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Round-by-Round Report: February 6, 2015 at Grand Casino Hinckley

Rob Brant (now 14-0 with 8 kayos) defeats Ryan Davis (now 24-16 with 9 kayos) by TKO in round 1 of 8 scheduled.

Round 1

Brant comes out firing, eagerly throwing jabs and pursuing his retreating opponent.  Davis circles the ring in retreat, then gets low and tries to attack.  Brant counters and connects with a flurry of power shots.  he backs off once as Davis’s knees buckle, thinking Davis will crumble, but he doesn’t.  Back at it, Brant does put Davis down with another barrage.  Back on his feet, Davis absorbs another volley from Brant and takes a knee.  Davis has a resigned look on his face.  Back on his feet again, Davis can’t do anything to stop the advancing Brant.  Brant craters Davis’s head with a crippling right hook, and Davis goes down on his face.  Davis is on his knees and shaking his head as referee Mark Nelson waves off the fight.

Rondale Hubbert (now 9-0-1 with 5 kayos) defeats Gilbert Venegas (now 12-17 with 8 kayos) by Unanimous Decision after 8 rounds (79-73, 78-74, 77-75)

Venegas let it all hang out in this fight, and the crowd appreciates it.  There was even a sizeable contingent that booed the decision.  All in all, an entertaining fight that reveals Hubbert is not quite ready for prime time yet.

Round 1

Hubbert shows Venegas some respect, circling and feinting for a time before throwing and connecting the first one-two of the fight.  There’s a lot of circling and measuring going on here.  Venegas throws a straight right that tags Hubbert’s face.  More circling.  Venegas tries to get inside, but Hubbert goes to the body and lands twice.  Venegas looks like a guy who thinks he can win.  Hubbert circles to his right, and Venegas tags him to the body.  Venegas steps forward and lands again.  Now in the center of the ring, Hubbert connects with a right hook to the ribs.  Venegas continues to come forward, and lands a wide-ranging left hook to the head of Hubbert.  Ten seconds to go, and both men fail to score as time expires.

Round 2

Both men open with jabs and land simultaneously.  Hubbert is changing things up a little bit, stepping back and to his left, trying to land counters.  Hubbert throws a four punch combo, landing at least the last two, but they are soft punches.  More circling and Venegas scores a left jab to the head.  A moment later he steps inside and misses a big right uppercut..  Hubbert throws another combination, but Venegas is unimpressed.  Venegas backs Hubbert into the blue corner and lands his first really sharp punch, a looping right.  Hubbert moves away, and the two meet again in the center of the ring.  Now there’s a brawling exchange, and that seems to favor Hubbert.  Venegas pursues, and Hubbert lands a nice one-two.  Venegas throws three consecutive left hooks, all of which land, and the crowd says “Oooh.”  They’re trading as the bell rings.

Round 3

Hubbert begins the third round in the center of the ring, standing still, hoping to outfast Venegas.  Referee Mark Nelson calls time, but Venegas can’t (or doesn’t want to) call back a power shot that lands.  Nelson has Hubbert’s corner clean up his face.  Now they’re in the center again, lots of jabbing going on.  Hubbert knows he’s faster, and he’s going to exploit that advantage.  Hubbert tries to attack but slips and stumbles into his punch, and there’s a break.  Now Hubbert is circling and Venegas is following, trying to score with power shots.  Some are landing.  Venegas lands a nifty left jab.  More tactical trading, and Hubbert connects with two or three consecutive punches.  Venegas, coming forward, comes up short on a right hand, and Hubbert makes him pay.  Venegas is coming forward again, and Hubbert connects with two good shots, but then Venegas cracks him good.  Hubbert’s faces flashes with anger and he goes on a sustained and effective attack.  As the bell rings Hubbert barely restrains himself from throwing a combination while Venegas holds his hands behind his back and grins.

Round 4

Both men open with jabs.  Hubbert’s corner is telling him to do exactly that, but Venegas snaps a hard jab to his face.  The fight heads for a neutral corner where the fighters skirmish ineffectually.  Both men are throwing aggression to the wind and staking their claim on caution.  Jab, jab, soft jab.  Hubbert lands an overhand right.  Venegas comes forward and Hubbert lands one-two, then one-two again.  Venegas lands a good left jab that briefly stops Hubbert’s forward progress.  Hubbert throws a wide right, then a short left.  A photographer in front of me is yelling now.  Is he telling Hubbert to throw a big shot??  What the heck? Now they’re standing head to head and Venegas leads with a straight right.  That seemed to work, so he does it again.  Hubbert scores with two punches as the round comes to an end.

