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Disappointing Results for Midwest Fighters

  • Corey Rodriguez reports via Facebook that he was performing well and had his opponent Achour Esho down in the fourth round before getting stopped when Esho rallied in the fifth.  Rodriguez, like any good fighter, believes that the stoppage was bogus.
  • Joey Abell was taking advantage of his speed and power to score with meaningful shots in the first round of his bout with Chris Arreola, until Arreola clipped Abell’s jaw with a big right hand about two minutes in.  Abell had allowed himself to be backed into a corner, Arreola threw a right hand, and Abell looked to be trying to dodge it when it connected.  “Minnesota Ice” fell backwards into the ropes and when he rebounded, failed to take a knee or clinch effectively.  So Abell became a pretty good target for a few seconds before referee Tony Crebs stepped in to rescue his gray matter.  Oddity: Arreola kissed Abell when the fight was stopped.  Guess he didn’t have the nerve to kiss a clear-headed man.  Maybe that’s the nightmare we’ve been hearing about.
  • Jon Schmidt reportedly was downed three times in a fight that lasted only a minute and a half.  Shawn Estrada improved his record to 11-0 with 10 kayos at the expense of “The Iron Man,” who fell to 10-2.

The Fistic Mystic says: Hassan Wasswa and Marcus Oliveira may yet redeem a portion of the honor of Midwestern boxers this weekend, as both are scheduled for action on Saturday night the 29th.  Wasswa, a Ugandan transplant living in Minneapolis, fights Steve Cannell in Nova Scotia and Wisconsin-born Oliveira is scheduled to chew up and spit out an opponent named Jenkins in Detroit.


Counting Down

Big out-of-town fights for a handful of area prizefighters this weekend:

  • Corey Rodriguez has gone 1-1-2 in the last 18 months, against four opponents whose combined record at the time he fought them is 24-4.  Rodriguez hopes to grant his career some momentum as he faces unbeaten (9-0) welterweight Achour Esho in Chicago on Friday night.  Catch Rodriguez’s remarks about the fight and his opponent here and here.
  • Joey Abell is taking a chance – a big one – facing 29-2 Chris “The Nightmare” Arreola in Temecula, California.  The risk-reward factor is what makes this match such an attractive gamble for the big boxer/bomber from Champlin, MN.  Though a natural athlete with a beard like a copper kettle, Arreola has never taken his conditioning seriously and has failed to develop or refine his boxing skills since turning pro in 2003.  In a marked contrast of dispositions, Abell is a conditioned and disciplined boxer whose luck and chin have not yet shown equal to his speed and power.  This fight will be televised on ESPN2’s Friday Night Fights.
  • Also making the trip to California, but definitely not just tagging along, is Jon Schmidt.  “The Iron Man” is matched against a red-hot prospect in former Olympian Shawn Estrada (10-0 with 9 knockouts).  Some will say that Schmidt is just cashing in or will only be interested in lasting the six-round distance, but Schmidt is known to be a workout fiend with pride and fire to spare.  Don’t be surprised if Schmidt goes for broke against the favored Estrada.
  • Hassan Wasswa is slated to face Canada’s Steve Cannell in Halifax, Nova Scotia on Saturday night.  It’s a rematch for the always  game Wasswa, who was shut out by Cannell in June of 2010.
  • Marcus Oliveira fights for the first time since July when he meets 21-17-1 Demetrius Jenkins, a former a fringe contender-turned swaybacked trial horse, at the Silverdome in Pontiac, Michigan.  This fight is a supporting bout on the undercard of Saturday’s Devon Alexander-Timothy Bradley event.

Midwest Boxing Outlook: Mid-Winter 2010

Here are some things that I know that I know…

  • Of interest to those who saw Edwin Rodriguez and Aaron Pryor Jr win their fights with James McGirt Jr and Dyah Davis at Fargo’s Scheels Arena on November 13th: Rodriguez and Pryor face each other in a super middleweight bout tonight on ESPN.    Though Pryor (15-2 with 11 kayos) has a pronounced advantage in height and reach, those seem to be his only advantages over Rodriguez (17-0 with 13 kayos), a hot prospect approaching contender status, who will be widely favored.  The Friday Night Fights broadcast will originate from beautiful Key West, Florida.  Peter Manfredo -vs- Daniel Edouard tops the bill and the broadcast.
  • Joey Abell, who faces Chris “The Nightmare” Arreola in California on January 28th, will be accompanied on the road by fellow ACR Gym denizen Jon Schmidt (10-1 with 6 kayos).  Schmidt is slated to face former Olympian Shawn Estrada (10-1 with 9 kayos) of East Los Angeles in a six-rounder.
  • Seconds Out Promotions brings us an IBF light heavyweight title eliminator on February 4th.  The fight will feature Otis Griffin and Yusuf Mack.  At this time the Fistic Mystic has no information on the undercard.
    Emily Klinefelter (9-0 with 3 KOs)

    Emily Klinefelter (9-0 with 3 KOs)

  • On February 5th in Iowa City, Adam Pollack of Win by KO Promotions will present a mixed show with amateur Muay Thai (4-5 bouts) and professional boxing (6-8 bouts) at the Johnson County fairgrounds.  The show will be headlined, as usual, by one of the Klinefelter girls.  The one sure thing on the card so far is the main event, which will pit super bantamweight Emily Klinefelter (9-0 with 3 kayos) against Christina Ruiz (5-3 with 3 kayos).  Tickets are available at Sushi Kicchin at the Old Capital Mall or by calling Win by KO Promotions at 319-338-1633.  The fairgrounds is located at 4261 Oak Crest Hill Road in scenic Iowa City.
  • Hortons Boxing presents a once-postponed show in Duluth on February 12th.  It can be confirmed that the following fights have been inked: RJ Laase -vs- Hector Orozco (rematch), Al Sands -vs- Zach Ziegler, and Aaron Green -vs- Jordan Ziegler.  Gary Eyer hasn’t been matched yet but is still expected to appear on the card.
  • Philip Adyaka is now managed by Scott Tolzmann.  It was originally believed that Adyaka would fight Gary Eyer in Duluth on February 12th, but Adyaka is now penciled in opposite Jonathan Perez for the 26th of February at Grand Casino Hinckley.  As of Thursday night the Hinckley show was reportedly 99% confirmed.  The headlining bout there is the much-anticipated rematch of Caleb Truax-Phil Williams, which ended in a surprising Split Draw back in April of 2010.  In that fight Truax had swept the early rounds but Williams took that last couple of rounds with effective power punching – it looked like a decisive points win for Truax until the scores were read, but in the end it’s the scorecards that do the deciding.  Supporting that bout is an interesting mix of fighters from Seconds Out Promotions and Midwest Sports Council (MSC).  Could this signal an era of greater cooperation between the two promotions?  That’s an eventuality that this writer has persistently hoped for, and in print.