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Things Are Looking Up.

After a long period in the dumps, the Upper Midwest boxing scene finally seems to be bouncing back.

  • Troy Lowry travels to Indiana for an October 2nd matchup with prospect Andy Lee.  Lowry is expected to serve as a trial horse for the 23-1 Irishman.
  • October 9th at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Minneapolis, Seconds Out Promotions presents an interesting little show.  Headlining this card is Caleb Truax testing himself against faded but still-tough Jonathan Reid of Contender fame.  Supporting bouts are said to include Ismail Muwendo, Jon Schmidt, Jon Schmidt, Jeremy McLaurin, Charles Meier, and Antwan Robertson against Miami-based Ugandan Phillip Adyaka.
  • October 28th is the date for the next Horton’s show in Duluth.  Though a couple of hot Minneapolis-based prospects have been pulled from the card, it still retains three pleasing puglists in Gary Eyer, RJ Laase, and the pro-debuting Al Sands.  The quality of the show will depend, as always, on the quality of the matchmaking.  The matchmaking is the question right now.
  • Jesse Kelley of Minnesotaboxing.com reports that Darby Smart (11-4 with 4 kayo) will face one-beaten prospect Tyson Cave November 6th in a ten-rounder in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
  • The night of November 13th may bring us a quality boxing show at Grand Casino Hinckley, depending on factors that few of us understand or even know about.  The powers that be in Hinckley, which recently has been ground zero for Minnesota boxing, will soon announce their intentions, one way or the other.
  • One the same date in Iowa City IA a boxing card featuring Emily Klinefelter and Liliana Martinez is scheduled to take place.  I’ll bring you more details as they become available, but for now only the main event is set.
  • Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last week or so, you know that St Paul’s Jason Litzau (27-2 with 21 kayos) is slated to fight Celestino Caballero in Las Vegas on November 27th.   Caballero, the WBA super bantamweight world champ, carries the burden of a 34-2 record (23 kayos) and the stigma of a man who no one wants to fight.  No one, that is, except Jason Litzau.  This event will be triple-headlined by Caballero-Litzau, Juan Manuel Marez -vs- Michael Katsidis, and Andre Berto -vs- Freddy Hernandez.  Though none of these bouts rise to the first magnitude of boxing matchups, all three pairings are compelling and together they ought to make for a rousing fight card.

The Fistic Mystic says: There’s all this coming up and more. Yes, there are some things that I know but I can’t say because (shhh!) they’re secrets. Just know that the people who will bring you all this want to bring you more besides.


Truax & Co. to Fight at the Hyatt on October 9th

The drought appears to be ending.

Minnesota’s boxing scene has been dry as a bone since August 6th, when a crowd of mostly out-of-towners fought in front of an audience of mostly no-shows at Grand Casino Hinckley.  Since then, local fight fans have been treated to mostly speculation and disappointment.  The highlight of the last two weeks has been Corey Rodriguez’s draw in Cleveland, and until now there was nothing visible on the horizon.  But now it appears that early October will bring more than one professional boxing show to the Upper Midwest.

Tony Grygelko of Seconds Out Promotions has announced that the Hyatt Regency on Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis will host a card featuring Caleb Truax on October 9th.  Supporting bouts have not been announced, but expect to see a roster of familiar names, possibly including Charles Meier, Jeremy McLaurin, Ismail Muwendo, and Jon Schmidt.

The other upcoming show?  I can’t tell you anything about it for two reasons, and the important one is that I hardly know anything about it myself.

Boxing Results: July 17th at the St Paul Armory

Results posted here are taken from Minnesotaboxing.com and Boxrec.com and are considered reliable.

Joey Abell (now 27-4 with 26 kayos) defeated Arron Lyons (now 11-9 with 8 kayos) by TKO (cuts) in the fourth round of ten scheduled.

Brad Patraw (now 6-3 with 4 kayos) was defeated by Vicente Alfaro (now 4-0 with 1 kayo) by TKO in the second round of six scheduled.

