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Boxing Results: July 17th at the St Paul Armory

Results posted here are taken from Minnesotaboxing.com and Boxrec.com and are considered reliable.

Joey Abell (now 27-4 with 26 kayos) defeated Arron Lyons (now 11-9 with 8 kayos) by TKO (cuts) in the fourth round of ten scheduled.

Brad Patraw (now 6-3 with 4 kayos) was defeated by Vicente Alfaro (now 4-0 with 1 kayo) by TKO in the second round of six scheduled.

Gavin Quinn (now 1-0 with no kayos) defeated Ryan Stock (now 0-3) by unanimous decision after four rounds

Jose Hilario (now 3-0 with 3 kayos) defeated Matthew Borgan (now 0-1) by KO in the first round of four scheduled.

Bobby Butters Jr (now 0-1) was defeated by Travis Perzynski (now 1-1 with 1 kayo) by TKO in the first round of four scheduled.

Marty Lindquist (now 14-8 with 11 kayos) defeated Frankie Quinn (now 6-1 with 4 kayos) by TKO in the first round of four scheduled


Upcoming Boxing Event: July 17th at the St Paul Armory

What to watch for: Joey Abell looks to put history, sloppy defense, bad luck, and all excuses behind him by rematching with Arron Lyons, the man who gave him the first of his four career losses.  Abell has sometimes been considered one of the unluckiest men in boxing, but he’s been on a small roll lately and this match with Lyons is an opportunity to exorcise an old demon.  Jeremy McLaurin wants to get back on a winning track and he’ll have to go through gritty brawler David Laque to get there.  Brad Patraw and Vicente Alfaro make a compelling tactical matchup, and seem to promise an exciting bout.  Old-timers Marty Lindquist and Frank Quinn throw back to an earlier era – Jesse Kelley reports that the two were considered for a match back in the ’90s.  Also, slugging youngster Jose Hilario goes for career win number 3 against debuting Matt Borgen, Bobby Butters Jr makes his pro debut against MMA crossover Travis Perzynski, and Gavin Quinn debuts against winless Ryan Stock.

Joey Abell (26-4 with 25 kayos) -vs- Arron Lyons (11-8 with 8 kayos), heavyweights, scheduled for 10 rounds

Jeremy McLaurin (7-1 with 5 kayos) -vs- David Laque (2-5 with 2 kayos), lightweights, scheduled for 6 rounds  **FIGHT CANCELED**

Brad Patraw (6-2 with 4 kayos) -vs- Vicente Alfaro (3-0 with no kayos), bantamweights, scheduled for 6 rounds

Marty Lindquist (13-8 with 10 kayos) -vs- Frank Quinn (6-0 with 4 kayos), cruiserweights, scheduled for 4 rounds

Jose Hilario (2-0 with 2 kayos) -vs- Matthew Borgan (debut), light welterweights, scheduled for 4 rounds

Bobby Butters Jr (debut) -vs- Travis Perzynski (0-1), middleweights, scheduled for 4 rounds

Gavin Quinn (debut) -vs- Ryan Stock (0-2), welterweights, scheduled for 4 rounds

The Fistic Mystic says: I would have covered this event live, but my request for a press pass was rejected by the promoter.  So pay for a ticket and see it for yourself!

Live Round-by-Round: October 23 at Shooting Star Casino in Mahnomen, Minnesota

Once again the Fistic Mystic reports from ringside.  Tonight we’ll be treated to a Minnesota state title fight and a card of competitive boxing matches at a variety of weights.

A few changes on the card tonight – Tomi Archambault has been replaced with David Laque, Robert Benton has been replaced by Chance Western, and the Brad Croaker-Marty Lindquist is absent from the official bout sheet.

Brad Patraw (now 6-1 with 4 kayos) is defeated by Antwan Robertson (now 5-1-1 with 3 kayos) after eight rounds.  Robertson is the new Minnesota bantamweight champion.  The scores are announced as 76-75, 76-74, and 76-74.

