May 22 Round-by-Round: Starks, Hultin, James, etc.

Tonight’s action is scheduled to begin at 7pm, but if you’ve ever been to a boxing show you know that the start time is only a suggestion!

Javontae Starks (3-0 with 3 kayos) -vs- Alexander Tousignant (1-2 with x kayos), light middleweights, scheduled for 6 rounds

Round 1

No punches are landed for the first twenty seconds or so, Starks opens the scoring with a lightning-fast left hand to the body.  Tousignant is moving rapidly but without uch effect.  Suddenly he shouts – “Aah!” and jumps in, pinning Starks momentarily against the ropes.  Starks lets Tousignant throw about fiften unanswered power shots before plowing his way out.  Starks hammers Tousignant with an incredible violent single shot – a left, I think, and Tousignant stumbles to his right, crossing the ring until the ropes stop him.  With the aid of the ropes, Tousignant straightens himself up and turns himself into a pretty good target, taking shot after shot from an eager Starks.  Finally Starks throws a shot that stiffens Tousignant and drops him flot on his back.  Tousignant is up before the count, but barely.  Tousignant is clearly not able to continue, but referee Mark Nelson gives him the opportunity, counting nine and asking him four times whether he can continue.  Tousignant’s body is waving but his brain isn’t.  TKO!

Tim Taggart (now 4-2-2 with 2 kayos) defeats Nick Whiting (now 2-13-1 with 2 kayos) by UD after 4 rounds

Round 1

Taggart comes out with high aggression right from the opening bell.  Taggart lands about five big shots before Whiting lands one, but Whiting finally comes back with a hard right to the body and a quick jab to Taggart’s face.  Taggart is unmoved, however, and continues to pepper Whiting with power shots by the dozen.  Taggart’s attack finally peters out after about a minute and ahalf, and the two settle in to a more tactical match.  Taggart stuns Whiting with a hard left jab to the face, then follows a moment later with two good shots from both hands.  Whitign is looking for an opening, and Taggart is countering effectively.   Whiting lands a decident one-two, then Taggart roars back at him, landing hurtful shots with both hands until the round comes to an end.

Round 2

Taggart immediately lands four good shots, downstairs and upstairs.  Whiting is circling with great speedy speed to avoid Taggart’s punches, but Taggart continues to land punches in bunches.  Whiting can land a single shot here and there, and even with some power, but if Taggart can maintain this pace Whiting will have no chance.  Whiting is sneakily landing occasional hooks to the body of Taggart; that’s his best offense.  Taggart is teeing off on Whiting.  Whiting’s jab has slowed down, but the body is always there for him.  The round ends with Taggart charging forward to land another hard three-punch combination.

Round 3

Whiting comes out determined to stick the left jab, but every time he tries Taggart counters.  The two trade momentarily and Whiting has his best moment of the fight, landing two or three power shots in succession.  Taggart keeps cracking the head, but Whiting is nothing if not tough, and he contineues to come forward.  Whiting actually lands three out of four punches when Taggart ducks a lead, but then Taggart snaps Whiting’s head back – hard.  Taggart’s pace has slowed, but he’s still getting the better of most exchanges, and landing an occasional single shot that Whiting can’t counter.  Whiting catches Taggart loading up and hits the body again.  Taggart lands an uncountered one-two, then another.  I just noticed blood coming from the nose of Taggart.  The two trade single shots with neithergetting the qadvantage, but Taggart finally breaks the pattern with an effective combination that rocks Whiting.

Round 4

 Whiting comes out behind the jab again, and the two trade on more or less even terms for about thirty seconds.  Whiting throws a triple left jab and then a hard right to the body, Taggart comes back with a combination that includes a thunderous right to the head of Whiting.  Taggart, covering his left ear with his left hand, leaves himself open to a big left hand from Whiting, and Whiting lands it twice.  The two are both tired now, and though punch output is lower, the pattern of the fight remains the same – Whiting lands single shots and Taggart counters with more shots and harder shots.  In the last ten seconds of the fight the two recklessly trade, forgetting all defense.  Taggart lands more shots, but Whiting gets his in too.

Zach Schumach (now 2-2) defeats Ryan Gronvold (now 1-5) by UD after 4 rounds

I’m having some real connection challenges tonight, sorry for any delays in posting the action.  For this bout only, I’ll be posting summaries instead of punch-by-punch commentary.

Round 1

Schumach is the more aggressive man and the more effective puncher.  Gronvold is trying to hit without getting hit, unfortunately for him that means long jabs from his tiptoes instead of head movement.

Round 2

More of the same.  Schumach is is coming at Gronvold hunched over while Gronvold alternates between being on his heels and on his toes.  Schumach may be gassing – he definitely has less on his punches as the round draws to a close.

Round 3

Schumach has faster hands and he’s fearless, but his punches have less and less mustard on them.  Gronvold is still trying to land from a distance, but the difference now is that his shots are occasionally landing.  A right hand about halfway through the round rocks Schumach, but Schumach continues with the same method: plodding forward with his head down and his hands up, throwing the hardest punches he can.

Round 4

Schumach is dancing and moving backwards, Gronvold loading up.  Gronvold is moving laterally, Schumach continues to punch, but his punches are coming one at a time now.  Gronvold is finally coming inside to throw, Schumach is full of heart but can he manage any offense this round?  Gronvold fakes a right then lands a hard left to Schumach’s head.  Schumach comes back with a nice flurry – I didn’t know he still had it in him.  Both men are exhausted now.  Gronvold throws a big right hook that starts behind his back and lands in Schumach’s left ribs.  Now the two trade for the last ten seconds of the round, the bell ends the action.



