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January 19 Round-by-Round: Truax -vs- Vanda

The show is scheduled to begin at 7pm, and you know what that means.

It’s now 7:28pm and the first fight is about to begin.  Updates will begin at the bottom of this page.

At 10:41pm all the preliminaries are over and we’re getting ready for the start of Truax-Vanda.

Main Event: “Golden” Caleb Truax (now 21-1-1 with 12 kayos) defeats Matt “The Predator” Vanda (44-15 with 24 kayos) by Unanimous Decision after 10 rounds.

Round 1

Vanda comes out jabbing, and goes to the body of Truax early.  Truax’s first punch landed is a left hook to the head.  Truax, the larger man, is going hard at the body of Vanda, and Vanda is coming back equally hard at the head of Truax.  Truax counters Vanda’s right with a left that puts Vanda momentarily off balance, but does not hurt him.  After some tactical work, Traux comes at Vanda again with some hard shots.  Harder than is the norm for a first round.  Vanda throws three left hooks at the body of truax, then latches on and the two ggrapple, Vanda bulling Truax into the ropes.  Now Truax lands a big stright right to Vanda’s face.  The two circle to their left and Vanda doubles up on a head shot.  A few more seconds and the bell sounds.

Round 2

Vanda comes out aggressive again, throwing three to the body and one to the head of Truax.  Truax backs off and then comes forward again, jabbing to set up something bigger.  Vnda goes to the body again.  Now Vanda goes down from an inadvertent leg sweep by Truax.  Action resumes, and a brawl breaks out.  Truax lands a couple of huge rights to Vanda, who responds with three big shots of his own.  though the two are trading shots, Truax’s punches seem more effective.  The two land simultaneous jabs.  Thre’s a loose clinch and Traux tries to punch out of it, but Vanda fires back.  Now Vanda lands three shots to break the clinch. All the work is being done inside now, with the fighters standing shoulder to shoulder and hitting each other to the body.  Truax backs off and jabs, then forces vanda to cover up with a flurry of power shots.  Vanda throws two shots to end the round; one might have landed.

Round 3

Trua lands a couple of jas to start the round, then Vanda attacks with power shots, and another period of brawling ensues.  After trading on equal terms, Truax lands a hook to the body that moves Vanda.  Vanda is being aggressive, but he finds himself retreating more than he would like.  Now both men drop their shoulders, and body shots are flying.  It’s head shots that break a clinch, though.  Truax is doing a good job of bullying his opponent, but Truax is tough as nails, and comes out of a tussle slugging.  You get the feeling that Vanda really thinks he can win by having fun in there, and for him brawling is fun!  Truax lands a bunch of good shots only to have Vanda fire up the crowd with a single flurry as the round comes to a close.

Round 4

Truax lands four, five, six big right hands to Vanda’s head.  Vanda comes off the ropes swinging, but Truax definitely got the better of him there.  Truax is again coming in with power shots.  Now Vanda turns him around and rains power shots on Truax for a few seconds.  Truax is having good success with power combinations.  Vanda’s punches are starting to get slower, but he’s giving it all he’s got.  ther’s a clinch and referee Mark Nelson breaks the fighters.  Truax lands a left hook and then a right uppercut.  Vanda fights back with a shoeshine.  Truax is the crisper puncher.  Truax misses with a left, then lands a right and a left.  Vanda fights back, but Truax puts together another series, culminating in a hard right hand just before the bell.

Round 5

The fighters are circling to their left.  Truax is getting through with his left hand, over and over.  Vanda never seems in trouble though, because nothing fazes him.  Truax doubles his left hand and then lands a hook to the head of Vanda.  Vanda comes forward swinging, landing a few, but Truax again stops him and forces him into a shell with counters.  Truax blocks Vanda’s left with his hand, but Vanda’s left lands with some power.  Truax increases his head movement, dances a bit, and comes in with body shots.  There’s some daylight between the two men now, and Vanda takes a few potshots.  Truax steps inside and tries to get rough, but Vanda pops him once and they wrestle on the ropes.  Now they separeate and they’re just slugging it out.  Truax gets Vanda on the ropes and shoots a few good shots into him, but the bell rings with Vanda still having fun.

Round 6

both men are jabbing again to start the sixth, but then Truax lands a seeries of power shots from both hands, and for the first time tonight, Vanda looks frustrated.  Truax beats Vanda to the punch again.  Vanda is circling and coming forward.  he ducks a shot from Truax, comes up and lands a left, but then ruax pops him three or four good ones.  Vanda sneers at Truax.  Truax lands the sedond half of a 1-2.   There’s a clinch, and Vanda comes out of it looking tired.  Truax corner Vanda and goes head-body.  Vanda worms his way out, but Truax pours it on.  finally Vanda lands three punches of a four-pounch combo.  Truax is boxing, Vanda is trying to brawl.  Now Truax forces Vanda into a corner where he lands two shots.  The bell rings as Vanda is about to throw an overhand right, and he pulls back his punch.