Gavin Quinn (now 1-0 with no kayos) defeated Ryan Stock (now 0-3) by unanimous decision after four rounds

Jose Hilario (now 3-0 with 3 kayos) defeated Matthew Borgan (now 0-1) by KO in the first round of four scheduled.

Bobby Butters Jr (now 0-1) was defeated by Travis Perzynski (now 1-1 with 1 kayo) by TKO in the first round of four scheduled.

Marty Lindquist (now 14-8 with 11 kayos) defeated Frankie Quinn (now 6-1 with 4 kayos) by TKO in the first round of four scheduled

Upcoming Boxing Event: July 17th at the St Paul Armory

What to watch for: Joey Abell looks to put history, sloppy defense, bad luck, and all excuses behind him by rematching with Arron Lyons, the man who gave him the first of his four career losses.  Abell has sometimes been considered one of the unluckiest men in boxing, but he’s been on a small roll lately and this match with Lyons is an opportunity to exorcise an old demon.  Jeremy McLaurin wants to get back on a winning track and he’ll have to go through gritty brawler David Laque to get there.  Brad Patraw and Vicente Alfaro make a compelling tactical matchup, and seem to promise an exciting bout.  Old-timers Marty Lindquist and Frank Quinn throw back to an earlier era – Jesse Kelley reports that the two were considered for a match back in the ’90s.  Also, slugging youngster Jose Hilario goes for career win number 3 against debuting Matt Borgen, Bobby Butters Jr makes his pro debut against MMA crossover Travis Perzynski, and Gavin Quinn debuts against winless Ryan Stock.

Joey Abell (26-4 with 25 kayos) -vs- Arron Lyons (11-8 with 8 kayos), heavyweights, scheduled for 10 rounds

Jeremy McLaurin (7-1 with 5 kayos) -vs- David Laque (2-5 with 2 kayos), lightweights, scheduled for 6 rounds  **FIGHT CANCELED**

Brad Patraw (6-2 with 4 kayos) -vs- Vicente Alfaro (3-0 with no kayos), bantamweights, scheduled for 6 rounds

Marty Lindquist (13-8 with 10 kayos) -vs- Frank Quinn (6-0 with 4 kayos), cruiserweights, scheduled for 4 rounds

Jose Hilario (2-0 with 2 kayos) -vs- Matthew Borgan (debut), light welterweights, scheduled for 4 rounds

Bobby Butters Jr (debut) -vs- Travis Perzynski (0-1), middleweights, scheduled for 4 rounds

Gavin Quinn (debut) -vs- Ryan Stock (0-2), welterweights, scheduled for 4 rounds

The Fistic Mystic says: I would have covered this event live, but my request for a press pass was rejected by the promoter.  So pay for a ticket and see it for yourself!

Vanda Reportedly Making a Move

Matt Vanda, the most famous and commercially successful prizefighter in Minnesota today, reportedly is set to cut his ties with trainer Ron Lyke and ACR Gym.  Vanda is expected to move across town to Johnny Johnson’s Rice Street Gym in Saint Paul.  Further, Vanda (42-11 with 22 kayos) is said to be eyeing a match with ACR-trained prospect Caleb Truax for the fall.  A match between veteran Vanda and the unbeaten Truax (15-0-1 with 9 kayos) seemed unlikely as long as both middleweights were training under the same roof at ACR.

The report has yet to be confirmed by Vanda or anyone associated with ACR Gym, but an independent source close to the situation tells me that the report is “one hundred percent true.”

Q&A With Caleb Truax

Caleb Truax

Gunning for Echols on June 11th

Caleb Truax share his thoughts on a variety of subjects 24 hours before his big fight with Antwun Echols:

Fistic Mystic: Did you do anything different to prepare for Antwun Echols?

Caleb Truax: Nothing out of the ordinary, We were able to watch some film and pick up on a few of his habits, but my preparation was pretty much the same as for any fight.

FM: Do you know what weight you’re at?

CT: [I] weighed in at 162 on the dot earlier today. Now I’m hydrated and feeling great.  I look to be 170-173 on fight night

FM: Some guys say they spar less and less as they get older and more experienced. Is that true for you?