Round 1

Robertson begins the action with a light jab, Patraw follows him into his corner and lands a stronger jab.  Robertson throws the first combination of the fight, landing a right hook to the hip of Patraw.  Robertson lunges with a big right hook that misses wildly, but stabs a jab into the eye of Patraw as a follow up.  Now the two are circling to their right, and Robertson attacks again.  A sharp jab lands to the body of Patraw, then a strong right to the head.  Patraw flurries in reply, and lands several times.  Robertson is jabbing with good effect, keeping Patraw more at bay than at any time in the first meeting between these two.  Patraw is content so far to follow and take a jab to get close.  Robertson sticks him with the right jab, then the two clinch.  Patraw tries to catch Robertson off guard with a wide hook, but to little effect.  Robertson lands a sharp right to the temple of Patraw a few seconds before the bell, and I’d say that Robertson has taken the round decisively.

Round 2

Patraw lands a good power shot to the body of Robertson, Robertson responds with a sharp right-left to the body of Patraw.  Robertson looks noticeably faster than Patraw so far, but when Patraw gets his range he does land the more powerful punches.  Patraw continues to come forward and Robertson continues to retreat and counter.  Patraw finally jumps forward to land three shots, and Robertson boogies out of the corner in which he was nearly trapped.  Robertson ducks under a left hook but fails to counter.  Patraw is stymied by the quickness and jabs of Robertson.  Patraw finally corners Robertson, but after landing one hook is clinched and has to give up the ground he’d gained.  Robertson lands a straight right that must have hurt, but his corner advises him to throw combinations instead of single shots.  The two trade as the bell rings, and referee Nelson has to break them up and push Robertson away.

Round 3

Patraw comes out this round trying to jab back at Robertson, but Robertson gets a right through to the side of Patraw’s head and momentarily sets Patraw’s ear on his shoulder.  Patraw bulls Robertson into a corner and lets him go.  Robertson continues to land his jab, and Patraw is looking intense, but frustrated.  Intensely frustrated.  Patraw finally goes back to the body and lands two good power shots to Robertson before Robertson bounces off the ropes and  into the center of he ring.  Patraw lands a single hook to the ribs of Robertson, then a jab to Robertson’s face.  Robertson lands a stinging jab to Patraw’s face, snapping his head back.  Patraw can’t match Robertson’s speed and has yet to cut off the ring  – but just as I write the words, he finally does and lands three good body shots that bend Robertson over at the waist.  Bell and round.

Round 4

Between rounds Patraw is advised by Jonny Johnson to counter with the right hook.  Patraw again corners Robertson, only momentarily, and scores with more shots to the head and body.  Robertson isn’t snapping that jab so effectively now, and Patraw is getting his range.  Now Patraw stands stock still, then lunges forward to connect with a solid right to the head.  Robertson is nearly trapped against the ropes, but lands a good one-two and bashes his way out. Nevertheless, Patraw is getting closer and closer, and connecting more often as a result.  A powerful right lands to the body of Robertson.  Patraw plays possum against the ropes, and Robertson goes after him looking for blood.  The two trade in dramatic fashion, electrifying the crowd!  The round ends with Robertson’s corner screaming at him that he must go out on his shield, but the bell rings and momentarily postpones such an exit for either man.

Round 5

Robertson is back jabbing, but Patraw charges in on him and lands.  Clinching against the ropes, the two throw few punches and land none.  Patraw is more on offense than Robertson right now, but both men are in this game.  Robertson continues to move back and to the left.  His corner is frustrated that he’s showing less offense this round.  Patraw catches Robertson near his corner and bounces him off the ropes.  Robertson is caught with his hands down.  Patraw is intent on  making this a war, and Robertson is less interested.  But scientific boxing won’t win this fight for Robertson.  Patraw’s right hand is at his waist now, but Robertson fails to throw.  Robertson is backing off.  Now he finally puts his head down and connects with a monstrous hook and uppercut combination.  Patraw’s feet are far apart and his knees bent so far that his butt nearly sweeps the canvas, and Robertson again lands with a wild hook that snaps Patraws head back against the top rope.  Finally Patraw escapes and as he runs away, taunts Robertson.  But that hurt!

Round 6

Robertson pops a right hand to the face of Patraw but fails to follow it.  Patraw is brawling with some effect, but he can’t match Robertson’s speed when Robertson attacks.  Robertson cracks Patraw hard with a right, the two circle, and then Robertson hits him with another very powerful right that hurts him.  Patraw is inspired to fire back, but has trouble meeting Robertson flush.  Robertson tries to duck a combination, but gets hit with three of four punches.  Robertson lands a left jab and then a right hook that sends Patraw skidding across the ring on his backside.  Patraw wants to show that he isn’t hurt so rises immediately, but it’s clear that he absorbed a monstrous hook.  No further action before the bell.