Jamal James (now 1-0 with 1 kayo) defeats Justin Danforth (now 6-16 with x kayos by TKO in round 3 of 4 scheduled.

Round 1

The early going looks relatively even, with James’ speed and Danforth’s aggression making for an entertaining give-and-take battle.  ames is noticeably swifter though, and eventually his quickness shows, when he puts a big uppercutting hook into Danforth’s head and Danforth is clearly hurt.  Danforth recovers nicely, but James smells blood and now he’s really taking the fight to Danforth.  Danforth is trying to conftinually come forward, and James is jabbing and straight-righting him mercilessly.

Round 2

The fighters start out circling slowly to their left, but Danforth suddenly grabs his cup and with a pained expression, backs into a corner loooking for the referee to give him a break.  Nothing doing, though, and James seizes the moment to unleash about twenty straight punches before Danforth manages to scoot to his right and escape the dangerous confines of the neutral corner.  Now Danforth settles in for a tactical battle that has him charging forward to attack James with rights to thge body and face (not landing) and James – who appears to be in tremendous shape – rocking him repeatedly with left hooks and right jabs.  There’s a tie-up and Danforth manages to turn James into a neutral corner where he mauls him.  James starts to punch his way out, thenlands so many shots that he may have decided that he’s better off keeping his back to the ropes.  Bell.

Round 3

Danforth comes in with his head down and his guard high, but when h e tries to come at James with straight punches, James catches him with a sharp left hook to the temple.  Danforth is game but he’s no match for the younger and much  more athletic James.  James traps Danforth against the ropes and pummels him, finally getting to his body and bending him over at the waist.  Danforth is helpless, and referee Eddie Obregon steps in to give him an eight count.  Upon seeing Danforth’s face, Obregon brings him to a neutral corner to be inspected by the doctor.  Evidently the doctor has stopped the fight, TKO win for James.

Danforth parades around the ring after the decision is given to him, bleeding like a faucet, shouting “One more, one more!”

Lawrence Goodman (now 1-1 with 1 kayo) is defeated by Lucas St Claire (now 2-1 with 1 kayo), cruiserweights, scheduled for 4 rounds

Round 1

There isn’t much to write about this bout – both men came out slugging, winging into each other like there’s no tomorrow.  No art, no tactics, just a punching contest that had this sparse crowd screaming with delight.  About a minute in, St Claire, who is built like a brick outhouse, stunned Goodman with a shot that knocked his mouthpiece out.  I assumed that referee Mark Nelson was stepping in to get the mouthpiece reinserted, but evidently he was stopping the bout.  Goodman is hit with one more shot as he leans back against the ropes, and the crowd wants a DQ.  Evidently they thought that Nelson was only pausing the bout

Charles Goodwin (now 1-0 with 1 kayo) defeats Romando Papsadora (now 0-1) by TKO in round 2 of 4 scheduled

Round 1

Goodwin is the taller and more athletic man in the ring tonight, and he asserts himself early with hostile power shots.  Papsadora shows himself to be willing to walk through a punch to land a punch, and coming out of a clinch lands a big and hurtful right hand to Goodwin’s face.  The two clash near Papsadora’s corner, and Goodwin cdomes out with a badly bleeding nose.  Referee Mark Nelson can be seen looking closely at Goodwin’s nose, but Goodwin comes back strong with a short flurry of power shots that has Papsadora off-balance and the crowd thrilled.  Papsadora returns to offense unfazed, and pummels Goodwin with an earnest, though fading, fusillade of punches.  Goodwin again flurries, peppering Papsadora with shots that momentarily stop him short, but Papsadora recovers and lands a couple more damaging shots before the bell.

Round 2

Papsadora is sweating profusely and moving slowly as the round begins, and the larger Goodwin, though clearly in discomfort, is making good use of his length and strength.  Papsadora’s head is snapped back and he looks disoriented.  Goodwin rushes him, throwing every punch in his arsenal, and landing almost all of them!  Referee Nelson takes pity on the reeling Papsadora and stops the fight.  Good stoppage, good win for Goodwin.

The Tyler Hultin bout has been changed to an exhibition because his opponent weighed in far over the middleweight limit.

Tyler Hultin (1-0-1 with 1 kayo) -vs- Jesse Lewis (unknown), super middleweights, scheduled for 4 rounds

Round 1

Hultin is sharp and mobile tonight, his opponent is a big, chiseled guy with heavy hands.  Hultin is ducking and doging a lot of  punches and landing some nice fast jabs while Lewis is rough and a little bit dirty.  Midway through the first Hultin takes a hard right and backs up into the ropes, where he narrowly escapes by turning his opponent around and snapping off a hard straight left.  Moments later Lewis, oddly, spins around 360 degrees and ends up standing in front of and facing Hultin again, exactly where he started.

Round 2

Lewis seems to be running out of gas this round, while Hultin is landing good left-right one-twos.  Hultin traps Lewis in a corner and lands four good shots, whereupon Lewis rudely shoves him backwaards with both hands.  Lewis is showing the bad habit of cocking his right hand back below his hip, loading up on the uppercut.  Hultin lands a left-right to the ribs of Lewis, who is visibly slowing as the round progresses.  Lewis is tying Hultin up now, hanging on for life.  Hultin lands a right to the hip of Lewis, then a left-right to the head, and Lewis steps back and glares at him.  Hultin is loading up on the body shots now, going for the Mickey Ward-style body shot knockout.  Lewis is shaky as the round ends, but the bell gives him respite.

After round 2 Lewis has had enough and quits on his stool.


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