Minnesota Boxing Outlook, Fall/Winter 2010

A few tidbits to keep you interested while the area scene develops…

Matt Vanda will meet tough Ghanaian veteran Ossie Duran (24-8)  in a light middleweight battle at the top of a planned nine-fight card this Friday night, November 12th, in North Bergen, New Jersey.

The next boxing show in the Upper Midwest is the KO Promotions card in Iowa City on November 13th.  This show will be headlined by the unbeaten Klinefelter girls, Emily and Katy, with an undercard full of 4-rounders.

The biggest story of the fall for Upper Midwest boxing fans is the Jason Litzau-Celestino Caballero fight on November 27th.  This bout should produce fireworks, but that isn’t the only reason to tune in: the winner is almost certain to get a title shot.

December 18th at Target Center in Minneapolis is the appointed time and place for the rematch of last year’s Matt Vanda -vs- Phil Williams match, won by Vanda on points.  Early indications are that the undercard should be well matched, and there may be a big happy surprise for the fans.

January 8th is reportedly the tentative date for the next Horton’s Gym show in the Twin Ports.  More on this when more information comes my way.

The winter has its own big story: Minnesota Ice Joey Abell is signed to fight Cristobal Arreola on national cable TV on January 28th.  Should Abell win, and that is not out of the question, he’ll gain instant worldwide credibility.  Abell has this going for him: Arreola, billed as “The Nightmare,” gives his own trainers sleepless nights by refusing to take his training and diet seriously.  That’s a failing that Midwestern boxing fans know Abell doesn’t share.

The Fistic Mystic says: some major kudos will be earned in the next couple of months.  How and by whom we must wait to find out.


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