Round 7

Patraw wants to show that he hasn’t lost any steam, but Robertson lands twice with flush hooks that Patraw tries but fails to dodge.  Patraw lands flush with a slapping right hook to Robertson’s head.  Robertson is on his horse now, trying to get a breather, now referee Nelson stops the action to warn Robertson – for holding, I think.  Back to action, each man tags the other with a power shot.  Robertson tries to engage but Robertson pops him with a good left hook.  Robertson just isn’t fast enough to brawl with Robertson – he needs a new strategy!  After eating a right and bouncing off the ropes Robertson lands a good left, but only a single left.  Now a solid right hook hurts Patraw, who has a big red welt on his left cheek.  Robertson pursues and catches Patraw with another big hook, but the bell rings and both men head back to their corners.

Round 8

Patraw comes out jabbing.  Robertson lands one big right, then five seconds later another one.  Patraw is moving backwards when Robertson catches him twice with big hooks that leave him stunned.  Robertson is going for the kill!  Patraw tries to punch out of his corner and gets out, but gets caught and goes down for the second time in this fight – and the second time in his career.  Robertson is running now.  Patraw finally catches him and the two clash in the center of the ring, but the end result is a clash of heads that hurts Patraw more than Robertson.  Patraw is bleeding a lot, but it’s hard to tell from where.  It’s on his face, his neck, and his back.  It looks like it’s coming from a gash on his head above his right ear.  More banging, but no further scoring before the rounds ends.  End of the fight.  What a fight!!!


Jesse Barbot (now 6-5 with 3 kayos) is defeated by Michael Davis (now 4-6 with 4 kayos) by knockout in round 6 of 6 scheduled.

 Round 1

The fighters immediately begin circling slowly to their right, with each man testing the waters with tentative jabs.  Now Davis begins  moving to his left and throws a combination that lands.  Barbot finally lands with a right to the body of the smaller Davis, but it’s only one punch.  Davis lands below the belt and receives a warning as the action continues.  Now Barbot tries to wade in brawling, but Davis proves elusive as he retreats into this own corner.  Davis in turn backs Barbot into a neutral corner and lands, then Davis escapes.  Now the two meet by the ropes and wrestle themselves into Barbot’s corner, where referee Bobby Brunette separates them.  Davis lands a big single shot that momentarily freezes Barbot, but Barbot charges into Davis with his head down and lands a couple of glancing blows which nonetheless count.  An audible clash of heads is the onlyfurther  action before the bell rings.

Round 2

Davis, being visibly smaller than Barbot, is tense and careful as the second round begins, Barbot is more relaxed, but also looking for an opening.  After missing a left Barbot lands a good right, but then eatts a very strong counter from Davis that puts him off for a moment.  Barbot is coming forward, Davis retreating, and if Barbot manages to cut off Davis’s retreat he’ll find a chance to throw the mustard.  Neither man is afraid of contact and the two have gone chest-to-chest more than once without scoring any big blows.    Davis is moving backwards and looks to throw a left but hesitates, and Barbot lands a good scoring shot at an opportune time.  The two trade but neither hurts the other to the end of the round.

Round 3

Davis digs with an ambitious right uppercut to the ribs of Barbot.  Barbot is trying mightily to catch Davis, but having trouble catching up to his wiry quick opponent.  Davis lunges forward as he throws a right, so much so that he hits Barbot’s temple with his bicep instead of his fist.  Barbot is stalking Davis, but when he finally catches him gets his mouthpiece knocked out.  It takes a few moments for Brunette to recognize that it’s out, but the action quickly resumes.  Barbot is now ducking and charging in an attempt to get close enough to land, which results in a clash and both men throwing rabbit punches.  Barbot is clearly aggravited and taunts Davis before charging in wildly – although his antics incite the crowd, his attack is ineffectual.  Davis lands one more power shot as the round ends.

