchored on all four corners by free standing heavy bags.  We also have regular heavy bags in there, and we’ll have an uppercut bag.  We’ve got a reflex heavy bag, and a little things like hand-weights and medicine balls.  We also have a small weight room, which has Olympic weights and cast iron dumbbells up to about 70 pounds.  A locker room area with lockers and bathrooms.  It’s got everything you need to become a good boxer, and I think it’s going to be a nice little gym.”


11 responses to “New Boxing Gym Opening in Fargo, ND

  1. Interested please get back to me

  2. Stewart Pierce

    Hi there!

    I work for a company that has a wellness program to encourage employees to stay healthy. We earn points for various activities and I mentioned that I would like to do boxing. I am wondering if you would be able to run a type of tournament for a group of us and what the group rate would be. Please get back to me when you get a chance.

    Stewart Pierce

  3. Mindy Gullick

    I am interested in this

  4. do you guys have kid boxing?

  5. one person coaching boxing and MMA!!!? i am sure he can coach wrestling too…

  6. Is this business still open? I am interested in finding a boxing gym in the fm area, if so I would appreciate it If you Could shoot me an e mail

    Terrance j.

  7. Welcome Attendees,

    The event is being held at the Fargo Holiday Inn, at 3803 13th Avenue S, Fargo, ND.
    It will be a two day event on Saturday, November 12, and Sunday November 13th.

    … … There is an entrance fee, with all proceeds going to the Roger Maris Cancer Center located in Fargo, ND. It is our goal to come together as a Martial Arts Community to fight cancer.

    DAY 1:

    Saturday November 12
    Meet & Greet: 8:00 a.m.-9:00 a.m.
    9:00am Red River Tae Kwon Do
    10:00am Jeet Kun Do
    11:00am Japanese Swordsmanship
    1:00pm Okinawan Karate
    2:00pm Combat Police Tactic
    3:00pm Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Shaolin Kenpo
    Saturday Evening Banquet Dinner/Band/DJ/Silent Auction – Please call and reserve your spot for the Saturday evening Banquet Dinner.
    DAY 2:
    Sunday November 13
    9:00am Boxing
    10:00am MMA
    11.00am Kenpo
    1:00pm Hapkido
    2:00pm Judo

  8. i this buisness still open


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  11. My daughter is intrested in boxing do girls train there

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