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Boxing Results: July 17th at the St Paul Armory

Results posted here are taken from Minnesotaboxing.com and Boxrec.com and are considered reliable.

Joey Abell (now 27-4 with 26 kayos) defeated Arron Lyons (now 11-9 with 8 kayos) by TKO (cuts) in the fourth round of ten scheduled.

Brad Patraw (now 6-3 with 4 kayos) was defeated by Vicente Alfaro (now 4-0 with 1 kayo) by TKO in the second round of six scheduled.

Gavin Quinn (now 1-0 with no kayos) defeated Ryan Stock (now 0-3) by unanimous decision after four rounds

Jose Hilario (now 3-0 with 3 kayos) defeated Matthew Borgan (now 0-1) by KO in the first round of four scheduled.

Bobby Butters Jr (now 0-1) was defeated by Travis Perzynski (now 1-1 with 1 kayo) by TKO in the first round of four scheduled.

Marty Lindquist (now 14-8 with 11 kayos) defeated Frankie Quinn (now 6-1 with 4 kayos) by TKO in the first round of four scheduled


Upcoming Boxing Event: July 17th at the St Paul Armory

What to watch for: Joey Abell looks to put history, sloppy defense, bad luck, and all excuses behind him by rematching with Arron Lyons, the man who gave him the first of his four career losses.  Abell has sometimes been considered one of the unluckiest men in boxing, but he’s been on a small roll lately and this match with Lyons is an opportunity to exorcise an old demon.  Jeremy McLaurin wants to get back on a winning track and he’ll have to go through gritty brawler David Laque to get there.  Brad Patraw and Vicente Alfaro make a compelling tactical matchup, and seem to promise an exciting bout.  Old-timers Marty Lindquist and Frank Quinn throw back to an earlier era – Jesse Kelley reports that the two were considered for a match back in the ’90s.  Also, slugging youngster Jose Hilario goes for career win number 3 against debuting Matt Borgen, Bobby Butters Jr makes his pro debut against MMA crossover Travis Perzynski, and Gavin Quinn debuts against winless Ryan Stock.

Joey Abell (26-4 with 25 kayos) -vs- Arron Lyons (11-8 with 8 kayos), heavyweights, scheduled for 10 rounds

Jeremy McLaurin (7-1 with 5 kayos) -vs- David Laque (2-5 with 2 kayos), lightweights, scheduled for 6 rounds  **FIGHT CANCELED**

Brad Patraw (6-2 with 4 kayos) -vs- Vicente Alfaro (3-0 with no kayos), bantamweights, scheduled for 6 rounds

Marty Lindquist (13-8 with 10 kayos) -vs- Frank Quinn (6-0 with 4 kayos), cruiserweights, scheduled for 4 rounds

Jose Hilario (2-0 with 2 kayos) -vs- Matthew Borgan (debut), light welterweights, scheduled for 4 rounds

Bobby Butters Jr (debut) -vs- Travis Perzynski (0-1), middleweights, scheduled for 4 rounds

Gavin Quinn (debut) -vs- Ryan Stock (0-2), welterweights, scheduled for 4 rounds

The Fistic Mystic says: I would have covered this event live, but my request for a press pass was rejected by the promoter.  So pay for a ticket and see it for yourself!

Q&A With Caleb Truax

Caleb Truax

Gunning for Echols on June 11th

Caleb Truax share his thoughts on a variety of subjects 24 hours before his big fight with Antwun Echols:

Fistic Mystic: Did you do anything different to prepare for Antwun Echols?

Caleb Truax: Nothing out of the ordinary, We were able to watch some film and pick up on a few of his habits, but my preparation was pretty much the same as for any fight.

FM: Do you know what weight you’re at?

CT: [I] weighed in at 162 on the dot earlier today. Now I’m hydrated and feeling great.  I look to be 170-173 on fight night

FM: Some guys say they spar less and less as they get older and more experienced. Is that true for you?

CT: No, I usually spar about the same for each fight.  It helps me stay sharp and it’s good for conditioning.  Typically I spar two or three times a week for about four weeks leading up to a fight.

FM: Obviously you know that Phil Williams fought and beat Antwun Echols a year ago. Their fight was an exciting, close, back-and-forth fight. Do you think about putting on a good show for the fans, or are you just focused on getting the “W?”

CT: Well I’m always focused on getting the “W,” but I also think boxing fans deserve a great show, so that is definitely always in my mind as well.

FM: You’ve been one of the busier fighters in the Midwest for the last few years now, schedule wise. After taking some time off following the Kerry Hope win, do you think you’ll be fighting more frequently again?

CT: Yes, my team will sit down and discuss it after this fight, but I think I’ll have another fight at some point this summer and then hopefully a busy fall and Winter as well

FM: Your fight with Phil Williams got you some nice publicity, and the fans were really into it. But you didn’t come away with the win. Do you see that as unfinished business, or do you want to put Williams behind you?

