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Boxing Results: April 4 at Epic Night Club in Minneapolis

Results below are gleaned from internet sources.  The match between Cornelius Lock isn’t mentioned in the ringside report from Minnesotaboxing.com and though the bout is listed on Boxrec.com, no result is provided.  So the best guess here is that it didn’t happen.  Joey Abell’s opponent, Galen Brown, was signed on short notice and disposed of in short order.  Harley Kilfian repeated history with his KO of Marty Lindquist.  Ugandan Ismail Muwendo made a successful debut in his new hometown, rocking the always available Felix Martinez in round 2.  Wizened Rocky Graziano defeated novice boxer but experienced MMA opponent Chris Clark in 1.  Jon Schmidt added to his win total with his UD win over familiar MMA face Travis Perzinski, also making his boxing debut.  Charles Meier chalked up his first career win against game Nick Whiting, who was denied again in his quest for a victory.  And two girls fought, with Emily coming out on top of Melissa after five two-minute rounds.  And lastly, if you still hadn’t heard, Willshaun Boxley was denied the opportunity to prove himself against 10-1 Thomas Snow of DC –  Snow was shot on Thursday leaving his gym, but is expected to make a full recovery.

Cornelius Lock (18-3-1 with 11 kayos) -vs- David Vasquez (17-13 with 10 kayos), featherweights, scheduled for 8 rounds

Joey Abell (now 23-4 with 22 kayos) defeated Galen Brown (now 32-11-1 with 19 kayos) by KO in round 1 of 8 scheduled

Harley Kilfian (now 8-2 with 7 kayos) defeated Marty Lindquist (now 13-8 with 10 kayos) by KO in round 3 of 4 scheduled

Felix Martinez (now 0-3) was defeated by Ismail Muwendo (now 2-0 with 1 kayo) by KO in round 2 of 4 scheduled

Rocky Graziano Jr (now 4-2 with 3 kayos) defeated Chris Clark (now 0-1) by KO in round 1 of 4 scheduled

Jon Schmidt (now 8-1 with 5 kayos) defeated Travis Perzinski (now 0-1) by UD after 4 rounds

Nick Whiting (now 0-11-1) was defeated by Charles Meier (now 1-1 with 0 kayos) by UD after 4 rounds

Emily Klinefelter (now 4-0 with 1 kayo) defeated Melissa St Vil (now 0-1-1), by SD after 5 rounds


March 21 Show Cancelled?

Word on the street is that the March 21  Seconds Out Boxing/MMA show at the St Paul Armory is postponed.  The Fistic Mystic has no further information at this time, but if true, this is a bitter disappointment both to the fans and to the dedicated athletes who were scheduled to perform.

I’ll let you know as soon as I learn more.  Stay tuned.

Upcoming Boxing Event: March 21 in St Paul, MN

What to watch for: Willshaun Boxley looks to add another stamp of authenticity to his status as a rising prospect when he takes on 10-1 Thomas Snow of Washington DC.  Snow, by the way, is himself coming off a 2nd-round kayo loss to Teon Kennedy.  Cornelius Lock of Detroit continues the talent exchange between that city and our Cities when he faces ringworn veteran David Vazquez of California in a super featherweight bout.  Harley Kilfian and Marty “Wolfman” Lindquist rematch their 2-round battle of last year in a cruiserweight match.  Katy Klinefelter and Melissa St Vil engage in a girlfight.  Ismail Muwendo makes his stateside debut against tough Mexican battler Felix Martinez, and Nick Whiting looks to upset the applecart of Marvin Rodriguez in a bout to be contested at super middleweight.  Word comes late of a change in the card: Joey Abell’s planned opponent, Bernard Brown, has dropped out and been replaced by Larry White, who Abell previously defeated by knockout in round 6 of a 6-rounder in the twelfth fight of his career.

  • Willshaun Boxley (5-0 with 3 kayos) -vs- Thomas Snow (10-1 with 8 kayos), super bantamweights, scheduled for 8 rounds
  • Cornelius Lock (18-3-1 with 11 kayos) -vs- David Vazquez (17-13 with 10 kayos), featherweights, scheduled for 8 rounds
  • Joey Abell (22-4 with 21 kayos) -vs- Larry White (3-4 with 2 kayos), heavyweights, scheduled for 8 rounds
  • Harley Kilfian (7-2 with 6 kayos) -vs- Marty Lindquist (13-7 with 10 kayos), cruiserweights, scheduled for 4 rounds
  • Katy Klinefelter (2-0 with 1 kayo) -vs- Melissa St Vil (0-0-1), scheduled for 4 rounds
  • Ismail Muwendo (1-0-1 with no kayos) -vs- Felix Martinez (0-2-0), featherweights, scheduled for 4 rounds
  • Marvin Rodriguez (1-1 with no kayos) -vs- Nick Whiting (0-10), super middleweights, scheduled for 4 rounds

Minnesota Boxing Roundup: Upcoming Boxing Events for Winter-Spring 2009

Minnesota may not have instantly become the center of the boxing universe, but it’s heartening to see the scene suddenly so much busier than usual.

