February 9th – Amateur Boxing in West Fargo, ND

This amateur card is presented by handsome Jesse Barbot of the Red River Golden Gloves boxing club in Fargo.

Brief Results:

“Doctor” Dan Pozarnsky (Red River Golden Gloves) is defeated by Sam Anderson (Fergus Falls Boxing) by corner retirement in the second round.

Round 1

Anderson looks like the bigger man.  Pozarnsky starts out strong, attacking almost from the first bell.  Anderson measures for a while, then begins to counter effectively.  About midway through the round Anderson wobbles Pozarnsky with a big right, and Pozarnsky is given an eight-count by the referee. The break is enough for Pozarnsky to get his bearings and finish the round, and he even manages to put some punches together before the bell.

Round 2

Anderson is stronger and it shows.  He cracks Pozarnsky’s egg twice in the second round, first earning another eight count and then scoring a knockdown.  Pozarnsky is hurt and the fight is rightfully stopped by his corner.  The crowd cheers enthusiastically for both men – the stronger and more skilled Anderson and the very willing Pozarnsky.

Mark Shumacher (Red River Golden Gloves) defeats Tim Schuett (Lakes Area Boxing) by decision after 3 1-minute rounds.

Round 1

Schuett is the busier fighter, attacking with confidence and power.  Schumacher is picking his spots, jabbing and countering.  A low blow by Schuett hurts Schumacher and the match is briefly stopped.  There isn’t time for any effective boxing after the break.

Round 2

Schumacher come out on a tear and backs Schumacher into the ropes early in the second.  Schumacher attaccks lustily while Schuett counters strongly with his backt o the ropes.  Schuett gets free and tries to counter while Schumacher, seemingly spent, curbs his punch output.  Schumacher scores with a counter right and pursues his retreating opponent across the ring, but Schuett recovers from the attack.  The remainder of the round consists mainly of Schuett leading and Schumacher countering.

Round 3

Schuett, stronger in the early going, may be losing some punch resistance.  Both men are tired and slowing.  Schumacher spends most of the round coming forward, pressing the action, while Schuett scores with occasional counters.  The bell rings and the round and fight end without any significant advantage in scoring this round.

Colton Warner (Minneapolis, MN) defeats Pierce Foss (Forks Fighters), by corner retirement in the second round

Round 1

Warner, noticeably larger than Foss, is lighter on his feet and punches with more power.  It doesn’t take long for Warner to score with some big shots – mostly right hands – while Foss tries to jab and move.  Foss doesn’t like those big shots, and who can blame him?  About midway through the round the fight is reduced to Warner postshotting Foss, with Foss hoping to get lucky with a big counter.  Warner scores well with a lot of Kelly Pavlik-style one-twos.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see this fight stop early.  Foss’s feet slowed down and his legs seemed to get heavy as the first round progressed.

Round 2

Foss looks refreshed by the break between rounds, but Warner lands some more big one-twos, with the emphasis on the right-hand follow.  foss looks good momentarily with some slick counters, but Warner gains the upper hand and the referee gives Foss a standing eight count.  Foss knows the score, and tries to get cute, but nothing is working.  Warner tracks him down though, and batters him with an extended barrage.  There’s another eight count, and ring doctor Najeeb Hallak (sp?) inspects Foss’s bloody face.  Foss’s corner waves the towel, and Warner is declared the winner.

Jamaal Bradley (Red River Golden Gloves) is defeated by Matt Friesen (Forks Fighters), by decision after three 2-minute rounds

Round 1

Bradley comes out on offense, firing a furious flurry  that misses its mark.  The tempo slows, and Bradley continues to try to score, with Friesen taking the role of cagey counterpuncher.  Friesen scores with a good combination, then the fighters separate and when the come back together there’s a clinch.  Bradley has a shoe untied – a momentary pause while his corner takes care of business.  Afterwards there’s little action; just bradley attacking and Friesen dodging.

Round 2

Bradley is missing with some big roundhouse punches.  He’ll need to button that up or Friesen will catch him and hurt him.  Finally Bradley lands a punch, but he’s warned by the referee for slapping.  Friesen isn’t punching as hard as Bradley, but he is landing here and there; his lighter punches are probably turning up better on the scoresheets.  Bradley lands a good looking right to the body of Friesen, but he doesn’t follow up and Friesen doesn’t respond.