Round 7

Vanda comes out aggressive this round, but his force peters out after a good sequence.  Truax is battering Vanda to the head, but vanda reverses course and comes forward, landing two shots.  Truax counters, and the two clinch again.  Out of the break Truax is jabbing, backs off, and then steps in and lands two good shots.  Vnda comes forward and lands a wicked, whipping left ot the body.  this boxing match is beginning to devolve to a wrestling match.    Traux steps back and then charges in again, but they’re mauling, not landing clean shots.  Now vanda steps back and both men land power shots.  Truax leads with a soft left and hten lands a hard right.  Vanda pushes Truax into the ropes, but Truax punches his way out.  Vanda counters, but can’t sustain his aggression.  Truax lands a right to the ribs of Vanda.  Vanda lands a left, there’s the sounding for ten seconds left, and he lands two more.  The fighters trade shots, and Vanda lands the last one of the round, much to the delight of his numerous supporters.

Round 8

Vanda comes out swinging again, but truax lands more shots and harder shots in the exchange.  Vanda raises his right hand and grins at Truax, which incites the crowd.  Backing Truax into a corner, Vanda lands his best shot flush on the chin of Truax.  Truax cturns on him, landing a couple of big shots.  More mauling now, and and more mauling…finally Truax punches out of it, landing one big right to Vanda’s head.  Truax lands some arm-weary punches on Vanda, Vanda fires back.  Truax lands two in earnest, and Vanda fires bak again.  There’s a break, and Truax comes in hard, landing a big right that puts Vanda on his heels. Vaanda stays with him, comeing back with power shots.  Now Truax lands a huge straight right that has Vanda reeling, and he chases Vanda across the ring landing power shots at will.  Just before the bell Vanda comes back to life, rocking Truax with two mule-kick power shots.  More screaming from the crowd!

Round 9

Truax comes out throwing in the eighth, but Vanda finishing his combination for him.  Vanda lands some har jbabs, and Truax comes back at him with both hands.  Truax lands three big shots, steps back, and then steps back in and does it again.  Vanda continues to throw back.  Truax gets the better of almost every exchange, but Vanda is tough.  Truax comes inside to throw power shows, Vanda sucks him in and lands a big right.  After a brief break they go back to mauling.  Vanda lands several left hands and Truax can’tget free to answer back.  Truax comes in aggressive, and Vanda has his best moment of the fight, landing a dozen or more spower shots.  Finally Truax breaks free, raises his hands, and smiles that famous smile.  Both men are tired, but they’re warriors and they’re still going at it.  Truax traps Vanda on the ropes and lands one punch out of a flurry, but it’s a big right that snaps Vanda’s head back.  The bell rings with Vanda sneering at him again.

Round 10

Vanda might be counting on Truax to fade, but Truax is coming forward with power shots again in the tenth.  After landing two good shots Truax eats one good one in return.  There’s some more mauling, in which Vanda lands a couple of body shots at close quarters.  The crowd is chanting Vanda’s name again for about the tenth time this fight.  Truax has Vanda in the ropes and lands a tremendous left that seems to slow Vanda.  Vanda finally comes back with a two-handed assault that increases the noise level in this auditorium.  they’re trading now!  Finally the exhausted men both fall in, leaning on each other and taking a mutual break.  Truax steps in and lands a left right that move Vanda.  Vanda throws a right and Truax’s counter just about turns him sideways.   Truax tries to attack but Vanda neutralizes his attack and throws a tremendous volley, which Truax returns.  Now they’re both stumbling across the ring throwing monsterous shots from every angle – it’s the fight of the year!  The bell rings and the fight is over.  The combatants hug – what else could they do?

Summary: Vanda is a warrior, but Truax is bigger and stronger.  A ball-out brawl between a bigger man and a smaller man predictably goes in favor of the bigger man.

“Sir” Charles Meier (now 7-2-2 with 3 kayos) defeats Travis Perzynski ( 2-3 with 1 kayo) by Majority Decision after 8 rounds.  I could not hear the first score, but I believe the last two were both 76-74.

Round 1

The fight starts out slow, with lots of jabbing and feinting.  Perzynski finally lands the first punch, and moments later, Meier lands the first power shot.  Meier is looking a little loosey-goosey out there, and indeed his corner is calling for him to button things up.  Perzynski comes forward, missing with most of his punches – Meier is moving his hands a little, jabbing some, but mostly watching for an opening.  Meier throws a clubbing overhand right to the head of Perzynski, who continues to come forward.  Meier lands a let and right to the face, then a right to the abdomen of Perzynski.  Perzynski’s right hand is a little slow, and Meier is countering it well.  Meier again goes head-body.  Just before the bell Meier lands a left and right to the gut, and though Perzynski didn’t show it, that must have hurt.