With two shows by Seconds Out in January we got off to a nice start in 2009.  Another show in February inaugurated what is expected to be a series of fight cards at Epic Nightclub in Minneapolis.  Tony Grygelko says that he has invested in a cage for MMA bouts and a return to Epic for an MMA-only event is planned for March.

Now several more shows are coming up – two of them promoted by Justin Seurer of MSC – as well as a couple of big road trips for Minnesota fighters.  Here’s a brief overview:

Road Trippers and Local Events:

  • Zach Walters (23-3) of Horton’s Gym in Duluth faces former two-time super middleweight world champion Byron Mitchell in Buffalo NY of all places, a fight which should give the winner a big career boost, whomever that may be.  Walters stays in his usual weight class (light heavyweight) while Mitchell moves up for only the third time.  Here’s hoping the Jungle Boy can take advantage of his length and athleticism to gain a huge win.
  • Eastsider Matt Vanda (39-8) travels to the real center of the boxing universe on Saturday February 21 to face John Duddy (25-0) at Madison Square Garden in New York City.  Duddy rose to prominence as the hottest of hot prospects for a couple of very good years before hitting a serious speed bump when Walid Smichet (Wally Who?) took him the distance in what turned out to be a non-unanimous ten-round decision win for Duddy.  Since then Duddy’s reputation has suffered and his momentum has waned.  The choice of Vanda, however much we might like him in Minnesota, bespeaks not a ton of confidence from Duddy’s handlers.  It should be remembered by even the most casual of local fight fans that Duddy defeated Anthony Bonsante back in 2007, just two months after Bonsante had handily defeated Vanda.
  • March 21 is the targeted date for a Seconds Out show at the St Paul Armory.  This one is expected to include Willshaun Boxley and possibly Joey Abell, as well as Harley Kilfian, Jon Schmidt, and Dion Savage.  Abell has elsewhere disclosed that he will fight in March, but it isn’t certain whether it will be in Sweden, Philadelphia, or St Paul.
  • One week later, on March 28, Minnesota sees its biggest in-state matchup in a couple of years when Anthony Bonsante and Andy Kolle mix it up for the state middleweight title.  This card, promoted by Justin Seurer, has been skilfully filled out by matchmaker Cory Rapacz with a ton of attractive young talent who probably aren’t demanding big money for their participation.  Foremost among the remaining matchups is a battle between Antwan Robertson and Brad Patraw, and all the remaining bouts should be interesting in their own ways.
  • Caleb Truax hopes to appear in St Louis on the same night, on the undercard of Cory Spinks-Deandre Latimore.  According to Truax, if Grygelko is unable to get him on that Don King-Lou DeBella promoted show, he would expect to be inserted into the March 21 event mentioned above.
  • A mixed boxing/MMA event featuring Raphael Butler is tentatively scheduled for April 4 in Rochester, but no details are yet available.  More information should become available soon, and the Fistic Mystic will try to keep you abreast of developments.
  • Target Center hosts an event scheduled for April 18, the card for which has not been filled out yet.  But we know that Jason Litzau is expected to headline, with big brother Allen Litzau facing undefeated prospect Wilton Hilario in what has been described as the co-main event.  Matt Vanda has been tentatively scheduled to appear in this show, depending on the outcome of his February 21 fight with John Duddy (mentioned above).  The name of Shelby Pudwill has been dropped as a potential opponent, but obviously nothing is yet finalized.

Seconds Out Promotions Plans Two Shows in Two Weeks in January

Seconds Out Promotions proprietor Tony Grygelko says that he intends to begin a long-planned Series of monthly shows at the St Paul Armory starting with the January 17 show.  Expect to see Joey Abell and Jon Schmidt in the co-mains.  Jeremy McLaurin and Harley Kilfian may appear as well.

The following weekend at Grand Casino Hinckley, Caleb Truax will finally face Nate Martin in one of the co-main events.  Attentive fans will recall that Martin was Truax’s planned opponent for the Sioux Falls show on November 28, but he pulled out citing inadequate training time.  The other featured bout is being kept top-secret for now.  Wilton Hilario, Willshaun Boxley, and Van Goodman are also penciled in for this event.

Promoter Profile: Seconds Out Promotions

We meet in the relatively spacious office of the ACR Gym in Coon Rapids, a run down little industrial building only a little wider than a boxing ring.  The proprietor (Ron Lyke), the weightlifting coach (Jim Maurine), and the face of Seconds Out Promotions (Tony Grygelko) all sit in.

It’s natural that the first thing we talk about is Matt Vanda’s upcoming (November 1) rematch with 37-0 Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.  “We’ve got something even bigger planned if Matt’s next fight goes well,” says Grygelko.  A grinning Maurine adds “That is, if he beats Chavez again, like he did the first time.”  Maurine describes the scene at Vanda-Chavez 1: “A tiny ring, the crowd was right up to the apron, we would turn around and yell and swear at the spectators and they would back off a little bit, but then as soon as we turned around they’re right back up on our backs again.”  Lyke interjects, “It was so crowded we didn’t have room – it was hard to get in and out of the ring and to get around.”  Maurine again: “It was a cockfighting pit, is what it was!” (all laugh)  So would you do it again?  Maurine becomes animated: “Oh, in a second!  On my list of the greatest experiences of my life, that was right up there in my top ten.”  Later, Maurine alleges that Lyke stayed dry in the rain of thrown beers only by hiding behind Maurine.  “That’s what we keep you around for,” Lyke quips.

