Jason Litzau and Celestino Caballero Meet This Saturday

Jason Litzau of Saint Paul faces a career-defining moment this Saturday night when he faces former world title holder Celestino Caballero in a super featherweight non-title bout.

Caballero (34-2 with 23 kayos), who vacated the WBA world super bantamweight title to move up in weight class, will bring a relentless style and a 5-foot 11-inch frame into the ring at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.  For his part Litzau (27-2 with 21 kayos) tells The Boxing Bulletin that “You guys are going to see a Jason Litzau like you’ve never seen before. I’ve got a new strength and conditioning coach. My trainer has come up with a great game plan. All I can tell you is this will be the best fight of my life. We’ve got 10 different game plans. Whatever he brings to the table, we are going to be there ready to respond….I’m stronger.  I’m faster.  I’m making weight easier….The way Manny Pacquiao’s strength and condition coach has changed his career.  This guy is changing my whole career.”

It’s nice to see that Litzau has taken some serious steps to enhance his career.  Litzau has often been criticized as a talented fighter who loses his composure and reverts to brawling when a fight gets interesting.  His decision to grow up as a prizefighter demonstrate the truth of the old saw, that you can learn more from your failures than you can from your successes.

Future star Jamal James

Future star Jamal James

In the same interview Litzau also makes a point of sharing with interviewer Cory Erdman that high-quality sparring has prepared him well for Caballero’s assault: “My sparring partners are unbelievable.  They’re way bigger.  I think Caballero is going to be little compared to some of my sparring partners.  They’re 6’1″, 147 pounders.”  It’s no secret around here that Litzau has been sparring with six-foot-one welterweight Jamal James of Circle of Discipline gym in south Minneapolis.  Litzau’s comments accord with what I’ve heard, which is that Jamal has more than held his own with Litzau.  It is said that young Jamal (2-0 with 2 kayos) has earned Litzau’s respect in the gym, and Litzau’s comments to Erdman bear that out.

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