Round 2

Perzynski isn’t chasing Meier in the second as he did in the first; there’s more circling and jabbing.  Perzynski doubles the left jab, but Meier fires back with much faster hands, landing two shots.  Perzynski is pumping the jab now, which is a very good idea.  He gets Meier off balance and chases him all the way around the ring twice, but does little to follow up the initial score.  Meier shuffles forward, throwing a left to the body and then retreating.  Perzynski scores with a single shot to the face.  After a brief lull, Meier lands a haymaker right hand to the head of Perzynski.  it was a very dramatic looking punch, and the crowd is impressed.  Perzynski is showing more aggression now, but Meier likes to counter and makes the most of it the opportunity as the round draws to a close.

Round 3

Perzynski is coming forward again, and the lanky Meier is jabbing him away.  Perzynski lands a tentative righ to the body of Meier.   Now Perzynski comes forward and lands an overhand right to Meier’s head, but there’s no follow-up.  perzzynski throws a sort of an uppercut that just clips the chin of Meier.  Now there’s some trading, and each man lands.  Meier in particular lands a good short left that turns Perzynski’s head.  Meier is coming forward now, and Perzynski is jabbing.  Meier must feel he’s got Perzynski where he wants him.  Perzynski again throws that terribly slow double jab.  Meier comes forward and lands a big right that snaps Perzynski’s head to the side and puts him off balance.  Perzynski scores with a 1-2 of his own.  The fighters get a little bit tangled at the end of the round, and it looked like Meier got one good shot in.

Round 4

After plenty of jabbing from both men to start the round, Pezynski lands a picture perfect jab and straight combination, but again with not much mustard.  There’s a little bit of trading, and then a pause in the action as Perzynski seems to have some discomfort in his eye.  Not sure what that was about.  This is a very tactical round, with a lot of jabbing, feinting, and missing of punches.  Meier steps in and misses with a big left, and Perzynski grabs him and shoves him toward the ropes.  Perzynski’s jab seems more pesting than anything, but it is keeping Meier away.  Meier finally decides to get physical and attacks the body, then clinches.  Perzynski comes forward and there’s some good trading for the first time in this fight.  In the last ten seconds of the round Perzynski cracks Meier a couple of good shots and has Meier reeling in the ropes as the bell sounds.

Round 5

Meier is jabbing again to start this round, which induces perzynski to jab too.  Meier jabs at Perzynski’s body, the his head.  Meier lands four consecutive punches, one to the head and three to the body, and Perzynski fires back.  Meier lands a big slapping right.  Perzynski pumps the jab some more.  Meier unleashes one big overhand right that could have vaporized Perzynski if he was a bigger puncher.  Meier is starting to get more aggressive.  Perzynski rushes forward buut Meier pops him in the mouth with a left.  Perzynski times Meier and lands a single power shot, but Meier lands a 1-2 only moments later.  The fight is getting sloppy now.  With ten seconds to go in the round Perzynski tries to attack, but Meier puts together his best sequence of the fifth round, scoring with two particularly good power shots.

Round 6

Perzynski comes out very aggressive and chases Meier into and out of a corner.  Meier regroups and tries to fire back, but Perzynski gets him on the run again, landing several good running shots.  Perzynski and Meier throw at the same time, neither man landing.  Meier looks like his feet are back under him and whips a hard right into Perzynski’s midsection, then does it again seconds later.  Meier scores again, and then pops Perzynski attemting to counter.  Perzynski is a tough dude though, and keeps coming.  Meier steps back and throws a wide right that turned left on third avenue to get back into the building.  Meier knifes a left into Perzynski’s body.  Perzynski nods and comes back at him, chasing Meier and catching him in the last ten seconds of the round.  The two trade, and Meier lands the last and most effective punch of the sequence.

Round 7

Meier is jabbing again to start the seventh.  Meier reaches back and lands a straight right to Perzynski’s head.  Perzynski gives chase, but when he caches Meier he takes two hard shots for his trouble.  Perzynski raises his right hand to attack and Meier lands a huge shot that after a short delays, lands Perzynski on his butt.  Pezynski rises at about the 8 count, nodding his head that he’s okay to continue.  Meier is throwing power shots now, but having touble landing them.    Perzynski, hands up, takes a couple of big shots from Meier.  Perzynski is backing up, trying to survive the round, and Mier keeps landing single and double shots.  Meier is going body-head and hurting the head.  Perzynski comes forward at the end of the round, tries to mount an attack, but Meier counters him again.  I’ll say this for Perzynski – he may be slow and have a limited repertoire, but he is a decent tactician and he can take a punch.

Round 8

Meier comes out agggressive, trying to score with a hard jab.  Perzynski walks through the jab and lands a big left-right to the head that for a moment looked to have meier in trouble.  Meier steps out of trouble and shows his earnestness with a fair 1-2 of his own.  Meier is trying to end it, and lands a couple of hard shots at close range that have Perzynski hurting.  Still Perzynski comes forward, missing a lot of punches but finally landing two shots that fereze Meier momentarily.  Meier misses with a jab and a hook, but Perzynski can’t counter.  Meier lands a glancing right to the face.  Meier attacks recklessly, landing one but missing two more.  Perzynski sees the recklessness and attacks, landing a big right (I think?) that puts Meier on his backside and skidding across the mat.  Meier gets up quickly and the two trade as the round ends.  In the corners, Meier looks disgusted and Perzynski looks ready to go more rounds, chatting and laughing with his cornermen.