Round 3

Bradley, the much faster man, is circling Friesen and feinting, but not scoring.  Finally Friesen puts together some offense and forces Bradley into the ropes of the red corner, where he scores.  Moments later Friesen stuns Bradley and traps him in a corner where he lands a dozen shots, maybe more.  Bradley needs to fight back; right now he doesn’t look good at all.  Friesen isn’t as fast or athletic as Bradley, but his more polished skills are carrying the fight.  Bradley misses with another wild looping overhand right and Friesen punishes him again with several hard shots just before the bell.

Amar Kovacevic (Red River Golden Gloves) defeats Sergio Garcia (Fergus Falls Boxing) on points after three 2-minute rounds

Round 1

Kovacevik is first to score with a double jab.  Garcia is letting him take some shots and not responding imediately.  Garcia opens up about 40 seconds in and pops Kovacevik with a big shot.  Garcia lands a low blow that the referee doesn’t seemt o notice.  Kovacevik scores with a counter right.  Kovacevik is the busier man and has good fast hands, but Garcia is punching with more authority.  Kovacevik is moving his feet a lot, moving forward and back and circling Garcia.  Garcia spent the first round biding his time and sharpshooting Kovacevik when opportunities presented.

Round 2

Garcia comes out on the attack, but Kovacevik counters with a hard right that moves his head.  In the early exchanges of the second round Kovacevik is outscoring Garcia.  Garcia opens up more and lands a few shots, but Kovacevik answers with a nice short right hook.  Kovacevik, bleeding from the lip, scores with two left jabs and a right follow-up.  Garcia is trying to fight with surgical precision, but Kovacevik is keeping him uncomfortable.  Kovacevik may have outscored Garcia this round, but Garcia made him suffer.

Round 3

Garcia knows he’s behind and comes out very aggressive in the third.  He rocks Kovacevik, but Kovacevik collects himself and begins to counter effectively.  Kovacevik is attacking when the two men get their feet tangled and Kovacevik slips to the  canvas.  Garcia thought it was a knockdown and walked away casually, resulting in a brief delay.  There’s a flurry that favors Garcia, then the referee deducts a point from Kovacevik, it’s unclear for what, although he did issue a warning early for holding Garcia’s head down.  Upon the resumption of action this fight turns into a brawl, and both men let it all hang out!  Garcia is coming forward and although Kovacevik looks ragged, he is scoring with counters.  As the bell rings Garcia is finishing a combination.  Both men wheel around and walk to their corners without touching gloves.

Joey Suda (Red River Golden Gloves) defeats J.J. Moen (Forks Fighters) by decision after three 2-minute rounds

Round 1

The fight starts with both men firing  Moen is coming forward and grimacing while he attacks.  Both fighters are long and lean, and they’re using a lot of jabs.  Power shots have to travel a long way to land.  Moen comes forward, using his man-strength and ring savvy against the teenaged Suda.  Suda is at his best when he counters.  Moen did some good work when he bullied Suda and when he attacked the body.

Round 2

More jabs this round, but a few seconds in Moen dropped his head and tried to bull into Suda, who responded with some hurtful power shots to the head and body.  Moen continues to come forward and circle to his left, while Suda counters.  A good left hook-straight right combination scores for Suda.  Moen seems to be slowing down.   Suda’s corner tells him that Moen is hurt, but Moen keeps coming forward.  Moen scores with a big straight punch that snaps Suda’s head back, and the crowd responds appropriately.  Moen, coming forward again, lands a big right, and may be taking control of the fight.  The bell rings, and Suda will be looking for some good advice from his corner between rounds.

Round 3

Moen attacks from the opening bell, but Suda responds with power shots that land and blunt Moen’s attack.  Moen lands a crossing punch that impresses the crowd.  Morn is trying to impose his will on Suda, but following a break, Suda rushes forward and lands two hard shots to the head.  This fight is turning into a war of attrition, with both men landing big shots and both men slowing.  Suda steps forward and Moen sticks right hand into his throat.  Moen grins while he attacks and lands at least one of a flurry of punches, but Suda counters and snaps his head back.  Both men are still looking for an advantage when the round and the fight end.  I couldn’t guess who will be declared the winner.


3 responses to “February 9th – Amateur Boxing in West Fargo, ND

  1. Great job Ben!The result for the Moen vs Suda fight was Suda wins by Decision.

  2. thanks for the heads up, Jesse. I’ll update the result.

  3. In the Masters fight Schumacher hit Schuett with the low blow but it had nothing to do with the outcome of the fight. Just a correction.

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