Round 4

Barbot is out for blood and corners Davis.  After absorbing a couple of good shots Davis scoots past Barbot and into the center of the ring.  Davis is still on his toes but slowing doewn, and Barbot lands his best punch of the fight in Davis’s corner.  Davis allows Barbot to maul him for a few moments, then tries to punch his way out but is unable.  Barbot is leaning on Davis with his entire weight and mauling the body.  Brunette finally breaks the two, then as soon as action resumes he stops it again to warn both men.  I can’t hear what the warnings are for.  Davis and Barbot both land oppostite hand hooks a tthe same time, neither is hurt.  Davis looks to be having fun, though he is clearly tired and hurt.  Barbot is wild-eyed and employing roughhouse tactics.  More unstrategic mauling follows, which favors the larger man – Barbot.  Bell and round.

Round 5

Davis comes out on offense and immediately lands lefts repeatedly to the face of Barbot.  When that strategy is played out he lands a good right to the ribs of Barbot.  Barbot is now jabbing, then backs Davis up one more time and lands to uppercuts to the body of Davis.  Davis looks a little wobbly and slow, but Barbot may be too tired to capitalize.  finally Davis charges Barbot and lands three lefts that knock
Barbot down.  as action resumes Barbot goes down a second time.  Davis charges Barbot again and punches him through the ropes where he is caught by the timekeeper – it was a left that did the dirty work that time.  Barbot gets back ito the ring and is game but exhausted and his balance is shot.  The round ends with Barbot staggering back to his corner and Davis jubilant at what he thinks will come next.

Round 6

Just as the round begins Davis states “I ain’t got no mouthpiece and is sent back to his corner to retrieve it.  Now the two are back in their patterns Barbot coming forward and Davis countering.  Barbot, breathing heavily through the mouth, loses his mouthpiece.  Aftet getting it back he tries again to corner Davis but is hurt to the ribs by a Davis left and goes to his knees.  Back on his feet, Barbot is trying to meet Davis’s power with scuzz of his own, but Davis has m uch more pop at this point and Barbot is getting tagged regularly.  Barbot lands a good overhand right to the jaw of Davis, and a lull follows.  Davis lunges in, grabs Barbot around the waist, and throws a right that connects to barbot’sspine.  Barbot loses his mmouthpiece once more and whether it’s that distraction or sheer exhaustion, backs off just in time to get his by a powershotting Davis right.  Barbot goes down hard flat on his back, and his head bounces on the mat.  Brunette immediately – and wisely – halts the fight.


Nick Whiting (now 2-12 with 2 kayos) defeats Travis McCullough (now 1-4 with 1 kayo) by knockout in round 2 of 4 scheduled

McCullough enters the ring to the strains of the reggae tune Buffalo Soldier, while Whiting makes his entrance accompanied by the Stones’ Paint it Black.

Round 1

After a lengthy unexplained delay, the bell finally rings and we’re off!  McCullough is jabbing and punching up the middle, while Whiting keeps coming forward without landing anything.  Each time Whiting gets close he eats a left hand from McCullough.  Finally Whiting makes some offense, landing a couple of wide hooks to the body.  The two circle and jab for a time, then Mac lands a single power shot to the body, then a single power shot to the h ead of Whiting.  Whiting finally gets inside and lands several hooks and an uppercut to the middle of Mac’s body.  Mac lands a wide left hook, then doubles up on the right jab to drive Whiting backwards.  Whiting loses his mouthpiece and the fight is paused only briefly.  Whiting lands two in a row, then takes a straight left and falls down backwards.  Referee Brunette treats it as a knockdown and gives Whiting the mandatory eight count.  The two move and trade through the end of the round, neither man scoring appreciably.

Round 2

Mac begins the second in pursuit of Whiting, Whiting is game and tries to trade with him.  Whiting’s hands aren’t fast or heavy, but he needs to move them more if he’s going to be in this fight.  Whiting ducks under a left hook and lands three jabs as he comes forward.  Mac is battering Whiting with lefts and rights, and Whiting’s defense seems to be degrading.  Whiting lands two left  jabs to the torso of Mac, but the bigger and stronger man appears to MacCullough.  Suddenly Whiting lands a single shot to the body that crumples Mac, and referee Brunette counts him out.  KO win for Whiting! 