Summary: Meier is the more skilled fighter and that should score him a win in the bout, but Perzynski gave a good account of himself and certainly made it interesting in the later rounds.

Mohammed Kayongo (now 16-2 with 11 kayos) defeats Gilbert Venegas (11-8 with 7 kayos) by unanimous decision, 58-56, 58-56, 58-56

Round 1

Venegas is pushing a preventative jab at Kayongo in the early going.  No intent behind it except to keep Kayongo away, which is wise as Kayongo is a big hitter.  The two men circle to their left.  Circle, circle, circle.  Certain elements in the crowd are critical of the tentative approach.  Kayongo throws a soft triple jab.  Finally Venegas throws a straight left that connects, and Kayongo hits him back several times, hard.  Venegas lands another left, and Kayongo goes 1-2 on him.  Venegas again connects, and Kayongo pops his head.  Kayongo throws a hook that lands solidly.  Venegas wants to brawl – Kayongo lands a 1-2, and then a 1-2-2.  Venegas hasn’t got the speed or the power to hang with Kayongo for long, so he’s using aggression to try to end it early.  The round ends with a short rally that sees neither man gain an advantage.

Round 2

Both men circling to their left, throw their jabs in sync a few times.  Finally Kayongo breaks the pattern with a left hook that collides with Venegas’s head.  More circling, and a double left jab by Kayongo.  Now Kayongo puts together four left jabs.  Kayongo dips his left shoulder and throws a rising straight left.  Venegas lands a strong lead left.  Venegas is punching a little wildly now and misses a couple of times, but then connects nicely with Kayongo’s head.  Kayongo isn’t punching like a man seeking a knockout, more like a man who wants to score.  Venegas can’t catch up with Kayongo’s speed, so he’s coming forward.  A wide left hook lands for Venegas, but it lacks steam.  As the ten second warning sounds Kayongo attacks, but as his attack wanes Venegas lands his best 1-2 of the fight.  Bell!

Round 3

Venegas comes out jabbing again, but this time he’s trying to land those jabs.  Venegas lands a shot and Kayongo counters, then showboats, and his cornerman is clearly not happy about it.  “We’ve got work to do!”  Kayongo throws several uppercuts, and then several more uppercuts – that was unusual.  Venegas is following Kayongo, who is on his bicycle.  Finally Kayongo reverses direction and throws several powerful lefts.  Venegas can’t match him punch for punch, but does connect with one good right.  A brief lul, and Venegas lands another good right.  Now a hard two punch combination.  Kayongo bends forward at the waist, and Vengas hits him with a loud slapping right handed body shot.  Kayongo is biding his time, but Venegas takes the initiative, flurrying and landing several times before in the last ten seconds of the round.

Round 4

I’m not seeing the attack I had expected from Kayongo, and I recall that he hit Venegas on the elbow early in the fight.  I wonder whether he hurt his right hand then.  Kayongo triples the left jab.  He’s moving around a lot, and Venegas has to sharpshoot him.  Kayongo bends his knees and shoots a right hand at the body of Venegas.  Venegas barely misses with a grazing shot in response.  Venegas lands a wide, looping right hand.  Kayongo is getting hit a lot, or more than I had expected, and they aren’t pitty-pat punches.  Venegas goes on the attack, forcing Kayongo into an extended confrontation.  That, I think, favors Venegas, who now lands twoo big rights and then two big lefts.  Venegas is getting the better of this round.  Kayongo tries to counter, but Venegas lands a nice right hook as the round nears its close.  The round ends with flurries from both men.

Round 5

Venagas comes out confident, leading with that left jab again.  Kayongo jabs from his waist and lands it.  Now Kayongo lands a double left jab and both men stand still for a while, bouncing but not attacking.  This round is looking like a jabbing match.  Kayongo finally lands a slow, wide hook.  Kayongo snakes two left jabs through Venagas’ defense.  There’s a lot of trading going on here, but little damage is being done.  Kayongo must be leading the punch count.  Kayongo leans forward and tries to use his length to score, but Venagas potshots him and puts him off balance.  Now Venagas begins charging forward, throwing power shots.  Kayongo throws three left uppercuts, but Venagas counters with power shots from both hands.  The crowd thrills as these men trade shots – here’s 30 seconds of great action to end the round.