Lykes ACR Boxing Gym

Lyke's ACR Boxing Gym

Talk turns to the Genesis of this partnership and Lyke explains how he began training fighters in his garage ten years ago.  “Yeah, in the garage with a clothes dryer running with the door open to make the place hotter than Hell,” observes Maurine.  Lyke smiles at the memory and allows that Maurine was one of the first to begin working out in the garage.  Grygelko goes way back, too.

Later, when the joshing subsides and the conversation becomes more serious, I learn more about the organization and its principals.  Grygelko seems a confident person and is proud of what he has accomplished so far:  “We didn’t set out to be the premier boxing promoter in Minnesota; you put on one good show and you’re already there,” he asserts without irony.  “We want to be a premier boxing promoter in the world, and we’re finishing up our initial two-year plan and we’re right where we want to be.  We feel like we’ve revitalized boxing in Minnesota (looks around the room and all three nod) and it’s time for us to broaden our scope.”  So Seconds Out is putting on a show in South Dakota in November and there’s also talk of a show in Missouri soon.  All indicators are that business is good, including Tony’s say-so: “Business is great!”  What’s next?  “We want to continue to rebuild the local boxing environment.  The club fights feed the midlevel events at the casinos, and the casino shows feed the big Target Center-type shows.”

It’s clear as the conversation progresses that the Seconds Out team is a cohesive unit made up of unique individuals.  Grygelko’s earnestness is complemented by Maurine’s wry jollity and Lyke’s reserved confidence.  What makes it all work?  “We’re honest, and we have the fighters’ best interests at heart,” says Grygelko.  “We don’t play games and we take care of our guys.”  Bringing together disparate parties from the Minnesota boxing scene is essential, and Grygelko says that when there’s money to be made, that isn’t as difficult as it might sound.

I ask Grygelko about his well-publicized cooperation with Goossen-Tutor in California and he gets excited.  “Well we work with not just Goossen-Tutor, but also Golden Boy, Lou DiBella, we’re talking to everybody in this business.”  Look for this network to be put to work in the near future as Grygelko seeks to market up-and-coming fighters like light heavyweight Phil Williams, super middleweight Caleb Truax, and amateur standout Jeremy McCulloch.

Finally, we talk about the upcoming November 28 show in Sioux Falls.  Grygelko shares his thoughts on the main event: Joey Abell versus Oklahoma heavyweight Jason Nicholson.  “Nicholson doesn’t have a great record [17-25 with 10 kayos – ed] but he’s a strong guy with some skills.  That’s the kind of guy Joey needs to be fighting at this point in his career.”  Then he ticks off the remainder of the tentative undercard: Caleb Truax against 8-8 Nathan Martin, Jon Schmidt against an opponent to be named, maybe Harley Kilfian, too.  “We also wanted to have a womens’ fight, so I put Kirstie Davis and Jessica Bednark on the card too.  They had a nice fight the first time around, up at Grand Casino, so it should be a good fit.”


Tony Grygelko: High energy, high earnestness, great enthusiasm, more serious than I had anticipated.

Jim Maurine: A big dude, jovial but intense.  Maurine was full of wisecracks and pithy comments, and would make a fun interview on his own.  Maurine is a weights and fitness guru whose background is not in boxing, but who has picked up enough ring knowledge to accompany Vanda to Montreal for a fight with Sebastien Demers when, as Lyke explains, “Canada didn’t want me.”

Ron Lyke: Quiet, reflective, and cordial.  Didn’t say much, but it was worth listening when he did speak up.  A friend tells me that in his youth Lyke was a fighter to be avoided; a southpaw with a killer right hook.

Boxing Results: September 20 at Treasure Island Resort and Casino

These results will be updated as information becomes available.  Initial postings are taken from messageboard reports and will be confirmed Sunday morning.

Tony “The Bullet” Bonsante (now 32-10 with 18 knockouts) defeats Carl “The Squirrel” Daniels (now 50-15 with 32 knockouts), by UD after ten rounds

Matt “The Predator” Vanda (39-7 with 22 kayos) defeats Dezi Ford (24-24 with 9 kayos) by kayo in round 8 of 8

Raphael Butler (32-6 with 24 kayos) defeats Lyle McDowell (27-11 with 18 kayos) in round 1 of 6

Antwan Robertson (4-0 with 3 kayos) -vs- Ronnie Peterson (amateur) – EXHIBITION

Harley Kilfian (6-2 with 5 kayos) defeats Ron Krull (4-34 with 6 kayos) by kayo in round 1 of 4

Terrance Trottier Jr (1-4 with 1 kayo) loses to Daniel Schlienz (7-13 with 4 kayos) by TKO in round 4 of 4

Ceresso Fort (3-0 with 3 kayos) defeats Mike Krull (0-7) by kayo in round 1 of 4