Derek Winston (now 1-0) defeats David Laque (now 1-3 with 1 kayo) by unanimous decision after four rounds

Round 1

Feints and dancing rule the early going.  A clash in a neutral corner results in no punches being landed.  Laque lands the first punch of the night with a right  jab about twenty seconds in, then lands a straight right as he circles to his right.  Laque lunges in and lands what may have been a left hook to the body of Winston, then Winston pauses to hike up his trunks and has to fend of a quick attack from Laque.  Laque feints and Winston misses with a big left hook.  Laque is moving his upper body well and making it tough for Winston to connect.  The other half of the equasion is also in Laque’s favor, as he lands another snapping hook to the body of Winston.  Winston is loading up, but his cornerman John Hoffman sagely advises him to use his speed instead.  Winston gets smart and lands solidly for the first time tonight with an uppercut to Laque’s body.  Winston pursues Laque and lands two more glancing punches to the body, but nothing of great effect.

Round 2

Laque twice lunges forward to land left hooks to the head and chest of Winston.  Winston, the quicker man, seems to having trouble gauging Laque’s movements.  A straight right misses the mark for Winston, and the two circle.  A clinch results in no connections, and referee Mark Nelson breaks the two apart.  Laque’s lunging is getting more reckless as he gains confidence.  Winston lands a good single shot but fails to follow up.  Winston then lands a very solid right to the midsection of Laque, but Laque again escapes.  Winston switches to southpaw momentarily and ducks, then throws Laque coming in.  Laque regains his balance and the two circle.  Winston hangs his tongue out, and when Laque comes forward Winston tags him with two solid shots.  Laque ducks and lunges at the same time, getting his head caught under Winston’s arm in the act.  No more offense ensues before the round ends.

Round 3

Winston comes out looking to score, but Laque again ducks down and Winston lands only glancing blows.  Laque may be tiring, as he’s getting caught under Winston’s arms more and more frequently.  Another duck from Laque, and this time he grabs Winston around the waist.  Nelson breaks the two, and a tactical battle begins.  After mostly useless waving of fists, Winston finally catches Laque with a good shot to the body, but ten seconds later gets caught in kind.  Laque flurries with several power shots, but then Winston unloads one huge left hook that puts him off balance. 

Winston now begins moving backwards and countering effectively, and this fight mjay have turned in his favor.

Winston ducks and lunges as Laque has been doing, and though he fails to score, Laque appeared to notice that the tables had been turned.  Bell rings, round over.

Round 4

Winston needs to score well this round, or his long-anticipated pro debut may result in a points loss.  Winston does land a good shot to the head of Laque, but Laque responds with more movement than he’s shown in the last two rounds.  Laque ducks and clinches as Winston tries to land to his head.  Winston connects with a right jab, then retreats while throwing counter hooks at Laque’s chest and midsection.  Laque lands a good right the snaps Winston’s head back, but Winston shows good toughness and maintains his focus.  Winston lands a good right, but then goes on the retreat again.  Laque momentarily freezes Winston with a good right hook, and the two appear to have arrived at a stylistic dead end.  Finally Winston lands a couple of shots in a row, and Laque appears to be bleeding from the nose.  Winston lands one more glancing right as the bell rings, and this fight is going to the judges. 


Concha Ross (now 0-0-1) and Brittany Tenbears (now 3-0-1) battle to a majority draw after 4 rounds

Round 1

 This is a no-defense brawl from the word go.  Ross charges Tenbears throwing wild hooks, which Tenbears counters effectively with better-placed power shots from angles.  The action slows down, but Tenbears lands a solid left hook to the head, then a painful hook to the body of Ross, which prompts Ross to go back on offense.  Tenberas, tiring visibly as the round draws to a close, lands a serious uppercut to the body of Ross, then Ross backs Tenbears into her own corner and lands her best combination of the round, which culminates in a monstrous right hook to the head.  The two begin to trade just as the bell rings, and referee Bobby Brunette has to break them up.

Round 2

Ross comes out under control, lands a few good shots, but then gets shoved  into the ropes and tagged by a huge shot from Tenbears.  Tenbearas is bleeding from the nose, but continues to land with jabs and straights.  After a brief lull Tenbears lands a shot that once again prompts Ross to flurry effectively.  The bout pauses so Tenbears can get her mouthpiece back in – it’s been missing for a while – and then resumes with slow clubbing punches from both heavyweights.  Ross again bulls Tenbears into the ropes and flurries.  As the round ends, Tenbears is trying to mount some offense, but she appears to be exhausted.  It looks like Tenbears is a more skilled fighter, but Ross is in better shape and lighter on her feet.

