About Fistic Mystic

The Fistic Mystic is Ben Tighe, originally from the Twin Cities but now of Hawley, Minnesota.

The Fistic Mystic Blog was established in November 2007 after an all-night brainstorm, and since 2008 it has sometimes been one of Minnesota’s leading purveyors of boxing news and insight.  Ben has repeatedly been called “the best boxing writer in Minnesota, bar none”  (Thanks Mom!).


15 responses to “About Fistic Mystic

  1. I take it you like the Twins.

    I had fun watching my A’s beat you guys down in the ALDS in 06. 😀 But I can feel the pain of a Twins fan. You guys are about to lose Johan, and you’re the mid-west version of my team. (A yearly contender with a bitch for an owner who wants to make money and could give a flying f— about winning or the fans 😦 )

  2. You’re absolutely right about that. I’ll tell you, if we’re going to lose Santana, we’d better get no less than four good prospects and one everyday player for the guy. He’s incredible.

  3. At least. I mean he’s the best pitcher in the sport. No question.

  4. Hi I’m trying to put together a rough history of the Minnesota Boxing Board and it’s incarnations over the years in Minnesota and was wondering if you might have any information or leads that might help me get a timeline together. If you have any information that might help and can send me an email that would be fantastic.

  5. Hi,
    I started following the MN boxing scene about a year ago. I really enjoy checking in with your blog for your thoughts.
    One thing I’m curious about and would love to read about is your take on the Brawl in St. Paul fight from 6/07 between Phil the Drill and Brandon Burke. What was up with BB showing up in running shoes and comic-print underwear to fight? The whole thing was really bizarre.

    Thanks for taking the time to maintain this site.

  6. Lo, you’d have to ask someone who was there. I haven’t a clue.

    But thanks for reading!

  7. Ben,

    Greetings and good day — Judd Spicer longtime St. Paul freelancer sportswriter here. My apologies for communicating via this Comment route, however I don’t have a My Space. In recent months, I’ve been doing some work with the fine fellas at Seconds Out Promotions. For a recent piece on Caleb Truax, I’ve also used the article for my online City Pages writings. Here’s the link should you have any interest in sharing it with your readers:


    I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog, and have readily used your insight as a means of keeping current with the growing Midwest boxing scene. — keep up the fine work, bud, and

    As always,

    Be Well,

    Judd Spicer, writer

  8. Hello again Fistic,
    Do you take requests for interviews? I’d really like to learn more about Marvin Rodriguez. Perhaps you could find time to chat with and share?

    Thanks for all your work on the site,

  9. I’ll consider it. I’ve been told that Rodriguez was a very accomplished amateur in Mexico, but I don’t know anything else about him. What is it about him that interests you?

  10. Hello Ben.

    Nice work here.

  11. Thank you, David. I took a look at your work and you’re pretty good yourself!

  12. teresa and jeff todd

    just want to wish our nephew james (sandman ) todd all the best for tonights title fight in minesota,,,goooooo james u can do it, the whole of wales are behind you

  13. Hey Ben,
    I own an up and coming boxing community looking for a handful of dedicated writers. If interested, send me an email.



  14. My name is Maggie, niece of Jose Ugly Arreola. Regarding the origin of his name…he was so darn cute as a young boxer, that they named him Ugly! Complete opposite of his great looks! That’s the tale of the name and all of his family, friends, and the young boxers he trains still refer to him as simply, “Ugly”.

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