Round 6

Our combatants touch gloves to start the final round.  Venagas is again the aggressor, but Kayongo is jabbing effectively to stymie him.  Venagas throws a left and a right as he jumps inside, and there’s a clash of heads.  Venagas hugs Kayongo and apologizes.  Kayongo appears to score with a good power shot, but my view was blocked.  Venegas pursues him counterclockwise around the ring, occasionally landing a single shot.  Kayongo tries to attack, but Venegas pops him with a big right hand.  Now Kayongo goes down with a thud, but I think Venegas stepped on his foot.  Venegas tries to help kyongo up, but referee Mark Nelson shoos him away and lets Kayongo get up on his own.  Venegas is attacking again, but Kayongo counters with great power and great effectiveness. As Kayongo showboats Venegas lands one huge right hand to Kayongo’s temple, which precipitates an amazing flurry to end the bout.  What a barnburner!  The round and the fight are over, and frankly I wouldn’t want to be scoring it.

Jon “The Ironman” Schmidt (now 11-3 with 6 kayos) is defeated by Michael Faulk (3-2 with 2 kayos) by TKO in round 1

Round 1

Faulk throws the first feint and the first punch of the fight, and lands the first punch, a right to the body.  The two tangle briefly, but then the referee stops the fight and directs both men to neutral corners.  It’s explained that the fight doctor wasn’t present at the start of the fight.  As the bouts resumes, for about a minute there’s little or no action, just a lot of circling and feints.  Finally Faulk lands a good left to the head of Schmidt and the men clinch.  Faulk punches on the break, but the ref didn’t seem to notice.  Faulk lands a beauty of a left and Schmidt goes down hard!  Schmidt pops up too fast, a sign of a hurt fighter.  As action resumes, Faulk attacks viciously, throwing everything at Schmidt and trapping him on the ropes.  Many, many punches land, and Schmidt  can’t get away and isn’t throwing back.  Finally Schmidt gets free, and countering, lands at least one good right hand – but Faulk pursues him around the perimeter of the ring, finally catching him and trapping him again on the opposite side of the ring, whereupon referee Scott Erickson finally stops the fight with only seconds left in the first round.

Tony “2Sharp” Lee (now 7-1 with 3 kayos) defeats Leonard Overstreet (0-3) by Unanimous Decision, 39-37, 40-36, 39-37

Round 1

Lee, a slick boxer, comes out with feints and jabs.  Overstreet walks in and tries to land a left to the body, but Lee punishes him with several mean shots from both hands.  Overstreet is coming forward tentatively, and Lee is using his speed to hurt him when he tries to attack.  Lee lands a vicious left to the face of Overstreet and Overstreet grimaces.  There’s a pause in the action as Lee waits for Overstreet to commit a punishable offense.  Overstreet lands a right to the head of Lee, and afterwards Lee is bleeding from his left eyebrow.  Overstreet is misses with a left but lands a right to the body of Lee.  Lee doesn’t seem distracted by the blood, but he might not know yet that he’s bleeding.  Overstreet is moving around now, acting more confident.  He finds an attack blocked and tries to move to his right, but Lee hurts him with a left hook.  No more action before the bell.

Round 2

There’s good action to start the second, with both men throwing and circling to their left.  About thirty seconds in Overstreet leads with a left and Lee counters with a left.  Overstreet is circling to his right and as Lee turns to face him, a nasty welt is evident on his left cheek.  Overstreet is encouraged, and comes in hard, dropping a big right o the ribs of Lee.  Lee’s speed avantage is diminishing.  Now Lee flurries and misses with all his punches except a big right hand at the end, which bends Overstreet sideways.  Overstreet continues to come forward, but Lee lands a nice rising hook.  Overstreet wants to trade – Lee would be wise to stick and move instead.  As the round ends, Overstreet lands a short shot to the body and Lee misses with his counter, and Overstreet stands and grins as Lee returns to his corner.

Round 3

Overstreet comes out aggressive and lee obliges him by trading.   There’s little defensive technique to this round – some punches are missing their targets, but none appear to be deliberately blocked.  Lee comes forward with a double left jab, and that was pretty.  Overstreet  lands one power shot and eats two more.  Overstreet retreats and comes forward again – Lee jabs him to the face.  That jab is beginning to reappear, and it sets up a nice three shot combo.  There’s a clinch, and refeeree Mark Nelson looks closely at Overstreet as they break; Overstreet smiles sweetly at him.  Overstreet throws a left that misses, and Lee inadvertently connects a counter right to the back of his head.  Now there’s an exchange that clearly favors Lee, as his power shots excel Overstreet’s.  Both men miss with parting shots, and the third round ends.

Round 4

Lee doubles up his left jab, then singles it, then doubles it again.  There’s a clash of heads, and Mark Nelson pauses the fight to warn both men.  As action resumes Overstreet lands a right that shudders Lee, but Lee responds with a furious flurry that clearly hurts him.  Now Lee lands consecutvive right hooks.  Overstreet is a little wobbly, and Lee sees his advantage.  Overstreet’s lazy punches are leaving openings for Lee, who capitalizes with sharp single shots.  Overstreet comes forward with his head down.  Overstreet attacks again – his punches are slower, but they’re landing.  Lee seems willing to take a shot to land two, but with his speed he shouldn’t have to.  Overstreet lands a couple of thudding power shots, but Lee resopnds with three shots.  Overstreet comes in hard and headbutts Lee, and there’s some scuffling as the bell rings.