Round 3

Both fighters appear reluctant to engage at the beginning of this round, but after about twenty seconds Tenbears tries to end it all at once with a desperate volley of power shots.  Ross answers in kind, albeit with less effect.  Tenbears then tries to keep Ross at bay with the jab, but doesn’t seem to have the energy to throw it, instead sticking it in Ross’s face and leaving it there..  Referee Brunette breaks the two and Tenbears turns her back and walks aaway.  Again she appears reluctant to fight, now Ross hurts her with a number of well-polaced powerr shots.  Tenbears loses her mouthpiece again, and the ref must again pause the action.  It’s hard to say, but Tenbears may be bleeding pretty badly inside herr mouth – either that or she’s using a red mouthpiece.

Round 4

Tenbears smacks Ross with a good left jab and takes three or four power shots in return.  Tenbears escapes the pressure for a moment, but gets caught again, her head snapped back by a vicious shot right from Ross.  Exhaustion has slowed the pace of this fight to a crawl.  Tenbears lands two good shots about three seconds apart. Ross has strength and toughness in spades, and though her face is red all over, she continues to come forward, though most of her punches have lacked snap.  The round ends with both ladies grappling and throwing body shots, and the round and the fight come to a merciful end.

Lawrence Goodman (now 1-0 with 1 kayo) defeats Chance Western (now 1-2 with no kayos), by TKO in round 1 of 4 scheduled.

Round 1

The two touch gloves at the center of the ring and then dance indecisively for about fifteen seconds, until Western touches Goodman with a left jab.  Tactical jabbing ensues until a meeting near a neutral corner sees Goodman pop Western with a couple of power shots, then the two break and met at the opposite corner.    Western connects with his first power shots of the night, but now Goodman is definitely getting the better of things.  Several clashes in different areas of the ring result in serious damage to Western, to the point where he begins flinching and turning his back at contact. About halfway through the first round Goodman knocks Western down to a knee.  Western rises immediately looking dazed and begins to walk away from referee Mark Nelson who immediately takes the cue to stop the bout. 


Brad Croaker (3-0 with 2 kayos) -vs- Marty Lindquist (13-8 with 10 kayos), cruiserweights, scheduled for 4 rounds

Round 1


Round 2


Round 3


Round 4

Upcoming Boxing Event: October 23 at Shooting Star Casino in Mahnomen, MN

Just got my first look at the poster for this upcoming event, and it looks pretty respectable.

Co-headlining the show…

  • Brad Patraw and Antwan Robertson rematch – these two fought back in March with only their undefeated status at stake.  This time the vacant Minnesota bantamweight championship is on the line.
  • Jesse Barbot and Nick Runningbear are expected to face each other, pending Runningbear’s scheduled (October 3) match with tough Butch Hajicek.

On the undercard…

  • Sonny Goodman -vs- Charles Goodwin
  • Romando Papsadora -vs- Jeff Fuchs
  • Nick Whiting -vs- Travis McCulla
  • Brad Croaker -vs- Marty Lindquist
  • John Sargent -vs- TBA
  • Concha Ross -vs- Bridget Tenbears
  • Derek Winston -vs- TBA (The unfortunate Winston has been foiled in past attempts to turn pro – good luck, Derek!)
October 23 poster

October 23 poster

Boxing Results: April 4 at Epic Night Club in Minneapolis

Results below are gleaned from internet sources.  The match between Cornelius Lock isn’t mentioned in the ringside report from Minnesotaboxing.com and though the bout is listed on Boxrec.com, no result is provided.  So the best guess here is that it didn’t happen.  Joey Abell’s opponent, Galen Brown, was signed on short notice and disposed of in short order.  Harley Kilfian repeated history with his KO of Marty Lindquist.  Ugandan Ismail Muwendo made a successful debut in his new hometown, rocking the always available Felix Martinez in round 2.  Wizened Rocky Graziano defeated novice boxer but experienced MMA opponent Chris Clark in 1.  Jon Schmidt added to his win total with his UD win over familiar MMA face Travis Perzinski, also making his boxing debut.  Charles Meier chalked up his first career win against game Nick Whiting, who was denied again in his quest for a victory.  And two girls fought, with Emily coming out on top of Melissa after five two-minute rounds.  And lastly, if you still hadn’t heard, Willshaun Boxley was denied the opportunity to prove himself against 10-1 Thomas Snow of DC –  Snow was shot on Thursday leaving his gym, but is expected to make a full recovery.

