Disappointing Results for Midwest Fighters

  • Corey Rodriguez reports via Facebook that he was performing well and had his opponent Achour Esho down in the fourth round before getting stopped when Esho rallied in the fifth.  Rodriguez, like any good fighter, believes that the stoppage was bogus.
  • Joey Abell was taking advantage of his speed and power to score with meaningful shots in the first round of his bout with Chris Arreola, until Arreola clipped Abell’s jaw with a big right hand about two minutes in.  Abell had allowed himself to be backed into a corner, Arreola threw a right hand, and Abell looked to be trying to dodge it when it connected.  “Minnesota Ice” fell backwards into the ropes and when he rebounded, failed to take a knee or clinch effectively.  So Abell became a pretty good target for a few seconds before referee Tony Crebs stepped in to rescue his gray matter.  Oddity: Arreola kissed Abell when the fight was stopped.  Guess he didn’t have the nerve to kiss a clear-headed man.  Maybe that’s the nightmare we’ve been hearing about.
  • Jon Schmidt reportedly was downed three times in a fight that lasted only a minute and a half.  Shawn Estrada improved his record to 11-0 with 10 kayos at the expense of “The Iron Man,” who fell to 10-2.

The Fistic Mystic says: Hassan Wasswa and Marcus Oliveira may yet redeem a portion of the honor of Midwestern boxers this weekend, as both are scheduled for action on Saturday night the 29th.  Wasswa, a Ugandan transplant living in Minneapolis, fights Steve Cannell in Nova Scotia and Wisconsin-born Oliveira is scheduled to chew up and spit out an opponent named Jenkins in Detroit.


One response to “Disappointing Results for Midwest Fighters

  1. Those fights were painful to watch.

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