Summary: Lee outclassed Overstreet, but he didn’t play to his advantages as he should have.  He relied on his superior speed and power and it worked tonight, but…

Damion Hill (now 0-1) is defeated by Kenneth Glenn (now 2-0 with 1 kayo) by unanimous decision: 39-36, 39-36, 40-34

Round 1

These two are said to have a history, and they both come out firing in the early going.  Hill lands the first good shot, a thudding right to the body, but then the two back off and measure each other.  Hill comes forward and lands the second punch of a 1-2 to the head of Glenn.  Glenn shuffles in and connects with a couple of good power shots, then does the same thing again.  Both men are mostly stationary fighters, bouncing but not moving.  Hill, who is taller, is beginning to jab, then a  double jab.  Glenn is the more aggressive man, and his punches have some mustard.  He punches Hill into a corner, but Hill counters and escapes.  the two trade again, to no advantage.  Now Glenn attacks with an intent, and backs Hill into a corner, but hill again escapes.  Hill jabs, then retreats.  With a few seconds to go Hill fires a lazy left and Glenn counters with a smart right hand. Bell.

Round 2

Our fighters touched gloves at the end of the first, and again at the start of the second.  Glenn is again more effective.  Being much shorter, he has to get inside to land.  Glenn gets too close and Hill hammers him with an overhand right.  Hill’s corner tells him to attack the body, and he does briefly, but then goes back to the head and Glenn lands a big single right hand.  Neither man is putting punches together effectively.  Hill is now circling to his left, and Glenn is rotating to his right.  Hill’s corner keeps telling him what a great job he’s doing, but now Glenn attacks and lands a good straight right.  A few moments later the scenario repeats.  Glenn knocks Hill’s mouthguard out during a wild flurry with about ten seconds to go, and despite shouted alerts from the crowd, referee Scott Erickson allows the round to conclude.

Round 3

Both men are trading artlessly, shuffling forward and back in the third.  Hill is fighting with his mouth open, and standing flat-footed.  Glenn continues to attack, landing a good right hook to score.  Hill counters with a good left as Glenn tries to follow up.  Glenn is a brawler by nature, but Hill has more potential to box.  Hill, however, looks exhausted.  Glenn is’t taking the initiative as he was earlier.  Now Glenn charges in and knocks out HIll’s motuhpiece.  Hill goes down to his knees but no knockdown is called.  Insterad his corner inserts his mouthpiece while he kneels in his corner.  Returning to action, Hill has the look of a spent man.  He continues to stroll flatfooted as Glenn chases and pummels him.  Now he turns his back and walks away.  This fight should be stopped.  The bell rings, and Hill loses his mouthpiece again as he drops to his knees in his corner, but no action is taken by the ref.

Round 4

Glen is the aggressor again.  Hill is trying to counter, but he has to time Glenn or it’s all for nothing.  glenn connects with a right that knocks Hill’s mouthpiece out again.  Hill is crouching with his hand on the mat as the referee deducts a point.  Back to action, and Hill misses with a left hook and swallows several power shots from Glenn.  Hill’s corner seems to think that was a good exchange for him.  Glenn chases Hill into a corner again with a flurry that hurts, but Hill finally lands one good counter and Glenn backs away.    Hill continues to try to counter, but his punches are too slow to chase his opponent.  I spoke too soon, Hill lands a single good counter that changes Glenn’s direction, but the result is only temporary.  Glenn rushes in again, and again Hill stumbles backwards into a corner.  A clean overhand left lands for Glenn.  With ten seconds to go, Hill finally attacks and though he wins the last ten seconds, he clearly lost this round and this fight.

Summary: this was a fight without art or science; both men were merely reactive, watching for an opening and throwing a punch.  Fun to watch, though.

Jeremy “Lights Out” McLaurin (now 10-5 with 5 kayos) defeats DeWayne Wisdom (2-8 with 1 kayo) by Unanimous Decision, 39-37 on all three cards.

Round 1

Wisdom strikes firsst, a lead left to the body.  Wisdom traps McLaurin agains tthe ropes and pummels him.  Mostly to the body, and McLaurin doesn’t like it.  Wisdom pounded the body for a good 20+ seconds, before McLaurin grappled him into a clinch.  McLaurin has a great height advantage, but Wisdom is the bigger hitter and the more aggressive fighter.  Wisdom is using plenty of head movement and aggression to neutralize McLaurin and lands some good power shots in the process.  McLaurin finally lands a good left to the body but doesn’t follow it up.  Wisdom is weary and McLaurin connects with a big right to the head – a big one.  Wisdom smiles and shakes it off, then attacks, scoring well in the process.  No significant shots land in the last ten seconds of the first round.