Round 5

Venegas is bouncing and moving now.  Leads with a left hook and bounces away, but it didn’t land cleanly.  Hubbert is thinking this through, feinting, throwing soft jabs.  Hubbert throws a nice four-punch combination and lands all four.  Now he connects with a big load-up hook.  Venegas is tough though, and keeps coming forward, even scoring on a counter.  Hubbert pops Venegas with a straight right to the cheek.  Venegas lands with a one-two that snaps Hubberts head back.  This fight is degenerating into a brawl, and the fans like that.  Venegas jabs Hubbert’s face, Hubbert throws back one-two, and Venegas  jabs again.  Hubbert hits the body, but that’s an aberration.  Hubbert goes one-two to the head again.  Venegas connects with a big left hook.  Hubbert attacks, Venegas lands big again.  Hubbert connects once, twice more as the bell rings.

Round 6

The fight resumes with the DJ asleep at the switch, music blaring for the first ten seconds of the round.  Hubbert connects with a big round right hook, then another.  Venegas is still coming forward and jabbing.  Hubbert has his hands down and is looking to jab.  Hubbert scores with a big right uppercut.  Venegas jabs, jabs, but Hubbert lands big again, and now again.  Venegas comes forward again, and Hubbert ducks a hook.  Venegas lands one big shot and Hubbert nods in appreciation.  Veegas goe to the body, then bac up to the head.  Venegas keeps coming forward, and Rondale has a hard time uncorking a power shot with his opponent right in his face.  There’s a ferocious exchange, with Hubbert getting the better of it, but Venegas is always ready and lands several times while Hubbert is resting up.

Round 7

As te bell rings, both fighters are already circling.  Hubbert is jabbing, but not with any conviction.  Venegas jabs back and gets through.  Venegas is moving a lot now, making it hard for Hubbert to unload.  Hubbert finally pokes a good jab into Venegas’s head, but doesn’t follow up.  There’s a momentary lull, then Hubbert attacks with a left jab and right uppercut.  There’s another single punch by Hubbert.  Venegas backs Hubbert up and lands a sweeping right hook across Hubberts visage.  A moment later Venegas lands again and Hubbert nods.  Venegas comes forward, Hubbert misses with a jab, and Venegas lands two glancing blows.  Hubbert lands two much harder punches.  These fighters are tired and it’s beginning to show.  There’s some mauling, but no effective fighting for the remainder of the round.

Round 8

Venegas is wearily blinking sweat out of his eyes as the round begins.  Venegas attacks first, landing twice, but now Hubbert explodes, landing with both hands and snapping Venegas’s head back twice.  It’s a dramatic scene as the fighters trade blows and the crowd roars.  Hubbert lands four straight jabs to Venegas’s face.  Venegas responds with a left-right-right-left.  Hubbert scores with a big hook.  Venegas wants to rumble though, and steps forward, throwing.  Hubbert goes left-right, and Venegas throws back.  Hubbert scores left-right again, and Venegas lands his best punch in some time, a left hook (I think) that moves Hubbert.  Hubbert shrugs it off and goes on the attack again, and these two are trading punches in the center of the ring as the bell rings.

Aaron “Gorilla” Green (now 16-0 with 14 kayos) defeats Matthew Greer (now 16-14 with 13 kayos) by TKO (doctor’s advice) between rounds 2 and 3.

Greer enters to AC/DC’s “Back in Black,” and it’s a joy to watch an EMT engage in some surreptitious headbanging.

Round 1

Greer sets the tone with a lot of movement and clever boxing.  He’s a big dude, and not what you would call svelte, but he looks reasonably fit.  Greer is attempting to be elusive, bouncing in and out, landing soft punches as the opportunity presents itself..  Green is mainly standing his ground, absorbing Greer’s not-to-hard shots.  Green, who is enormous, finally catches Greer and drops him.  Greer looks shaken, but gets up and rejoins the fight.  Green is in charge now, landing power shots – especially left hooks to the body – and taking only occasional counters from Greer.

Round 2

Greer is moving a lot now, trying to hit without getting hit.  Green is coming forward, landing some hard jabs and an occasional left hook.  Greer isn’t window dressing.  Green hits the body and hurts Greer, but Greer explodes with a volley of power shots, some of which do land.  Green’s corner is telling him now that it’s time to go to the head; they want Green to put his opponent away.  Green lands a long, hard jab to Greer’s head, and Greer looks wobbly.  Greer switches to southpaw and lands two glancing shots, Green counters and puts him down for a second time.  The fight resumes and Green comes forward, the bigger, stronger man, doing his work wit the left.  Green’s corner  tells him to finish Greer with an overhand right, but instead he throws hooks and an uppercut to the body.  Bell.

Round 3

As the bell rings to start round 3, referee Gary Miezwa waves off the fight.  He is standing in Greer’s corner as he does so.