Cornelius Lock (18-3-1 with 11 kayos) -vs- David Vasquez (17-13 with 10 kayos), featherweights, scheduled for 8 rounds

Joey Abell (now 23-4 with 22 kayos) defeated Galen Brown (now 32-11-1 with 19 kayos) by KO in round 1 of 8 scheduled

Harley Kilfian (now 8-2 with 7 kayos) defeated Marty Lindquist (now 13-8 with 10 kayos) by KO in round 3 of 4 scheduled

Felix Martinez (now 0-3) was defeated by Ismail Muwendo (now 2-0 with 1 kayo) by KO in round 2 of 4 scheduled

Rocky Graziano Jr (now 4-2 with 3 kayos) defeated Chris Clark (now 0-1) by KO in round 1 of 4 scheduled

Jon Schmidt (now 8-1 with 5 kayos) defeated Travis Perzinski (now 0-1) by UD after 4 rounds

Nick Whiting (now 0-11-1) was defeated by Charles Meier (now 1-1 with 0 kayos) by UD after 4 rounds

Emily Klinefelter (now 4-0 with 1 kayo) defeated Melissa St Vil (now 0-1-1), by SD after 5 rounds

March 21 Show Cancelled?

Word on the street is that the March 21  Seconds Out Boxing/MMA show at the St Paul Armory is postponed.  The Fistic Mystic has no further information at this time, but if true, this is a bitter disappointment both to the fans and to the dedicated athletes who were scheduled to perform.

I’ll let you know as soon as I learn more.  Stay tuned.

Upcoming Boxing Event: March 21 in St Paul, MN

What to watch for: Willshaun Boxley looks to add another stamp of authenticity to his status as a rising prospect when he takes on 10-1 Thomas Snow of Washington DC.  Snow, by the way, is himself coming off a 2nd-round kayo loss to Teon Kennedy.  Cornelius Lock of Detroit continues the talent exchange between that city and our Cities when he faces ringworn veteran David Vazquez of California in a super featherweight bout.  Harley Kilfian and Marty “Wolfman” Lindquist rematch their 2-round battle of last year in a cruiserweight match.  Katy Klinefelter and Melissa St Vil engage in a girlfight.  Ismail Muwendo makes his stateside debut against tough Mexican battler Felix Martinez, and Nick Whiting looks to upset the applecart of Marvin Rodriguez in a bout to be contested at super middleweight.  Word comes late of a change in the card: Joey Abell’s planned opponent, Bernard Brown, has dropped out and been replaced by Larry White, who Abell previously defeated by knockout in round 6 of a 6-rounder in the twelfth fight of his career.

  • Willshaun Boxley (5-0 with 3 kayos) -vs- Thomas Snow (10-1 with 8 kayos), super bantamweights, scheduled for 8 rounds
  • Cornelius Lock (18-3-1 with 11 kayos) -vs- David Vazquez (17-13 with 10 kayos), featherweights, scheduled for 8 rounds
  • Joey Abell (22-4 with 21 kayos) -vs- Larry White (3-4 with 2 kayos), heavyweights, scheduled for 8 rounds
  • Harley Kilfian (7-2 with 6 kayos) -vs- Marty Lindquist (13-7 with 10 kayos), cruiserweights, scheduled for 4 rounds
  • Katy Klinefelter (2-0 with 1 kayo) -vs- Melissa St Vil (0-0-1), scheduled for 4 rounds
  • Ismail Muwendo (1-0-1 with no kayos) -vs- Felix Martinez (0-2-0), featherweights, scheduled for 4 rounds
  • Marvin Rodriguez (1-1 with no kayos) -vs- Nick Whiting (0-10), super middleweights, scheduled for 4 rounds