Round 2

The second round begins with McLaurin stalking, and he does connect with some good body shots in the early going, but a taller man with a greater reach should be able to score to the head, shouldn’t he?  After a break, the two clinch, but they break themselves up without the ref’s assistance.  McLaurin flurries with light punches and scores.  Wisdom lands a couple of big left hands separated by 2 or three seconds.  Wisdom isn’t built for the long haul, but this is only a four rounder.  McLaurin smacks Wisdom, a glancing blow with his right.  Now the pace is slackening.  McLaurin traps Wisdom in a neutral corner and goes upstairs, downstairs, upstairs.  Wisdom is huffing a little bit, but ducks and cmoes back up with a big left hook.  Another haymaking left connects for Wisdom, but he doesn’t have the same snap to his punches that he had earlier.

Round 3

This round begins with McLaurin stalking again, but Wisdom stops short and fires a few power shots.  McLaurin tries to attack, but Wisdom counters with a big shot and then flurries, all the time glaring at McLaurin’s corner rather than McLaurin himself.  Wisdom bulls McLaurin into a corner and flurries slowly.  McLaurin continues to back up, but counters while Wisdom attacks.  Wisdom tries to duck under a round left punch but it catches the top of his head and his balance is momentarily affected.  Now Wisdom goes on the attack, and his aggression is very effective.  If those shots aren’t hurting McLaurin, well they’re hurting me from 20 feet awsay.  McLaurin unleashes a few disjointed power shots, but again Wisdom shrugs off the power shots and flurries back at the end of the round.  This must be disheartening for McLaurin – it clearly is affecting the morale of his corner crew.

Round 4 McLaurin is shooting out a lazy left jab intermittently to start the fourth, but Wisdom again goes on the attack, and lands at a better clip and with more effectively than McLaurin can counter.  McLaurin is trying to time him, and does finally connect with a roundhouse left.  McLaurin walks in and pops Wisdom with a right, but Wisdom doesn’t let him follow up.  A flurry from McLaurin draws a grunt from Wisdom.  Wisdom is not in the kind of condition McLaurin is, and that may be a factor here.  wisdom is plowing in with his head down now, and his punches lack force.  McLaurin, who has thrown fewer puches tonight, is punching more effectively than Wisdom now.  But Wisdom soldiers on, putting his forehead into McLaurin’s chest – an uppercut would be useful here.  Ten seconds to go and the two trade, with McLaurin getting the better of it, and the bell rings.

Summary: Wisdom clearly won the first three rounds, but McLaurin deserves the fourth.  I think the hometown crowd is going to be disappointed in this result.

Summary: I think it’ll be scored 3 rounds to 1 in favor of Wisdom.  He clearly took the first three, and McLaurin deserves the fourth.


Boxing Results: October 9th at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Minneapolis

Minnesota’s professional boxers gave local sports fans some relief in the midst of what is turning out to be an ugly weekend.  The Twins have been swept out of the playoffs by the Yankees (again), the Gophers lost their annual contest for Paul Bunyan’s Axe (again), but some effective hard work by a handful of fighters has given us something to smile about.  Results below are gleaned from preliminary reports from Jesse Kelley of Minnesotaboxing.com.

Caleb Truax (now 16-0-1 with 10 kayos) defeats Jonathan Reid (now 34-13 with 19 kayos by TKO in the 8th round of 10 scheduled.

Jon Schmidt (now 10-1 with 6 kayos) defeats Ryan Soft (now 2-2-1 with 1 kayo) by decision after [unknown] rounds.

Jeremy McLaurin (now 8-1 with 5 kayos) defeats Joel Flores (now 3-1 with 3 kayos) by split decision after [unknown] rounds

Ismail Muwendo (now 7-0 with 6 kayos) defeats Mike Maley (now 3-8 with 3 kayos) by knockout in the xth of [unknown] rounds scheduled.

Antwan Robertson -vs- Philip Adyaka apparently didn’t happen due to illness

Shane Dezee -vs- Zack Jensen no result has been reported.

Charles Meier -vs- Gavin Quinn was an exhibition.

Upcoming Boxing Event: October 9th at the Hyatt Regency in Minneapolis

What to watch for: Caleb Truax has an opportunity to shine against a tough but faded opponent in Jonathan Reid, who landed plenty of punches on Andy Kolle during their 2008 bout.  Truax can win with technical proficiency and great physical conditioning.  For Reid to win he probably needs to lure Truax into a slugging contest and land big shots, because exceptional speed, precision, and technicality have never been Reid’s attributes.  One cannot help but feel sorry for the faded veteran Reid, loser of 11 of his last 12 bouts dating back to 2004, whose countenance and demeanor betray little joy or enjoyment of boxing.  Jeremy McLaurin looks to rebound from a dismal showing in a scorecard loss against Hector Orozco last April.  If McLaurin takes the win this time it will be against fast, strong, unbeaten Joel Flores of Michigan.   Ismail Muwendo continues to build his record against record-builder opponents.  The one caveat with Mike Maley: though he has only three wins, all three have been knockout wins.  Jon Schmidt faces a live opponent in the strong and tough Ryan Soft, who may surprise some by providing a real test.  Watch for Schmidt to capitalize on Soft’s lack of discipline and loopy punching with straight punches up the middle and constant pressure.  Antwan Robertson hopes to snap a skid with a win against a winless opponent, but look out – the short and stocky Adyaka looked quite competent at times in an exhibition against Willshaun Boxley last November, and he appears to be in tip-top condition this time around.  Shane DeZee and Zak Jensen?  They’re both heavyweights.  Sorry, that’s all I can tell you, because that’s all I know about them.  Finally, Charles Meier was expected to face the less experienced Travis Perzynski, but that fight will not happen this time.   Instead, in what will probably be a more entertaining supporting event, Meier will exhibition against young Gavin Quinn.


