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Getting Your Money’s Worth


Saturday night in Iowa City, boxing fans will have the chance to see sixteen fights for one admission – five amateur Muay Thai and eleven professional boxing bouts.  Of course, as they say, “Nothing is final until it is final,” but here’s the card as it’s expected to play out.  If you’re on the fence about whether to go, the bang-for-the-buck factor may be the decisive determinant.  You can call promoter Adam Pollack at 319-338-1633 for ticket information.



Main Event – Emily Klinefelter (9-0 with 3 kayos) -vs- Christina Ruiz (5-3-1 with 3 kayos), super bantamweights, scheduled for 6 rounds

Dan Almeida (3-0 with 3 kayos) -vs- Michael Limpy (debut), welterweights, scheduled for 4 rounds

Johnny Garcia (4-0 with 3 kayos) -vs- Reggie Nash (9-26-1 with 2 kayos), light welterweights, scheduled for 4 rounds

Jacob Mangum (2-0 with 2 kayos) -vs- Kurt Brandt (2-0 with 2 kayos), cruiserweights, scheduled for 4 rounds

George Carter Jr (1-0 with 1 kayo) -vs- Wade Ervin (0-1), middleweights, scheduled for 4 rounds

Lance “Ray” Rogers (debut) -vs- Joey Nguyen (0-1), lightweights, scheduled for 4 rounds

Andre Wilson (11-5-1 with 9 kayos) -vs- Levi Martin (0-1), lightweights, scheduled for 4 rounds

Curtis Tate (2-0 with 2 kayos) -vs- Jerry Mosley (debut), heavyweights, scheduled for 4 rounds

Monyette Flowers (6-10-1 with 4 kayos) -vs- Billy Hayes (debut), middleweights, scheduled for 4 rounds

Marvin “Papi Gallo” Jones (1-0 with 1 kayo) -vs- Terry Aldridge (0-1), heavyweights, scheduled for 4 rounds

Travis Fulton (14-25 with 14 kayos) -vs- Chris Tish (debut), heavyweights, scheduled for 4 rounds

Amateur Muay Thai:

  • Jonathan Greene, Iowa City, vs. Adam Blake, Iowa City, light heavyweights
  • Josh Johnson, Iowa City, vs. Adrian McMullen, Washington, junior welterweights
  • Zac Ashoff, Iowa City, vs. Eric Thomas, Carthage, IL, middleweights
  • Damien Roth, Iowa City, vs. Lonnie Scriven, Cedar Rapids, light heavyweights
  • Shane Burtzlaff, Iowa City, vs. Marc Tong Van, Cedar Rapids, lightweights

Midwest Boxing Outlook: Mid-Winter 2010

Here are some things that I know that I know…

  • Of interest to those who saw Edwin Rodriguez and Aaron Pryor Jr win their fights with James McGirt Jr and Dyah Davis at Fargo’s Scheels Arena on November 13th: Rodriguez and Pryor face each other in a super middleweight bout tonight on ESPN.    Though Pryor (15-2 with 11 kayos) has a pronounced advantage in height and reach, those seem to be his only advantages over Rodriguez (17-0 with 13 kayos), a hot prospect approaching contender status, who will be widely favored.  The Friday Night Fights broadcast will originate from beautiful Key West, Florida.  Peter Manfredo -vs- Daniel Edouard tops the bill and the broadcast.
  • Joey Abell, who faces Chris “The Nightmare” Arreola in California on January 28th, will be accompanied on the road by fellow ACR Gym denizen Jon Schmidt (10-1 with 6 kayos).  Schmidt is slated to face former Olympian Shawn Estrada (10-1 with 9 kayos) of East Los Angeles in a six-rounder.
  • Seconds Out Promotions brings us an IBF light heavyweight title eliminator on February 4th.  The fight will feature Otis Griffin and Yusuf Mack.  At this time the Fistic Mystic has no information on the undercard.
    Emily Klinefelter (9-0 with 3 KOs)

    Emily Klinefelter (9-0 with 3 KOs)

  • On February 5th in Iowa City, Adam Pollack of Win by KO Promotions will present a mixed show with amateur Muay Thai (4-5 bouts) and professional boxing (6-8 bouts) at the Johnson County fairgrounds.  The show will be headlined, as usual, by one of the Klinefelter girls.  The one sure thing on the card so far is the main event, which will pit super bantamweight Emily Klinefelter (9-0 with 3 kayos) against Christina Ruiz (5-3 with 3 kayos).  Tickets are available at Sushi Kicchin at the Old Capital Mall or by calling Win by KO Promotions at 319-338-1633.  The fairgrounds is located at 4261 Oak Crest Hill Road in scenic Iowa City.
  • Hortons Boxing presents a once-postponed show in Duluth on February 12th.  It can be confirmed that the following fights have been inked: RJ Laase -vs- Hector Orozco (rematch), Al Sands -vs- Zach Ziegler, and Aaron Green -vs- Jordan Ziegler.  Gary Eyer hasn’t been matched yet but is still expected to appear on the card.
  • Philip Adyaka is now managed by Scott Tolzmann.  It was originally believed that Adyaka would fight Gary Eyer in Duluth on February 12th, but Adyaka is now penciled in opposite Jonathan Perez for the 26th of February at Grand Casino Hinckley.  As of Thursday night the Hinckley show was reportedly 99% confirmed.  The headlining bout there is the much-anticipated rematch of Caleb Truax-Phil Williams, which ended in a surprising Split Draw back in April of 2010.  In that fight Truax had swept the early rounds but Williams took that last couple of rounds with effective power punching – it looked like a decisive points win for Truax until the scores were read, but in the end it’s the scorecards that do the deciding.  Supporting that bout is an interesting mix of fighters from Seconds Out Promotions and Midwest Sports Council (MSC).  Could this signal an era of greater cooperation between the two promotions?  That’s an eventuality that this writer has persistently hoped for, and in print.