The End of the Fistic Mystic

Writing the Fistic Mystic blog for the last three years and five months (approximately) has been an experience alternately fun and agonizing.  Lately it’s been more agonizing than fun.  For reasons both personal and professional, I’ve made the decision to discontinue publication.

The personal reasons are simple – I have a wife, four kids, two jobs, and not enough time or energy for the creative process.

The professional reasons are more complex, but they boil down to this: I’m tired and discouraged and disillusioned with the small-minded people who think they can realize their big dreams by thinking small thoughts.  These people are called promoters and matchmakers.  I alluded to the difficulty of dealing with these people in a recent article, and more recent developments have crystalized my thoughts on the issue.

I wish all the best to Minnesota’s fighters, both amateur and professional.  I have never had a confrontation with any fighter for any reason, and some of them are among the nicest, most well-balanced people I have ever met.  I have only the highest regard for the officials (judges, referees, administrators, etc) who make it all possible.  And as far as the promotions are concerned, I hope they all have just enough success to keep trying.

What’s next?  I’ll finish a couple of in-progress articles – especially the long-gestating profile of Gary Eyer that should have been (would have been) published last night if not for a major blog-host snafu.  Then I’ll turn out the lights and revert to being just a fan, which is good enough for anyone.

Thanks for reading.


9 responses to “The End of the Fistic Mystic

  1. Sad to hear. I hope you reconsider. MN boxing needs all the help it can get no matter how limited your personal life can make your contributions……………..

  2. Thank you so much for all that you have done.

  3. Say it ain’t so, Mystic! Now where will I go when I need live play-by-play? Before I realized I could watch the fights online tonight, I came here looking for live results.

  4. This is terrible news, and hope that you will reconsider now or perhaps down the road. Minnesota boxing does not get much media coverage so this is a big blow to the local scene. It’s a shame that the people that drove you to this decision didn’t recognize that your work is good for the sport.

    I remember when you first started out, and you had suggested an idea. I remember responding that I didn’t think it would work because I thought there was too much animosity between camps. Not sure if you recall, but I bet you would probably agree now.

    Although we will never agree on some things (I think everyone knows what I am referring to), I personally want to thank you for your efforts and hope that you will reconsider one day.

    Thanks Ben

  5. Sad to hear we wont get to see whats on the fistics mind! Its a rough sport, I get why you are shutting down shop Ben! Hope to finally see ya one of these days, maybe at a future Fargo fight! Good luck you and your family Ben!

  6. Well done, good sir. Always enjoyed your insights. All the best to You & Yours in the future.

  7. I always thought that you did a good job and were very objective. Good luck. I would quit too dealing with all the lowlives in the sport.

  8. I used your site to get info on local fights at first but recently I started reading the articles and using your blog to learn more about the sport. I hope someday your schedule will allow you to make a return.

    Until that day thank you for helping me get involved in the sport and I wish you good luck in the future!

  9. Sad to see you go, man. You were a great resource for we local boxing fans who are left.

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