CT: I’d definitely like to get back in the ring with Phil sometime soon to settle things. I hope we can make it work because I think the turnout will be even better than our last fight.

FM: Caleb, in your last couple of bouts (Hope and Williams) your opponents have had their best rounds at the end of the fight. Why do you think that is?

CT: I thought I finished strong and won the final round vs. Hope and with Phil I was in control on the final round until he landed a decent shot and went for broke with 20 seconds left… Looking back though I need to be more aggressive in the final rounds and that is exactly what we stressed going into this fight with Echols.

FM: How do you see the fight playing out tomorrow night?

CT: I will be the aggressor and control the action early to try and find out how much Echols has left in the tank. After that, just do what I do and hopefully make it an early night!

Caleb Truax: Thoughts on Kerry Hope and James Todd

Golden prospect Caleb Truax spoke with me tonight about his upcoming (November 20th) fight, the substitution of 14-2 Kerry Hope for Carl Daniels as his opponent, and James Todd, who will fight Mohammed Kayongo in the co-feature.

Caleb Truax

Caleb Truax

Fistic Mystic: So the fans just found out about your change of opponent within the last 24 hours.  What do you know about your new opponent, Kerry Hope?

Caleb Truax: Actually, when I was out in California he was out there with me.  He had a cut when I was there, so I didn’t get to spar with him or see him spar.  I know he’s in great condition.  He’s built kind of like Jon Schmidt, like a brickhouse!  But it’s strange that he only has one or two knockouts because I’ll tell you, we walk in the gym and he’s hitting the pads – he’s crushing the pads.  He’s shorter and stockier with big broad shoulders and he’s just ripped.  Maybe he just isn’t trying to knock out his opponents, because it looks like he should be getting the knockouts.

Fistic: How long ago did you find out about the change in opponent?

Golden: Just a few days.  Um, Carl Daniels had some legal troubles and they tried to get him out of jail in time, but they couldn’t get him out of jail, I guess.  [laughs]  He’s a bum!

Fistic: Does the change of opponent mean a change in your training or your game plan for the fight?

Golden: It’s a different opponent, it’s a completely different style, but he’s still left-handed and it’s only a week out, so I’m not going to change anything.  He’s younger and hungrier [than Daniels] and he’s going to try to push the pace.  So it’s going to be a better fight for the fans, and better for me because I’ll learn more.

Fistic: Do you think you get more or less credit for beating a guy like Hope, as opposed to a former champ like Daniels?

Golden: Fighting Daniels might have given me more credibility on the national scene, I mean, Daniels has a better name, but he’s lost fifteen out of sixteen fights or something like that.  Hope is going to give me a tougher fight.  So in my mind this is a better fight for me.

Fistic: Of course Kerry Hope is from Wales, just like James Todd…

Golden: I’ll be surprised if that isn’t an awesome fight, with James Todd and Mohammed Kayongo!  That’ll be an exciting fight.  He’s a brawler, Todd, a come-forward guy, and just an exciting, exciting fighter.  People look at him and see his record and they think he isn’t all that – I’ve seen him work out and you would not think that he was a 2-1-1 guy.  He is good.

Minnesota Boxing Scene: In Overdrive

These are heady days for the Minnesota fight scene.  Join me as I survey the the Minnesota boxing fan’s calendar…

  • November 4 at Camp Lejuene, NC Jason Litzau faces Johnnie “The LumberJack” Edwards (15-4 with 8 kayos) at 130# in a bout to be televised on ESPN2.  Following his seemingly effortless demolition of Verquan Kimbrough (then 21-1-2)  in August, a win here would appear to set Litzau up nicely for something bigger in the near future.
  • Willshaun Boxley takes on another big challenge November 6 when he meets Salvador Sanchez (16-3 with 8 kayos) in a six-rounder in Las Vegas.  Boxley has shown a ton of ambition in the past year, jumping up from the usual early-career patsies to face men with records of 12-7 (Boxley won by unanimous decision), 10-1 (Boxley lost by majority decision), and 10-1 (Boxley lost by unanimous decision).  Sanchez is a pretty good young fighter, but he may have bitten off more than he knows with Boxley.
  • November 13th at Grand Casino Hinckley we find a stacked card – by Minnesota standards anyway – presented by promoter Midwest Sports Council.  Phil Williams and Matt Vanda headline, supported by Wilton Hilario -vs- Leon Bobo, unbeaten prospect Cerresso Fort, Javontae Starks’ pro debut, and more.  Four bouts from this event will be televised on Fox Sports North immediately after the conclusion of the Minnesota Wild hockey game.
  • November 20th in St Paul we’ll see Caleb Truax fight the faded former WBC world title holder Carl “The Squirrel” Daniels (50-18 with 32 kayos) for some IBA Intercontinental hardware.  Daniels has lost seven straight and fourteen out of fifteen, but this fight will force him to train harder than he’s done in a long time – Daniels hasn’t fought below 170# in nearly two years.  A supporting bout gives this event a higher profile: young Welshman James Todd (2-1-1) meets Mohammed Kayongo (14-2 with 10 kayos) for an IBA welterweight title.  Todd’s supporters are talking about making the trip to St Paul to lend their support, and we all know that British boxing fans travel well.  (There has also been a rumor floating that Todd’s countryman Kerry Hope will face Robert Kamya on this card, but I haven’t confirmed that one with promoter Tony Grygelko of Seconds Out Promotions.)
  • The heavyweight bout that Minnesota has waited too long for headlines a December 4th event at Target Center in Minneapolis.  Joey Abell (25-4 with 24 kayos) meets his pal and fellow Minnesotan Raphael Butler (35-8 with 28 kayos) with the vacant Minnesota heavyweight title on the line.  Zach Walters faces Larry Sharpe, who is the man who beat the man (Bruce Rumbolz) who beat the man (Shawn Hammack) who beat Walters back in August of 2008.  Travis “Freight Train” Walker, Ronnie Peterson, Gary Eyer, and Dave Peterson also support this card.
  • No specifics are available at this writing, but Showtime will be in town on December 18 to televise a boxing event at Grand Casino Hinckley.  Expect some locals to get a boost from this show.