Markus Morris (now 6-2 with 3 kayos) is defeated by Damien Hill (now 4-8) by Majority Decision after 6 rounds (57-57, 58-56, 58-56)

Round 1

Morris rushes across the ring, but his attack doesn’t immediately materialie.  There’s an exchange in the center of the ring, and Morris lands one loud, slapping shot that thrills the crowd.  Morris is coming forward, throwing power shots, especially right hands, to the body of Hill.  Now Hill escapes and Morris’s attack slows.  After some indecisive trading, Morris corners Hill and lands a good left hook, then a right uppercut that snaps Hill’s head back, then Hill scoots away to his left.  Hills is the deensive-minded boxer, and well he should be, as he is not a big hitter.  Now both men attack at the same time, and their feet tangle, but neither stumbles.  Morris is shuffling forward, looking for openings to the body.  Hill lands a nice left (a straight?) that moves Morris’s head.  There is no more meaningful boxing before the bell.

Round 2

Morris is first across the ring again, but Hill attacks first this time, first missing with a big right/left, but then connecting inside with a couple of power shots.  There’s more behind his punches this round.  After a brief lull Hill tries to renew his attack, but loses his mouthpiece.  In the brief pause that follows, Morris’s corner shouts at him: “Markus!  Come on!”  Morris nods.  Morris is attacking now.  He gets Hill in a phone booth, but nothing decisive lands.  Hills is circling slowly to his left, and Morris is trying to pick him apart from the outside.  Hill seems in shape tonight, and as a southpaw, he is a riddle to be figured out.  Near the end of the round Hill actually lands a big left followed by a right that sends Morris reeling into the ropes, but Morris quickly recovers and before long is attacking again.  Ten seconds to go and the fighters are trading – Morris has the power advantage, but Hill is throwing back and landing.

Round 3

Did anyone expect this fight to go three rounds?  Morris and Hill resume trading, Hill’s confidence growing as he finds openings and lands clean hooks.  Morris is coming forward again, and though he remains the faster, stronger man, he seems to be more restrained in the face of Hill’s counterattack.  The fight is now mainly in the center of the ring, though Hill will back up when Morris attacks.  Morris lands a left/right, Hill counters with a combination that lands, and Morris punctuates the exchange with a solid hook to the head.  Morris is shuffling forward again, Hill is moving his head and throwing combos while sliding to his left.  Morris throws a right and Hill lands a counter that puts him briefly off balance.  With ten seconds to go Hill steps on the gas, and Morris counters effectively with a two-punch combination.

Round 4

Hill comes out to rumble again, but Morris corners him and fires a fusillade of power shots that force him into a shell.  Hill escapes across the ring, and the two re-engage but referee Gary Miezwa steps in to warn Hill to keep his head and his punches up.  Morris resumes his come-forward attack, landing solid shots, but he seems overcautious, probably because his every attack is answered with a counter hook from southpaw angles.  Morris comes forward again, lands a one-two, and takes a glancing blow in response.  Morris is trying to answer the crowd’s (and his corner’s) encouragement to attack, attacking with abandon as the round closes.  Blood covers both mens’ faces now, but it’s hard to tell which one is bleeding.

Round 5

After a false start and possible head butt, the fighters reboot in the center of the ring, and Morris attacks furiously.  Hill knows his best shot is to stay inside and counter, and he is punishing Morris with with a volume of counters.  Morris is throwing big single shots and two-punch combinations, but Hill’s head movement and unconventional counters are taking their toll, and Morris slows.  He does look tired, but he is still dangerous to this opponent.  Morris is arm-punching now, while Hill continues to come forward.  Morris misses a sweeping right, Hill ducks, comes up, and counters.  Hill sticks a jab into Morris’s abdomen.  Morris is a gamer, for sure, as he comes forward for a final attack of the round, but Hill turns him around and traps him in a corner.  Neither fighter gains an advantage as round 5 ends.

Round 6

Morris tries to press the pace, but Hill stymies him in the early going with jabs and head movement.  Morris goes to the body, but his right hand is blocked by Hill’s glove.  Morris throws an extended volley, which doesn’t damage Hill, but certainly counts in the scoring.  Hill snaps a jab that turns Morris’s head at an angle.  Hill smiles.  Morris looks for an opening, finds none, and drops his hands and steps back.  Hill attacks, missing with a right jab but landing a straight right to the head, then he does it again.  Morris is trying to take charge, but Hill answers his every punch.  I venture to guess that Hill is going to score a big upset in the fight.  Morris and Hill go shoulder-to-shoulder for the remainder of the round, firing all their ammunition.  Both land some punches, but neither is hurt.