Caleb Truax (15-0-1 with 9 kayos) -vs- Jonathan Reid (34-12 with 19 kayos), middleweights

Jeremy McLauren (7-1 with 5 kayos) -vs- Joel Flores (3-0 with 3 kayos), lighweights

Ismail Muwendo (6-0 with 5 kayos) -vs- Mike Maley (3-7 with 3 kayos), lightweights

Jon Schmidt (9-1 with 6 kayos) -vs- Ryan Soft (2-1-1 with 1 kayo), light middleweights

Antwan Robertson (6-3-1 with 4 kayos) -vs- Philip Adyaka (0-2), bantamweights

Shane Dezee (debut?) -vs- Zak Jensen (debut?), heavyweights

Charles Meier (4-1 with 2 kayos) -vs- Gavin Quinn (1-0 with no kayos), exhibition

The Fistic Mystic says: Though this isn’t a very glamorous fight card, it does include some treats for genuine boxing fans – the Schmidt-Soft fight should be a doozy, and any time is a good time to see the dazzling Ismail Muwendo in action.

Boxing Results: July 17th at the St Paul Armory

Results posted here are taken from Minnesotaboxing.com and Boxrec.com and are considered reliable.

Joey Abell (now 27-4 with 26 kayos) defeated Arron Lyons (now 11-9 with 8 kayos) by TKO (cuts) in the fourth round of ten scheduled.

Brad Patraw (now 6-3 with 4 kayos) was defeated by Vicente Alfaro (now 4-0 with 1 kayo) by TKO in the second round of six scheduled.

Gavin Quinn (now 1-0 with no kayos) defeated Ryan Stock (now 0-3) by unanimous decision after four rounds

Jose Hilario (now 3-0 with 3 kayos) defeated Matthew Borgan (now 0-1) by KO in the first round of four scheduled.

Bobby Butters Jr (now 0-1) was defeated by Travis Perzynski (now 1-1 with 1 kayo) by TKO in the first round of four scheduled.

Marty Lindquist (now 14-8 with 11 kayos) defeated Frankie Quinn (now 6-1 with 4 kayos) by TKO in the first round of four scheduled

Upcoming Boxing Event: July 17th at the St Paul Armory

What to watch for: Joey Abell looks to put history, sloppy defense, bad luck, and all excuses behind him by rematching with Arron Lyons, the man who gave him the first of his four career losses.  Abell has sometimes been considered one of the unluckiest men in boxing, but he’s been on a small roll lately and this match with Lyons is an opportunity to exorcise an old demon.  Jeremy McLaurin wants to get back on a winning track and he’ll have to go through gritty brawler David Laque to get there.  Brad Patraw and Vicente Alfaro make a compelling tactical matchup, and seem to promise an exciting bout.  Old-timers Marty Lindquist and Frank Quinn throw back to an earlier era – Jesse Kelley reports that the two were considered for a match back in the ’90s.  Also, slugging youngster Jose Hilario goes for career win number 3 against debuting Matt Borgen, Bobby Butters Jr makes his pro debut against MMA crossover Travis Perzynski, and Gavin Quinn debuts against winless Ryan Stock.

Joey Abell (26-4 with 25 kayos) -vs- Arron Lyons (11-8 with 8 kayos), heavyweights, scheduled for 10 rounds

Jeremy McLaurin (7-1 with 5 kayos) -vs- David Laque (2-5 with 2 kayos), lightweights, scheduled for 6 rounds  **FIGHT CANCELED**

Brad Patraw (6-2 with 4 kayos) -vs- Vicente Alfaro (3-0 with no kayos), bantamweights, scheduled for 6 rounds

Marty Lindquist (13-8 with 10 kayos) -vs- Frank Quinn (6-0 with 4 kayos), cruiserweights, scheduled for 4 rounds

Jose Hilario (2-0 with 2 kayos) -vs- Matthew Borgan (debut), light welterweights, scheduled for 4 rounds

Bobby Butters Jr (debut) -vs- Travis Perzynski (0-1), middleweights, scheduled for 4 rounds

Gavin Quinn (debut) -vs- Ryan Stock (0-2), welterweights, scheduled for 4 rounds

The Fistic Mystic says: I would have covered this event live, but my request for a press pass was rejected by the promoter.  So pay for a ticket and see it for yourself!