Almost Unbelievable: Kayongo to fight James Todd for IBA Title

It’s being reported in the UK, and has been confirmed by Mohammed Kayongo’s manager Scott Tolzmann, that Kayongo (14-2-1 with 10 kayos) and Welshman James Todd will meet on November 20th at the St Paul Armory with the IBA light welterweight title at stake.

Photo stolen without permission from the BBC.  Ha!

Photo stolen without permission from the BBC. Ha!

Todd, known as “The Sandman,” is just 2-1-1 after losing his most recent bout to Dean Peters Jr by UD only a month ago.  Yet many people in the UK feel there are very big things in store for the youngster from Swansea.

Reached this morning for a comment, Kayongo’s manager, Scott Tolzmann of Tolzmann’s Twin Cities Boxing, had this to say: “We don’t know a whole lot about the kid, except he was a real solid amateur and he’s training out of Big Bear.  But Kayongo is a whole different animal.  Mohammed is motivated, and he’s going to get some work in with Jason Litzau and Ismail Muwendo.”  Tolzmann couldn’t resist the urge to plug another of his fighters: “He’s another one to keep an eye on, is Muwendo.  He just keeps showing us how special he is.  But we’re really excited  about the fight – it’s been so hard to match Mohammed.”

Tolzmann is eager to credit Tony Grygelko for making the fight, saying “Tony came and told me about the opportunity – he’s just been so phenomenal to help my guys get opportunities.”  Reached for comment, Grygelko confirmed “I proposed the fight to John Tandy (Todd’s manager).  We do a lot of work with Tandy and we’ve used some of his fighters in our shows.  We’re going to continue to grow Seconds Out Boxing nationally and internationally, and hopefully we can return boxing to its status as a premier sport in Minnesota.”

In an interview with Eastsideboxing.com, Todd said “This is a massive opportunity for me, some people might not take these types of chance so early in their career, but I would not have taken the fight unless I was sure I would take the belt. I feel with my style I suit the longer distance and I plan to become only the second world champion from Swansea [following Enzo Maccarinelli] and currently the only Welsh champion. I would like to thank Talon Boxing and my trainer John Tandy for believing in me and allowing me to take this fight”

The Fistic Mystic says: If I didn’t know how serious Grygelko and Tolzmann are about this fight, I would think someone was pulling my leg.  But they’re dead serious, and what’s more, this news is being reported all over the UK, where Todd was a very high-profile amateur.  Let’s watch and see what develops!

Boxing Results: July 25 at the St Paul Armory

Results will be updated as reports become available.  Results are gathered from reliable sources but accuracy is not guaranteed – an effort will be made to verify these results as soon as possible.

  • Caleb Truax (now 13-0 with 9 kayos) defeated Patrick Perez (now 25-7 with 14 kayos) by knockout in round 8 of 8 scheduled
  • Brian Cohen (now 11-2 with 10 kayos) defeated Hector Ramirez (now 14-49 with 8 kayos) by TKO in round 2 of 8 scheduled
  • Jeremy McLaurin (now 5-0 with 4 kayos) defeated-vs- Randy Ronchi (now 0-1) by knockout in round 1 of 4 scheduled
  • Ed Perry (now 15-4 with 9 knockouts) defeated James Morrow (now 11-14 with 5 knockouts) by TKO in round 3 of 4 scheduled
  • Ismail Muwendo (now 4-0 with 3 kayos) defeated Brandon Buckley (now 0-1) in round 1 of 4 scheduled
  • Charles Meier (now 3-1 with 2 kayos) defeated Nathan Willkes (now 2-18 with 2 kayos) by knockout in round 4 of 4 scheduled