Curtis Erhorn (now 0-2) is defeated by Trevor “Triple T” Marmon (now 2-3 with 2 kayos) in round 2 of 4 rounds scheduled (Erhorn unable to continue)

Round 1

Marmon, always a rugged fighter, comes out aggressive, enticing Erhorn to trade int he center of the ring no less than 30 seconds after the start of the fight.  Erhorn begins retreating and circling to the right.  there’s an exchange, and Marmon lands a good body blow.  Erhorn now circels to the left, there’s an exchange, and a clinch initiated by Erhorn.  Back into the flow, Erhorn lands one big counter shot that shows he’s earnest.  There’s more circling some mauling, and a close-quarters exchange that sees Erhorn go down.  This is an ugly brawl, but that’s how Marmon prefers to fight.  After some more wild punches, the bell rings.

Round 2

Erhorn has decided to set the pace in this round, and he does land on Marmon.  How long will Marmon’s punch resistance last?  By my eyeballs that will decide this fight.  Marmon lands a straight to the midsection of Erhorn, and Erhorn loses some steam and some conviction.  Erhorn is still fighting, but Marmon is punishing him now with big shots, and Erhorn looks damaged.  Marmon’s attack slows, and Erhorn attacks wildly, landing one or two power shots, but after the fighters break, he is limping and looking like he wants out.  The fight is called.

Joe Amouta (now 3-1 with 2 kayos) defeats Thomas Allen (now 3-7 with 3 kayos) by TKO in round 2 of 4 rounds scheduled.

Round 1

Amouta is the aggressor almost from the start, pursuing Allen around the ring, sharpshooting from angles.  About midway through the first round Allen lands a big counter right, but that’s the exception to the rule.  Amouta returns to the chase, now mixing uppercuts in with a varied collection of jabs and hooks from all angles.

Round 2

The second round begins slowly, with Allen shooting a soft jab that connects but does no damage.  Amouta follows him tentatively, looking for an opening, finally trapping him against the ropes and pummeling with a multitude of power shots.  Allen escapes, rushes across the ring, and is confronted by Amouta, who pushes him, two-handed, to the mat.  That’s not a knockdown.  Action resumes and and Amouta finally catches Allen with a big combination, knocking Allen, senseless, to the canvas.  Referee Gary Miezwa begins to give Allen the courtesy of a count, but looking Allen in the eyes, waves off the fight.

Delorien Caraway (now 5-0 with 4 kayos) defeats Wes Ronchi (?) by TKO in round 1 of 4 scheduled

Round 1

Missed, with apologies.  It’s a long drive from Moorhead to Hinckley.


Next Minnesota Boxing Event: February 6th at Grand Casino Hinckley

Watch this website for a Round-by-Round account of the next big professional boxing show in Minnesota, the February 6th “Grand Friday Night Fights” event at Grand Casino Hinckley.

The evening will showcase two rising stars of the local boxing scene, middleweight Robert Brant (13-0) and light welterweight Rondale Hubbert (8-0-1) in steppingstone bouts against live bodies Ryan Davis (24-15-3) and Gilbert Venegas (12-16-4).  Also appearing on the card will be heavyweight Aaron “Gorilla” Green (15-0) in a comeback fight following an injury-related layoff and a nice matchup of former amateur standouts Brad Patraw (10-7) and Philip Adyaka (4-4).

Though I’ll be reporting from ringside, you should still buy tickets, because there is nothing in the world like a prizefight seen live.  I report here for the unfortunates who can’t attend, and for the diehards who want to recap what they saw in person.

The full card as it currently appears on boxrec.com appears below.

Robert Brant (13-0 with 7 kayos) -vs- Ryan Davis 24-15-3 with 9 kayos), middleweights, scheduled for 8 rounds

Rondale Hubbert (8-0-1 with 5 kayos) -vs- Gilbert Venegas (12-16-4 with 8 kayos), light welterweights, scheduled for 8 rounds

Brad Patraw (10-7 with 5 kayos) -vs- Philip Adyaka (4-4 with 2 kayos), featherweights, scheduled for 6 rounds

Aaron Green (15-0 with 13 kayos) -vs- Matthew Greer (16-13 with 13 kayos), heavyweights, scheduled for 6 rounds

Delorien Caraway (4-0 with 3 kayos) -vs- Colby Courter (6-5 with 5 kayos), welterweights, scheduled for 6 rounds

Markus Morris (6-1 with 3 kayos) -vs- Damien Hill (3-8), welterweights, scheduled for 6 rounds

Trevor Marmon (1-3 with 1 kayo) -vs- Kurtis Erhorn (0-1), light welterweights, scheduled for 4 rounds

Joe Amouta (2-1 with 1 kayo) -vs- Thomas Allen (3-6 with 3 kayos), super middleweights, scheduled for 4 rounds

This event is promoted by Rapacz Event Productions.