CT: No, I usually spar about the same for each fight.  It helps me stay sharp and it’s good for conditioning.  Typically I spar two or three times a week for about four weeks leading up to a fight.

FM: Obviously you know that Phil Williams fought and beat Antwun Echols a year ago. Their fight was an exciting, close, back-and-forth fight. Do you think about putting on a good show for the fans, or are you just focused on getting the “W?”

CT: Well I’m always focused on getting the “W,” but I also think boxing fans deserve a great show, so that is definitely always in my mind as well.

FM: You’ve been one of the busier fighters in the Midwest for the last few years now, schedule wise. After taking some time off following the Kerry Hope win, do you think you’ll be fighting more frequently again?

CT: Yes, my team will sit down and discuss it after this fight, but I think I’ll have another fight at some point this summer and then hopefully a busy fall and Winter as well

FM: Your fight with Phil Williams got you some nice publicity, and the fans were really into it. But you didn’t come away with the win. Do you see that as unfinished business, or do you want to put Williams behind you?

CT: I’d definitely like to get back in the ring with Phil sometime soon to settle things. I hope we can make it work because I think the turnout will be even better than our last fight.

FM: Caleb, in your last couple of bouts (Hope and Williams) your opponents have had their best rounds at the end of the fight. Why do you think that is?

CT: I thought I finished strong and won the final round vs. Hope and with Phil I was in control on the final round until he landed a decent shot and went for broke with 20 seconds left… Looking back though I need to be more aggressive in the final rounds and that is exactly what we stressed going into this fight with Echols.

FM: How do you see the fight playing out tomorrow night?

CT: I will be the aggressor and control the action early to try and find out how much Echols has left in the tank. After that, just do what I do and hopefully make it an early night!

Upcoming Boxing Event: June 11th at the Saint Paul Armory

What to watch for: Caleb Truax will try to make a statement against tough veteran Antwun Echols.  Echols lost to Phil Williams by 7th-round TKO a year ago, and Truax hopes to up the ante in his new rivalry with Williams by outperforming Williams, against Echols.  Jon Schmidt makes a bold move by fighting 6-1 Josh Crouch, his first obviously risky opponent since he took on then-undefeated Tim Taggart two years ago.  Schmidt is recognized for two things: his vivid forearm tattoos and the fact that he’s a male nurse.  Going to 10-1 by beating an opponent like Crouch would be a big step toward adding color to his personal image, which is currently two shades of nondescript.  Corey Rodriguez and Charles Meier put their identical 4-1 records on the line in a bout that favors Rodriguez.  Rodriguez has told Jesse Kelley of http://www.minnesotaboxing.com that this fight will be campaigned at the odd catchweight of 158#.  Heads up, Minnesota – here’s your next opportunity to see rising star Ismail Muwendo!  The young Ugandan fighting out of north Minneapolis faces Juan Baltierrez, a 25-year old brawler who hasn’t won a prizefight in seven years.  Ever-dangerous journeyman Hector Orozco gets a rematch with hot prospect Danny Figueroa of Hastings.  And Vincente Alfaro, fresh of a March decision of former Olympian Ronnie Siler in Detroit, looks to victimize Jake Backus for the second time – the first fight between the two resulted in a four round sweep for Alfaro back in October.

Caleb Truax (14-0-1 with 9 kayos) -vs- Antwun Echols (32-12-4 with 28 kayos), middleweights, scheduled for 10 rounds

Jon Schmidt (9-1 with 6 kayos) -vs- Josh Crouch (6-1 with 6 kayos), light middleweights, scheduled for 6 rounds

Corey Rodriguez (4-1 with 3 kayos) -vs- Charles Meier (4-1 with 2 kayos), middleweights, scheduled for 6 rounds

Ismail Muwendo (5-0 with 4 kayos) -vs- Juan Baltierrez (2-2 with 1 kayo), super featherweights, scheduled for 6 rounds

Hector Orozco (2-5 with no kayos) -vs- Danny Figueroa (3-0 with 2 kayos), welterweights, scheduled for 4 rounds

Vincente Alfaro (2-0 with no kayos) -vs- Jake Backus (0-1), super bantamweights, scheduled for 4 rounds