Boxing Result: Celestino Caballero -vs- Jason Litzau

Jason Litzau (now 28-2 with 21 kayos) defeats Celestino Caballero (now34-3 with 23 kayos) by split decision after ten rounds


Caballero looked good early, but appeared a little bit gassed after two typically busy rounds.  After three rounds of his relentlessly aggressive style of fighting, Caballero is really huffing and puffing in his corner.  In the fourth Litzau seemed to be waiting for something; I think he was waiting for Caballero to stop throwing, but that’s a fruitless strategy; Caballero never stops.  Litzau needed to stop waiting and start finding opportunities in between Caballero’s punches.  In the fifth Litzau finally began to take the initiative, and the fifth was the first round that I thought Litzau decisively won; he was aggressive from the get-go, bouncing on fresh legs, throwing power combinations, and dropping his hands and taunting Caballero.  Caballero tried to steal that round in the last half minute, but Litzau kept coming forward with effective aggression and nullified that tactic.  Litzau stayed aggressive the remainder of the fight.  In the eighth the two fighters traded power shots and Caballero hurt Litzau about halfway through the round, but Litzau recovered well and was very strong – even dominant – throughout the ninth and tenth rounds.


One response to “Boxing Result: Celestino Caballero -vs- Jason Litzau

  1. The ref that gave the fight to Caballero should be helped by the Lions club who help blind people. Litzau beat the living bejapers out of Caballero. At one time Caballero looked like he was giving up as he turned his back on Litzau and walked away in the middle of the fight. Amen

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