Rodriguez Sees Opportunity in 9-0 Foe

New Hope native Corey Rodriguez is slated to oppose 9-0 Achour Esho on the road on January 28th.  The fight with Esho, on the undercard of David Diaz-Robert Frankel at Chicago’s  UIC Pavilion, is one for which Rodriguez expects to be well-prepared.  “We’re not afraid to go on the road,” he says.  “We went to Cleveland to fight [6-0] Dante Moore – we had a good close fight; we thought we had pulled it out, but we got the draw instead and gained some recognition for it, but it’s the experience that really counts.  I learned a lot from that fight – we got the video from the promoter, Warner Promotions, and watching that we were able to make some adjustments, and ever since that fight we’ve been able to make improvements on different things.”

Equally important, the Rodriguez team sees the Esho bout as a very winnable contest.  “My camp, we do a little bit of research into fighters in the local area and even around the country, and we take fights that make sense, and this fight makes sense,” says Rodriguez.  “He’s nine-and-0 but he’s fought nobody – he’s a tough guy and he punches good, and he’s got some good experience in terms of martial arts fighting, but not in boxing.”

Though Esho’s background seems to be in martial arts and he has fought professionally in MMA, Rodriguez says that his game plan is business as usual.  “We’re just going to go in there and do what we do.  Go in there and stick to our game plan, hope for a fair fight in Chicago.”  Rodriguez thinks a fair outcome is likely but concedes that it could go either way:  “We know that Kenny Kost went down there and got a split decision against Miguel Hernandez, but then again we know that Wilton Hilario went down there and got a draw in a fight that I think he won by two rounds.”

Rodriguez is at a critical juncture in his boxing career, having fought just eight times at the (relatively) advanced age of 31.  But he perceives a recent decline in the number of active boxers in the area, and considers it a blessing in disguise.  “Yeah, the [shrinking talent pool in boxing] has created more opportunities for us.  It’s a good thing because it means there’ll be more fights for me.  We’re going to be busier in the next few years, much much busier.”  And for now, busy is the watchword:  “I’m just trying to stay busy.  I plan on having five fights this year – I had about four weeks notice for this fight, and we plan on doing four more this year.  We’re in the gym all the time and we want to be ready.”

The Fistic Mystic says: I think I’ll let Rodriguez have the last word:  “I’m excited about it – it’s going to be a good fight.  I think he looked at my record and wasn’t impressed.  He’s 9-0 and it’s in his hometown, but I’m going to be his toughest fight.”


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